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Josh Donaldson - 60 MINUTES SPORTS May 2016 Preview
02:21 — 60 MINUTES SPORTS covers American League All-Star Josh Donaldson about his rough early life and how overcoming a challenging childhood helped him in b (more…)
Ex-Marine and amputee sets his sights on scaling Mount Everest
04:46 — A former Marine who lost part of his leg in Afghanistan arrived in Tibet Monday for a new and dangerous challenge. With the help of The Heroes Project (more…)
Jail inmates dying preventable deaths
03:44 — A CBS News investigation has found instances of jail inmates dying after being denied medical care that could have saved their lives. Advanced Correct (more…)
Deadly Dangers of Distracted Driving
02:18 — Distracted driving - driving while texting or talking on a cell phone - continues to kill thousands of drivers each year. Whit Johnson reports on the (more…)
60 MINUTES SPORTS - April 2016 Preview
00:30 — 60 MINUTES SPORTS covers PGA player Bubba Watson around the golf course, untimely deaths in young athletes, professional drone racing, as well as the (more…)
Detroit's red top pizza with blue collar roots
03:21 — You know about Chicago’s deep dish and New York’s Neapolitan, but when it comes to pizza, the hippest variety across the country is from Detroit. Like (more…)
Donald Trump targeted in massive political ad blitz
03:31 — In the past two weeks, more than $24 million has been spent on TV commercials attacking GOP front-runner Donald Trump. That is more than half of all t (more…)
Convicted killer's story of redemption after prison
05:59 — Shaka Senghor is a college lecturer and MIT consultant. He also has a popular Ted Talk and mentors young kids. But his success came after a deadly mis (more…)
Southwest inspections following midair rupture
02:28 — A hole that opened in a Southwest airlines plane, while in midair, prompted emergency inspections on 5 Southwest 737s. Don Teague reports.
Third American missionary infected with Ebola
02:08 — Dr. Rick Sacra was infected with the deadly virus in West Africa, where we was delivering babies in an obstetrics wing. Nancy Writebol, who has been r (more…)
Car companies failing to properly report dangerous defects
02:17 — The federal government is investigating whether Honda failed to report deaths and injuries caused by defective airbags manufactured by the Japanese co (more…)
Campaign impact of Obama saying private sector "doing fine"
03:52 — Mitt Romney and the GOP pounced on the president's comment. Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis spoke with CBS News political director John Dickerson about t (more…)
Oil prices likely to drop as Libya crisis eases
00:20 — The price of crude oil fell to a $106 a barrel from a high of $127 in April. Jeff Glor reports the easing situation in Libya could cause prices to dro (more…)
Father's Plea to Son's Murderer
04:11 — Chris Wragge talks to the family of a murdered college student, as they offer legal help to the getaway driver involved in the crime, in exchange that (more…)
Early Oscar buzz
04:58 — Erica Hill and Jeff Glor speak with Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger about the films and actors worthy of an Academy Award nomination.
Feds' watchful eye on Irene
03:21 — Jeff Glor speaks with Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano about the government's response to Hurricane Irene.
Jackson Wink MMA - 60 MINUTES SPORTS March 2016 Preview
02:12 — 60 MINUTES SPORTS covers the Jackson Wink MMA Academy - an elite training ground for some of the best MMA fighters in the world including UFC Bantamwe (more…)
Daily Fantasy Sports - 60 MINUTES SPORTS February 2016 Preview
02:14 — 60 MINUTES SPORTS covers the growing popularity of daily fantasy sports and the legal challenges that shadow the top two competing industries. Watch T (more…)
Levi's Stadium prepares turf for Super Bowl 50
03:05 — The site of Super Bowl 50 is the newest stadium in the league, but crews are busy tackling one of pro football’s oldest challenges -- the turf. Jeff G (more…)
Broncos rookie safety sent home after prostitution sting
01:56 — Ryan Murphy, a Denver Broncos safety, has been dismissed from Super Bowl 50 after he was questioned in a prostitution sting. Investigators spoke to Mu (more…)
Obama's poll numbers soar
02:06 — President Obama got a boost in the polls after the killing of Osama bin Laden. Chip Reid reports.
The urban hurricane
04:04 — Jeff Glor speaks with Coastal Geologist, Dr. Nicholas Coch about hurricanes that have hit New York City in the past and how this storm will affect the (more…)
Youth Tackle Football - 60 MINUTES SPORTS January 2016 Preview
02:32 — 60 MINUTES SPORTS covers a younger generation playing the contact sport and raises questions for parents who's children are involved with the sport. W (more…)
60 MINUTES SPORTS - January 2016 Preview
00:30 — 60 MINUTES SPORTS covers youth basketball leagues, children's concussions in combat sports, along with the rising popularity of extreme mountain climb (more…)
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