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Inside the Iowa caucuses: a primer
03:04 — Why do the Iowa caucuses matter? Former Des Moines Register chief political reporter David Yepsen discusses the importance of the Iowa caucuses -- and (more…)
Congress Heads Back to Work
03:14 — Erica Hill talks to CBS News political analyst, John Dickerson about the challenges that await the new Congress.
Survivor remembers deadliest aviation disaster in Tenerife
05:55 — Today marks the 40th anniversary of the deadliest aviation disaster in history. It happened on the small Spanish island of Tenerife, off the coast of (more…)
Pope Francis stops into Burger King to change robes
00:28 — The Pope took a stop into a Burger King in Bolivia to change his priestly garments. CBSN's Jeff Glor talks about the papal quick change.
"Fiddler on the Roof" star Theodore Bikel dies
01:05 — Broadway and big screen star Theodore Bikel has died at the age of 91. CBSN's Jeff Glor takes a look at his career.
Backflipping groom knocks out bridesmaid
00:31 — A groom who backflipped onto the dancefloor accidentally kicked a bridesmaid in the head and knocked her unconscious. CBSN's Jeff Glor has video from (more…)
Oldest Quran manuscript uncovered
00:21 — An ancient copy of the Quran in the collection of Britain's University of Buckingham has been carbon dated to near the time of the Prophet Muhammad. C (more…)
One college students cross country journey to clothe teens in need
02:05 — Allyson Ahlstrom is on a mission to clothe thousands of teens in need. Her journey has taken her across the country in a mobile boutique on wheels. (more…)
DOJ drops obstruction of justice charges against Barry Bonds
00:19 — The Department of Justice has dropped its obstruction of justice case against Barry Bonds for giving evasive answers about his alleged steroid use. CB (more…)
Special Report: President Obama announces Iran nuclear deal
18:38 — President Obama spoke from the White House Tuesday morning, beginning his campaign to sell the nuclear deal with Iran to the American people. Six worl (more…)
Zach Johnson wins British Open
08:20 — After a four-hole playoff between three golfers, American Zach Johnson took home the British Open Championship at St. Andrews. Golf Digest senior edit (more…)
Argentinian family travels 13,000 miles to see the pope
01:13 — On their journey to see Pope Francis, an Argentinian family traveled 13,000 miles just to lay eyes on the pontiff, but they ended up getting much more (more…)
Ocearch finds thriving oil rig ecosystem in Gulf of Mexico
05:53 — Ocearch is wrapping up its first-ever expedition in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf has received enormous attention in recent years, mostly for what went (more…)
Levi's Stadium prepares turf for Super Bowl 50
03:05 — The site of Super Bowl 50 is the newest stadium in the league, but crews are busy tackling one of pro football’s oldest challenges -- the turf. Jeff G (more…)
Jackson Wink MMA - 60 MINUTES SPORTS March 2016 Preview
02:12 — 60 MINUTES SPORTS covers the Jackson Wink MMA Academy - an elite training ground for some of the best MMA fighters in the world including UFC Bantamwe (more…)
Convicted killer's story of redemption after prison
05:59 — Shaka Senghor is a college lecturer and MIT consultant. He also has a popular Ted Talk and mentors young kids. But his success came after a deadly mis (more…)
Jail inmates dying preventable deaths
03:44 — A CBS News investigation has found instances of jail inmates dying after being denied medical care that could have saved their lives. Advanced Correct (more…)
Grand Canyon offers starry views free of light pollution
05:27 — With its red rocks and roaming Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is stunning by day -- but seeing the park in daylight is only half the story. Astronom (more…)
Tom Wolfe on why Darwin's evolution theory is a "myth"
04:13 — Tom Wolfe is out with his first nonfiction book in more than 15 years. "The Kingdom of Speech" is a bold argument about language and human evolution, (more…)
Tip line created for unidentified baby girl
00:53 — Law enforcement has created a hotline for information on an unidentified toddler that washed up on a Boston shore. CBSN's Jeff Glor has the latest on (more…)
NYSE, United and WSJ paralyzed by computer glitches
02:42 — A tech failure affecting three major U.S. companies Wednesday was not a coordinated cyber attack, according to officials and security experts. Technic (more…)
Former McCain Campaign adviser: Trump disqualified from Commander-in-Chief role
06:09 — Republican Primary Candidate Donald Trump says he will not back down on criticisms of Senator John McCain's military service. McCain's former national (more…)
FAA investigating drone armed with gun
00:24 — The FAA and police are investigating whether a drone equipped to fire a gun is in violation of federal regulations.CBSN's Jeff Glor reports.
Rand Paul: U.S. tax code sending jobs overseas
07:32 — On the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul has tough words for the American tax code as well as some of his opponents. He (more…)
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