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How Hillary Clinton Is Coping After Losing The Presidency
01:49 — On Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton told a room full of supporters in New York City her loss was "painful and it will be for a long time." Clinton t (more…)
Tips On Getting Through Thanksgiving This Year
02:43 — Are you worried that political talk will ruin your holiday? Clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere has tips on keeping the tone respectful at the dinner t (more…)
Shooting Raises Questions About Workplace Violence
07:34 — MSNBC’s Alex Witt joins Thomas Roberts on journalists previously killed on the job. Then Dr. Jeff Gardere shares ways to possibly prevent workplace-re (more…)
Why men turn to plastic surgery
03:10 — Chris Wragge speaks with psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere about why men choose to go under the knife to look better.
Spanking Kids Isn't A 'Southern' Or 'Black' Thing
Dr. Claire McCarthy and Dr. Jeff Gardere join Nancy to reveal why spanking your kids as a disciplinary measure isn't something that's confined to blac (more…)
Dr. Jeff Gardere's Tackles Depression
Dr. Jeff Gardere's Depression Video - 04
Bad Parenting: Mom Cheers on Fight
03:04 — Maggie Rodriguez spoke with Psychologist Jeff Gardere about a mother's possible jail sentence for cheering her daughter on in a fight caught on video.
Making Joint Custody Work
06:06 — Avoiding conflict is crucial to a successful, co-parenting relationship. Psychologist Jeff Gardere talks with CNET's Molly Wood about how separated pa (more…)
How Molestation Still Affects Vanessa Williams
01:33 — INSIDE EDITION spoke to psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere about Vanessa Williams' stunning revelation that she was molested as a young girl and why she de (more…)
Did Internet Myth 'Slender Man' Cause Two 12-Year-Old Girls To Plot Murder?
02:30 — INSIDE EDITION spoke with Psychologist Jeff Gardere about two 12-year-olds, accused of stabbing their friend as a sacrifice to Slender Man, an mythica (more…)
Mock Sex "Thesis" Stirs Controversy
04:59 — Rebecca Jarvis and psychologists Jennifer Hartstein and Jeff Gardere examine the reasons behind the sex diary of a Duke University graduate.
The Cost of Being Distracted
03:14 — Harry Smith speaks with's Jeff Gardere about why our minds wander so frequently after a new study claims that distracted minds can caus (more…)
What Caused Elliot Rodger To Kill?
02:39 — Psychologist Jeff Gardere sits down with INSIDE EDITION to discuss the idea that films such as Neighbors and websites based around hatred for women, l (more…)
When Does Tough Love Become Child Abuse?
01:28 — Psychologist Jeff Gardere spoke with INSIDE EDITION about some recent incidents of fathers teaching their kids a lesson that have many asking if it cr (more…)
Dr. Jeff Gardere's Depression Video - 02
Dr. Gardere of VH-1's 'Dad Camp' discusses how black women are underdiagnosed for depression with author Terrie Williams.
Dr. Jeff Gardere's Depression Video - 03
Dr. Gardere of VH-1's 'Dad Camp' discusses depression medication with Internist and psychiatric medication specialist Dr. Virgie Ellington.
Who Reacts Differently to a Break-Up, a Man or a Woman?
Dr. Jeff Gardere explains the difference.
Psychologists Advise Parents, Children On Coping With CT School Shooting
Marc and Abby are joined by psychologists Jeff Gardere and Peggy Norwood to discuss what might be the most tragic school shooting in United States his (more…)
Dr. Jeff Gardere Discusses Depression in the Black Community
Dr. Gardere of VH-1's 'Dad Camp' discusses how depression plays out in the black community with author of 'Black Pain' Terrie Williams, Internist and (more…)
Mondays With Marlo - Dr. Jeff Gardere of Exaholics
Marlo sits down with Dr. Jeff Gardere and talks about Exaholics.
Dr. Jeff Gardere's Depression Video - 05
Dr. Jeff Gardere's Depression Video - 05
Could UCSB shooting have been prevented?
04:38 — Paul Callan, Mel Robbins and Jeff Gardere discuss the Isla Vista mass shooting rampage. Could it have been prevented?
Disrupt: Finding a motive for the Isla Vista shooting
NBC s Jennifer Bjorklund, UC Santa Barbara student Jimmy Chang and psychologist Jeff Gardere discuss the deadly shooting rampage in the small town of (more…)
One-on-One with Steve Adubato, May 1st, 2013
27:54 — This week on One-on-One with Steve Adubato, Steve talks with: Tim Federle, Author, Better Nate Than Never'; Jeff Gardere, Ph.D., Psychologist, Asst. (more…)
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