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Betty White: Latest celeb invited to Marine Corps. Ball
01:20 — A third marine, Sgt. Ray Lewis, released a YouTube video inviting actress Betty White to the Marine Corps. Ball. Other celebrities that were invited i (more…)
Deadly Highway Pile-Up Kills Two
02:21 — Two young people are dead after a horrific highway pile-up involving a semi-truck, two school buses and a pick-up truck. Ben Tracy reports.
Romney's campaign splits with GOP on health care
02:19 — Mitt Romney's attempt to distance himself from President Obama's health care law has gotten tougher, with his senior campaign adviser veering off-mess (more…)
Fla. homeowners threaten bank with foreclosure
00:42 — In this video from 2011, a couple in Fla. turned the tables on their bank and showed up at their bank with their lawyer and a moving van to seize the (more…)
Obama on GOP plan: "Trickle down tax cut fairy dust"
02:44 — Mitt Romney and President Obama are campaigning in battleground states, accusing each other of crafting plans that would ruin the economy. CBS News' N (more…)
Cancer doctor becomes cancer patient
08:29 — Dr. Lukas Wartman was diagnosed with the very cancer he'd devoted his life to studying -- a disease with no known cure. Then, some of his fellow docto (more…)
Derek Jeter's Character - 60 MINUTES SPORTS Preview
02:05 — Yankees broadcaster, Michael Kay, and former Yankee, Tino Martinez, talk about Derek Jeter's humble off-field persona - "What you see is what you get. (more…)
Takata resists pressure for nationwide airbag recall
01:55 — After a decade trying to solve a deadly defect, airbag manufacturer Takata says a review panel will investigate. But, as Jeff Glor reports, Takata is (more…)
Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Jeff Glor reveal NCAA March Madness picks
01:10 — "CBS This Morning" co-hosts selected their picks for the NCAA March Madness brackets. Jeff Glor shares who picked which teams to win the championship.
U.S. homeowner foreclosure numbers drop
00:27 — In May, the number of U.S. homeowners facing foreclosure fell to the lowest level since 2006. But there was a catch.
Secrets of a credit card thief
04:39 — In 2010, the government captured 1200 cyber criminals. Former credit card thief Dan Defelippi tells business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvi (more…)
Obama fundraising from big donors falling short?
04:17 — Former Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton, who heads an Obama "super PAC" fundraising committee, discusses the campaign with Erica Hill.
Popes John Paul II and John XXIII to be canonized
01:07 — Pope Francis on Friday cleared two of the 20th century's most influential popes to become saints, approving a miracle needed to canonize Pope John Pau (more…)
Chief-of-Staff Pick Sends Signal
03:34 — Erica Hill speaks with Republican strategist Dan Bartlett about President Obama's appointment of former Commerce Secretary William Daley to Chief-of-S (more…)
Dems fall short in Wisc. recall election
01:59 — Democrats fell short after in the recall elections in Wisconsin have, gaining only two seats. Elaine Quijano reports on the latest details of the elec (more…)
Hometown supporter awaits Knox arrival
02:29 — Tom Wright, co-founder of the group "Friends of Amanda Knox," speaks to Chris Wragge about Amanda Knox's upcoming Seattle homecoming after being acqui (more…)
Storms, hail pound St. Louis area
00:26 — A severe hailstorm pummeled St. Louis just hours after another storm knocked over a giant tent outside Busch Stadium. One man died and dozens were inj (more…)
"Fiddler on the Roof" star Theodore Bikel dies
01:05 — Broadway and big screen star Theodore Bikel has died at the age of 91. CBSN's Jeff Glor takes a look at his career.
Pilot's wife speaks out on JetBlue incident
02:10 — The lawyer for JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon will appear in federal court in Amarillo, Texas, where Osbon faces charges of interfering with his own flig (more…)
Backflipping groom knocks out bridesmaid
00:31 — A groom who backflipped onto the dancefloor accidentally kicked a bridesmaid in the head and knocked her unconscious. CBSN's Jeff Glor has video from (more…)
Water spout off Australia
00:52 — CBS News Raw: A waterspout appeared off the central coast of Australia's New South Wales, causing a huge sprouting fountain in the middle of the ocean (more…)
Oldest Quran manuscript uncovered
00:21 — An ancient copy of the Quran in the collection of Britain's University of Buckingham has been carbon dated to near the time of the Prophet Muhammad. C (more…)
Gingrich, Romney go head-to-head on immigration
02:31 — Newt Gingrich's statement on illegal immigration continues to bring a lot of criticism from other GOP presidential candidates. Whit Johnson reports.
Heisman winner Manziel opens up about historic season
06:44 — Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is the first freshman to receive the Heisman Trophy. Special correspondent Jeff Glor talks to the best player in (more…)
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