Jeff Probst



  • Weeds "I'd be a pothead if Mary Louise Parker lived in my neighborhood. She's sexy, unpredictable and careless. Great combo."
  • 30 Rock "The sexual tension between Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey is written so well. There is no doubt they must at some point do it -- just a matter of when."
  • Dexter "Huge Dexter fan. The theme music is haunting and reminds me I'm in good hands, because Dexter is about to kill someone. Julia Stiles brought the entire cast up a big notch. Hope she stays around for a while."
  • Mad Men "The characters are written so well that I find myself rooting for and against all of them at different times. My only fan comment to creator Matthew Weiner -- more scenes centered on advertising campaigns, please."
  • Breaking Bad "I'd like to think I'd do something similar if I found myself in his situation. Plus, I recently met Aaron Paul and he was a very nice guy so now I root for the show even more."

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