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Who Was Voted Out of Survivor? Jeff Probst Sizes Up the Blood vs. Water Competition

Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Survivor fans got their first taste of Blood vs. Water Wednesday night, when the show kicked off its 27th season by pairing up past players with their loved ones and having them play against each other. The episode kicked off with "Day Zero" — the new strategy of having each pair spend a night on their own before the game officially began.

And within the first 20 minutes, two players were already voted out. (Don't worry, they'll still have a chance to get back in the game thanks to the reintroduction of Redemption Island.) The Loved Ones ("Tadhana") voted out Rupert's wife Laura, while the returning players ("Galang") voted out Candice.

The returning players jump to an early lead, winning immunity and flint at the first immunity challenge. But will playing with a family member bring out a softer side in the contestants, or make them all the more competitive? It remains to be seen, but as the season gets underway, host Jeff Probst gave his analysis of the 10 pairs:

Jeff Probst teases big twists for Survivor: Blood vs. Water

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Jeff Probst Teases Big Twists for Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Jeff Probst

Is blood really thicker than water? That's the question Survivor will seek to answer in its 27th Season, which pits 10 returning players against their children, siblings and significant others.

"We've talked for years about, could we do a loved ones scenario? But we just never felt like we had the right people," host Jeff Probst tells "I think people will be surprised that the notion, 'Could I vote out one of my loved ones?' comes into play. There seems to be a lot of people thinking, 'Oh, I could never vote out my loved one.' But I don't know."

Meet the cast of Survivor: Blood vs. Water

The family members will eventually compete against each other on opposing tribes — but not before they're lulled into a false sense of security, thanks to the show's new "Day Zero" concept. Instead of the typical 39 days on an island, the Blood vs. Water contestants will play for 39.5 days, spending the first night paired off with their loved ones before the game officially starts the next morning. (More on that in our Q&A below.)

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TV's 60 Greatest Catchphrases

Neil Patrick Harris

These indelible and infinitely quotable words spoken by our favorite TV characters and personalities are forever etched in our brains. Not that there's anything wrong with that... read more

Meet the Cast of Survivor: Blood vs. Water


CBS has unveiled the former Survivor castaways returning to play against their loved ones on the newest season Blood vs. Water.

Survivor: One World castaway Kat Edorsson will compete against her boyfriend, Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss. They'll be joined by other familiar faces including Season 1's Gervase Peterson, who'll play against his niece Marissa, and previous winners Tina Wesson (The Australian Outback) and Aras Baskauskas (Panama). Returning players will make up the yellow Galang tribe and the new cast members will be a part of the red Tadhana tribe.

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Katie Couric and Jeff Probst Reveal That They Once Dated

Jeff Probst, Katie Couric

It wasn't exactly a match made in heaven for talk show hosts Katie Couric and Jeff Probst, who both admitted that they once went on a date.

"I went out with Jeff Probst once," Couric told Howard Stern earlier this week. "I think he had puka shells on -- that was kind of a weird thing."

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Survivor Winner John Cochran on the Two "Big Moves" That Led to His Victory

John Cochran

John Cochran went from, as he tells it, an "annoying freak" on his first season of Survivor (South Pacific) to the Sole Survivor in his second outing, Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites, with not a single vote cast against him throughout the entire run of the latter. How'd he do it?

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Who Won Survivor: Caramoan? And Who Was Pulled From the Game?

Jeff Probst

Sunday's finale of Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites opened with a shocking twist (and no, we're not talking about Brenda's ouster last week). Erik, leaving Tribal Council, tells his fellow castaways that he's feeling dizzy and disoriented, enough so that host Jeff Probst calls the show's doctor over to take a look. And apparently Erik's complaints of hunger last week weren't just whining. The physician immediately diagnoses Erik as being in a starvation state, hooks him up to an IV and pulls him from the game. That leaves four competitors with three days remaining: Dawn, Cochran, Eddie and Sherri. Who won? Keep reading to find out. (And side note: Who would have thought that, of all the contestants, Sherri and Eddie would be among the final four? Wild!)

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Survivor: Did Brenda's Big Move Pay Off?

Jeff Probst, Dawn Meehan

At the start of Wednesday's Survivor, all of the remaining contestants seem to be reeling a bit after voting Reynold and Andrea out at the last two Tribal Councils.

"All the chicks that I go after and try to hook up with get voted out," Eddie astutely observes, adding that he feels like a "sitting duck" heading into the next Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Dawn is torn between being loyal to Cochran and potentially forming a new alliance with Erik and Brenda, who want to vote Cochran out. read more

Survivor: Two Tribal Councils! Who Was Blindsided?

Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs Favorites

Wednesday's Survivor was a Double Tribal Council episode. So, who was blindsided?

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Survivor: Who Was Voted Off?

Andrea Boehlke, John Cochran and Reynold Toepfer

On Survivor this week, The Three Amigos (Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie) were looking to bring someone over to their alliance after Malcolm's power play last week resulted in Phillip packing his bags. Did they succeed, or did the remaining Stealth R Us members stick together even without Phillip? read more

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