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Ocearch discovers great white shark birth site off NY coast
04:16 — History is being made this week in the waters off Long Island, New York, as Ocearch says it's found the first-known birthing site for great white shar (more…)
Grand Canyon offers starry views free of light pollution
05:27 — With its red rocks and roaming Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is stunning by day -- but seeing the park in daylight is only half the story. Astronom (more…)
Joplin mayor: "We'll do whatever is necessary"
02:34 — Chris Wragge talks to Joplin, Mo. Mayor Mike Woolston about the emergency response to the tornado that destroyed much of the city.
How to Stop Lone Wanna-Be Terrorists
01:55 — Maggie Rodriguez talks to CBS News National Security Analyst, Juan Zarate about the threat of American homegrown terror.
Former CIA Director calls torture report flawed, criticizes Biden
05:36 — Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell tells Jeff Glor the Senate Intellengence Committee report, released Tuesday, is "the worst analysis" he's ever (more…)
How will the drop in oil prices impact Russia?
02:27 — CBSN's Jeff Glor talks to Anthony Mason about the dropping oil prices, including its particular big impact on Russia's market.
Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Jeff Glor reveal NCAA March Madness picks
01:10 — "CBS This Morning" co-hosts selected their picks for the NCAA March Madness brackets. Jeff Glor shares who picked which teams to win the championship.
Analyzing Senate Balance of Power
04:24 — Harry Smith speaks with political analyst John Dickerson about tight Senate races around the country and how the balance of power may be affected.
Author Talk: "The Submission" by Amy Waldman
09:08 — Jeff Glor talks to Amy Waldman about "The Submission," a post-9/11 novel about what happens when a Muslim architect wins a blind contest to design a G (more…)
New credit card rule requires personal income source
03:35 — A new federal credit card rule may keep college students and stay-at-home parents from getting a credit card. Erica Hill and Chris Wragge talk to pers (more…)
50-Pound Jellyfish Stings 150
00:26 — A fifty-pound jellyfish stung and injured over one hundred people at a beach in Rye, N.H. The creature was dead but its tentacles remained poisonous. (more…)
Clinton Visits Afghanistan
01:44 — Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will meet with Afghan president Hamid Karzai in Kabul to review his government's use of billions of dollars in U.S. (more…)
Is refinancing into shorter mortgage right for you?
03:37 — Many homeowners are trading 30-year mortgages for shorter terms with lower rates. Personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich talks to Erica Hill and C (more…)
Chinese jet crashes at air show
00:19 — A fighter jet crashed during an air show in China and it was caught on tape. Jeff Glor reports.
Keeping an Aging Brain Sharp
03:24 — Harry Smith speaks with Neurologist Dr. Alan Mazurek about how baby boomers can keep their brains sharp.
Benefits of owning an electric car
02:49 — Chris Wragge speaks with Popular Mechanics magazine Editor-in-Chief Jim Meigs about the pros and cons of electric cars.
Ask it Early: College tuition, credit scores, more
04:17 — Business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis answers viewer questions from Facebook and Twitter, from paying to college to building your credit (more…)
Remembering 60 Minutes' Thomas McEneny
00:33 — Veteran CBS News editor Thomas McEneny has died at the age of 57. McEneny's last assignment was his first for 60 Minutes - editing the recent report o (more…)
Unemployment Decrease Expected
01:24 — Rebecca Jarvis reports on the jump in jobs that is expected to put a dent on the unemployment rate.
Conn. wealth managers win Powerball jackpot
00:24 — Three Connecticut wealth managers claimed a $254,200,000 Powerball lottery jackpot. Terrell Brown reports.
Tsunami's U.S. damage toll rises
00:29 — The tsunami that followed the 8.9 magnitude quake in Japan caused millions of dollars in damages in Calif. and Hawaii. Jeff Glor reports.
Brett Dennen on new album Loverboy
02:32 — "The Early Show" anchors speak to singer and songwriter Brett Dennen about his new album Loverboy, why he prefers to perform barefoot and finding succ (more…)
McCain on Libyan conflict: "It's a long way from over"
03:42 — Erica Hill talks to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) about his support for a no-fly zone in Libya.
Possible "Baby Gabriel" Confession
02:15 — In audio tapes acquired by CBS station KPHO, the mother of missing baby Gabriel allegedly confesses to killing him to get back at her boyfriend. Bill (more…)
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