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Survivor - I Like Older People
01:24 — Hannah is happy to have Gen-X members on her new Ikabula tribe.
Survivor - I'm Hoping We Can Win
01:25 — Bret explains why he hopes his new Ikabula tribe will win the next Immunity Challenge.
Survivor - Secret Scene Secret Lovers
01:23 — Taylor and Figgy enjoy snuggling when their other tribe mates are away.
Survivor - Make A Connection
06:01 — The tribe members feel there needs be connections made between Gen-Xers and Millenials. Unfortunately one member is on the outside looking in.
Survivor - Immunity Challenge: Holy Diver
09:30 — This challenge calls for strong swimmers and good aim.
Survivor - I Hit The Jackpot
01:55 — Ken reveals why he is happy with his new Takali tribe.
Survivor - A Recurring Nightmare
01:58 — CeCe is disappointed that she is going to Tribal Council once again.
Survivor - In A Good Place
01:22 — Jessica explains the positive points of her new Takali tribe.
Survivor - Roller Coaster Of Emotions
03:18 — Will reveals his thoughts about the tribe switch.
Survivor - A Pure Happiness Tear
02:19 — Jay reveals why he can relate to Michaela crying over the fire.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Behind-the-Scenes Challenge Preview for "Holy Diver"
01:30 — Host Jeff Probst takes viewers behind-the-scenes for a preview of "Holy Diver," featured on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 8PM (more…)
Survivor - It's Rough
01:24 — Taylor misses not being able to show his affection to Figgy.
Survivor - It Doesn't Scare Me
02:17 — Sunday is used to working with Millennials and hopes this will help her game.
Survivor - Game Got Interesting
02:33 — Figgy gives her thoughts on the tribe switch.
Survivor - It's Annoying
01:42 — Michaela reveals the good and bad things about her new Ikabula tribe.
Survivor - A Strange Twist Of Fate
02:20 — Zeke is delighted to have a new ally in the game.
Survivor - Four Out Of Five Times
01:55 — David talks about the Immunity Challenge and the upcoming Tribal Council.
Survivor - Not Our Day
01:43 — Michelle is worried that she will be voted out at Tribal Council.
Survivor - A Bumbling Mess
01:36 — Chris is not pleased with his tribe's performance in the Immunity Challenge.
Survivor - CeCe The Day After
06:02 — CeCe reflects on her time in the game after she exits SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X.
Survivor - Reward Challenge: The Switch
05:03 — Jeff surprises the castaways a tribe switch instead of a challenge.
Survivor - Really Cool Kids
02:47 — David shares his thoughts on his new Vanua tribe.
Survivor - Sparks Fly For Ikabula, Thanks To Michaela
03:03 — Michaela saves the day when she catches fire at camp.
Survivor - A Part Of Our Family
03:23 — Adam reveals what Survivor means to his family.
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