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Survivor's Brice Johnston on His Beauty Tribe Mates: "They Are Pointless"

Brice Johnston

Survivor: Cagayan contestant Brice Johnston certainly isn't worried about burning bridges with his former teammates after his elimination on this week's episode.

"My tribe was just very, very boring," Johnston told this week. "I don't really remember their names. But they were boring. They had not really much personality and they weren't really playing the game."

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Survivor Castoff David: We Were More Like the "Anti-Brains" Tribe

David Samson

In the first moments of the Survivor: Cagayan premiere, Miami Marlins manager David Samson was designated the leader of the Brains tribe. An hour later, he was being blindsided at the first Tribal Council, having his torch snuffed just three days into the competition. What went wrong?

"As a person who loves to watch Survivor, learning the difference between watching and playing was a very eye-opening experience for me," Samson tells "I was very happy there were no returning players. I felt that it was very cool to have 18 new players, all discovering for themselves the difference between the couch and the island."

Check out our full interview with Samson below to get his take on the ongoing struggles of the Brains tribe (or the "anti-Brains tribe," as he puts it), the group's decision to keep J'Tia over either him or Garrett, and what he would have done differently.

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Jeff Probst Teases Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty

Jeff Probst

Survivor is taking its social experiment concept to a new level in Season 28, dividing the 18 contestants into three tribes — Brawn, Brains and Beauty — based on the quality they use most in their daily lives. The decision to divide the players as such was made after the cast of Survivor: Cagayan had already been selected and producers noticed that most fell neatly into categories, according to host Jeff Probst.

"The question it poses is, which of these qualities is the most important? And can you get by with only one of these, or do you need a blend of all three?" Probst tells read more

Who Won Survivor: Blood vs. Water?

Ciera Eastin, Tyson Apolstol, Monica Culpepper and Gervase Peterson

Loyalty was put to the test more than once during the final days of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, but who ultimately emerged victorious?

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CBS Renews Survivor for Seasons 29 and 30

Jeff Probst

Survivor has been renewed for Seasons 29 and 30, and Jeff Probst will be back to host the reality show, CBS announced Thursday. The seasons will air in 2014 and 2015.

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Survivor's Jeff Probst, Former Contestants Raising Money for Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Jeff Probs

Survivor's Jeff Probst and several of the show's former contestants are banding together to help raise money for the Philippines after the country suffered major damage from Typhoon Haiyan, Entertainment Weekly reports.

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Original Survivor Contestant Dies at 77

B.B. Andersen

Season 1 Survivor contestant B.B. Anderson has died after battling brain cancer, according to People. He was 77.

"B.B. was one of the original cast members who launched Survivor back in 2000," host Jeff Probst said in a statement. "He was a powerful presence on the show and that zest for epic adventure was at the heart of everything he did. I was very saddened to hear of his passing."

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The Wednesday Playlist: Milestones for Middle, CSI; World Series Begins

Jen Ray

Aw, heck. Is it really worth making a fuss over The Middle's 100-episode milestone? It hardly seems in character for a family like the Hecks of Orson, Indiana. When she's reminded that they volunteered to drive a giant cow float in Orson's centennial parade, Frankie (Patricia Heaton) whines, "This is what happens when we drink: We sign up for stupid committees. Or get Brick."

But as Orson itself expresses in a self-deprecating new town motto: "Why not?" This episode (Wednesday, 8/7c, ABC) truly is cause for celebration, as TV's most heartfelt and hilariously relatable family sitcom reflects on what brought Frankie and Mike (Neil Flynn) to Orson in the first place, while giving their lovably imperfect offspring a chance to shine in clever-to-wacky subplots. (Sue's attempt to make Darrin jealous by cozying up to her flamboyant BFF Brad is especially genius.)

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Who Was Voted Out of Survivor? Jeff Probst Sizes Up the Blood vs. Water Competition

Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Survivor fans got their first taste of Blood vs. Water Wednesday night, when the show kicked off its 27th season by pairing up past players with their loved ones and having them play against each other. The episode kicked off with "Day Zero" — the new strategy of having each pair spend a night on their own before the game officially began.

And within the first 20 minutes, two players were already voted out. (Don't worry, they'll still have a chance to get back in the game thanks to the reintroduction of Redemption Island.) The Loved Ones ("Tadhana") voted out Rupert's wife Laura, while the returning players ("Galang") voted out Candice.

The returning players jump to an early lead, winning immunity and flint at the first immunity challenge. But will playing with a family member bring out a softer side in the contestants, or make them all the more competitive? It remains to be seen, but as the season gets underway, host Jeff Probst gave his analysis of the 10 pairs:

Jeff Probst teases big twists for Survivor: Blood vs. Water

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Jeff Probst Teases Big Twists for Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Jeff Probst

Is blood really thicker than water? That's the question Survivor will seek to answer in its 27th Season, which pits 10 returning players against their children, siblings and significant others.

"We've talked for years about, could we do a loved ones scenario? But we just never felt like we had the right people," host Jeff Probst tells "I think people will be surprised that the notion, 'Could I vote out one of my loved ones?' comes into play. There seems to be a lot of people thinking, 'Oh, I could never vote out my loved one.' But I don't know."

Meet the cast of Survivor: Blood vs. Water

The family members will eventually compete against each other on opposing tribes — but not before they're lulled into a false sense of security, thanks to the show's new "Day Zero" concept. Instead of the typical 39 days on an island, the Blood vs. Water contestants will play for 39.5 days, spending the first night paired off with their loved ones before the game officially starts the next morning. (More on that in our Q&A below.)

Also making a return this season is... read more

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