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Hall of Fame chances for Sheffield, Kent, McGriff
02:34 — Matt Snyder discusses the Hall cases of Gary Sheffield, Fred McGriff and Jeff Kent.
Hall of Fame chances for Sheffield, Kent, McGriff
02:34 — Matt Snyder discusses the Hall cases of Gary Sheffield, Fred McGriff and Jeff Kent.
Survivor Philippines - The Jury Speaks Jeff
03:13 — Jeff Kent shares his thoughts on the Final Three before going into the Final Tribal Council as a jury member.
Survivor: Philippines - I’m Not Scared Of These People
03:45 — Dana shares her life story and is not worried about what others may think of her.
Survivor: Philippines - Challenge Preview: Share the Wealth
00:57 — Preview the challenge from the premiere episode of Survivor: Philippines! Survivor: Philippines premieres Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 8/7c!
Survivor: Philippines - The Winningest Tribe
00:39 — Dawson is proud that Kalabaw is on a winning streak.
Survivor: Philippines - Challenge Preview: Dragon Slayer
01:38 — Go behind the scenes of the final Reward Challenge, “Dragon Slayer,” with Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer. The special two-hour season finale of (more…)
Survivor Philippines - Next Time On: Episode 5
00:28 — Preview Episode 5 of Survivor Philippines. Survivor Philippines airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!
Survivor: Philippines - Challenge Preview: Muddy Waters
02:13 — Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer takes us behind-the-scenes for a preview with the dream team who get down and dirty during this 'Muddy Waters' chall (more…)
Survivor: Philippines - We Carried The Challenge
01:38 — Denise is upset Angie and Russell were no help to her and Malcolm in the challenge.
Survivor: Philippines - I Will Put Delaware On The Map
05:21 — As a former Miss Delaware, Katie plans on representing her state well in SURVIVOR.
Survivor: Philippines - It’s A Huge Score
01:24 — Abi-Maria discusses her plans for the hidden immunity idol.
Survivor: Philippines - I’ve Dreamed About Coming Back
06:00 — Jonathan Penner is thrilled to be back for his third season after being evacuated on SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA FANS VS FAVORITES.
Survivor: Philippines - Self-Awareness Is The Key
05:11 — Sarah plans on using her self-awareness to manipulate others and advance in the game.
Survivor: Philippines - Fall Premiere Party Blue Carpet Interview
01:36 — Andrew Freund catches up with some of the castaways from Survivor: Philippines on the blue carpet, as the stars of CBS get together to celebrate the n (more…)
Survivor: Philippines - I Don’t Have An Achilles Heel
05:18 — As a super fan of SURVIVOR, RC feels confident that she is ready to tackle any challenge.
Survivor: Philippines - I Love Skupin
01:00 — RC lists the pros and cons of Michael Skupin.
Survivor: Philippines - Jeff Is A Smart Guy
02:18 — Jonathan explains why he told Jeff that he found the hidden immunity idol.
Survivor: Philippines - We Won A Huge Reward
01:03 — Dana discusses the challenge and the reward that Kalabaw won.
Survivor: Philippines - Jonathan Looks For The Idol
02:10 — Jonathan looks for the idol while the rest of Kalabaw is out swimming
Survivor: Philippines - Tandang Tree mail
01:29 — Tandang is thrilled to receive their first tree mail.
Survivor: Philippines - Deceive & Destroy
05:53 — Malcolm plans on using his southern charm to deceive others and then destroy them on his way to winning the game.
Survivor: Philippines - Cast Assessment
07:22 — Jeff Probst assesses the cast of Survivor: Philippines, premiering Wednesday, September 19th at 8/7c!
Survivor: Philippines - I Just Want To Win One
02:38 — Russell reveals how and why it important for him to win a challenge.
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  • Birth Name: Jeffrey Franklin Kent
  • Birth Place: Bellflower, CA
  • Birthday: March 7, 1968, Pisces
  • Profession: Former MLB player