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Bird's-eye view of Hurricane Irma's destruction in Florida
03:27 — Millions of people who evacuated before Hurricane Irma are starting to go home. Crews are bringing aid, but the recovery effort will take weeks or eve (more…)
Plouffe: Defaulting could be "catastrophic"
03:46 — Rebecca Jarvis talks to Senior White House Adviser David Plouffe about the Congressional stalemate over hiking the debt ceiling.
Hurricane Irma sweeps across central Florida
02:41 — Hurricane Irma is taking aim at north Florida. The deadly storm has lashed nearly every part of the state. There are now almost six million homes and (more…)
Snow forces Mass city to postpone Halloween
01:43 — Record-breaking snowfall has led city officials in Worcester, Mass., to postpone Halloween trick-or-treating. WBZ-TV's Sera Congi reports.
Inside Coast Guard rescue operations after Hurricane Irma
04:07 — CBS News' Jeff Glor speaks to Capt. Ward Sandlin and Lt. Chelsea Kalil of the U.S. Coast Guard about rescue operations in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
A look at Irma's destruction from above
01:26 — The best perspective on the damage caused by Irma is from above. On Monday, CBS News' Jeff Glor surveyed parts of central Florida that took a direct h (more…)
BP CEO Hayward to Step Down
02:38 — Embattled BP CEO Tony Hayward is expected to step down and will be replaced by Miss. native Bob Dudley. Kelly Cobiella reports.
Floridians take temporary shelter from Hurricane Irma
02:29 — More than 1,200 people waited at a shelter in St. Petersburg in Pinellas County for Hurricane Irma to pass through. Jeff Glor got a first-hand look to (more…)
Riding the storm out in a schoolhouse
01:24 — In St. Pete Beach, Florida's Gulf Coast, many residents fled the area ahead of Hurricane Irma. But on Sunday, we met some who are riding out the storm (more…)
Hurricane Irma projected to hit Southwest Florida
01:23 — CBS News Correspondent Jeff Glor reports from St. Pete Beach where Hurricane Irma is projected to hit in the coming days.
Hurricane Irma takes aim at Tampa, St. Petersburg
02:45 — The southeast of Florida was prepared for the worst of Hurricane Irma but with the storm's shift to the Gulf coast, places like Tampa and St. Petersbu (more…)
Murray trial: Deliberations set to continue
05:35 — The jury in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, was to resume deliberations Monday. Bill Whitaker reports, (more…)
Customers protest Verizon "convenience fee"
00:31 — Verizon says it plans to charge a $2 convenience fee for online and credit card bill payments -- and customers are already balking. Debbie Turner Bell (more…)
Water spout off Australia
00:52 — CBS News Raw: A waterspout appeared off the central coast of Australia's New South Wales, causing a huge sprouting fountain in the middle of the ocean (more…)
Qaddafi meets with diplomats; Clinton meets with opposition
00:49 — Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi met with diplomats from China, India and Russia to try to get them to invest in Libya's oil industry while U.S. Secretar (more…)
Yoga Safety Tips
03:42 — Celebrity Yoga trainer Kristin McGee showed Harry Smith how to safely ease into yoga poses.
Vitamins: Healthy or hype?
03:04 — Chris Wragge talks to medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton about the vitamins that are most essential to women.
Supreme Court to rule on Calif. video game regulation
02:29 — The Supreme Court is expected to decide if California can prohibit the sale of violent video games to minors. Whit Johnson reports on the court fight (more…)
Geitner, Sarkozy talk debt crisis in Paris
00:25 — Treasury secretary Tim Geithner met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris. Jeff Glor reports.
Funeral for vet 45 years after death
00:25 — A funeral is scheduled in Tennessee for Army Specialist Marvin Phillips 45 years after his death in Vietnam. Betty Nguyen reports.
CBS News launches CBSN streaming network
01:41 — CBS News is launching its very first interactive streaming news network that delivers coverage you want to watch anywhere, at any time, with a single (more…)
Rocky Mount mayor on N.C. jobless rate
02:56 — Mayor David W. Combs of Rocky Mount, N.C., speaks to Chris Wragge about the state's high unemployment rate and what residents expect from President Ob (more…)
Germany to phase out nuclear power
00:20 — Germany's government has agreed to phase out all of it's nuclear power plants by 2022. Elaine Quijano reports.
Peyton Manning: From Colt to Bronco
03:29 — For nearly two weeks, football fans have followed Peyton Manning's every move, wondering which city the newly-released quarterback would call home. No (more…)
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