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September 24, 2006: Listen to the Rain on the Roof

Looks like Marc Cherry is keeping his promise: He's been in the media everywhere proclaiming that the show's quality will be back in tip-top shape, like it was in the first season. He deserves a pat on the back for cowriting a (for the most part) first-rate script with Jeff Greenstein (Emmy-winning writer/executive producer of Will & Grace - Jeff wrote the pivotal '80s flashback episode where Will first came out to Grace). I thought it was a smart thing to fast-forward to six months from the last time we saw them. This way they didn't have to deal with following up on the aftermath of the Applewhites' departure; also, Xiao-Mei's more pregnant and they could have Bree realistically able to say yes to Orson's proposal.Poor unlucky-in-love Bree. She went from one disastrous relationship to the next and then to the next. But tonight's biggest highlight for me was Bree experiencing her very first orgasm without even realizing it. I had been wondering what she was exactly referring to... read more

Major Lost, Desperate Spoilage!

I've got good news and bad news about last night's ABC press-tour party. Let's start with the bad news: I interviewed only two people the entire night. Wait, it gets better. The good news is, the two folks I spoke to were Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse, and Marc Cherry's new right-hand man at Desperate Housewives, consulting producer Jeff Greenstein. And I don't know if it was the McSteamy martinis that ABC was serving, but both men were spewing major spoilers about their respective shows' new seasons. The complete transcripts from both interviews are below. What can you tell me about the show's first six episodes?Carlton Cuse: Damon and I are designing the show as a sort of miniseason. We almost view the first six as a miniseries. And it's going to answer what we left hanging at the end of the finale. Obviously, we're going to explain what happened to Locke and Desmond and Eko, and sort of deal with the fact that Sawyer and Kate and Jack are in captivity. We really love the... read more

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