Fri May 1 6:00am
White CollarFree Fall(Season 1, Episode 7) USA-E

Neal becomes a suspect in a clever jewelry heist, and Peter must determine if Neal's lying to him to pull off another con.

Fri May 1 7:00am
White CollarHard Sell(Season 1, Episode 8) USA-E

Neal and Peter go undercover to take down a corrupt group of Wall Street brokers. If the mission fails, Neal's deal with the FBI could be negated.

Fri May 8 6:00am
White CollarBad Judgment(Season 1, Episode 9) USA-E

Peter and Neal uncover a link between Fowler and an estate judge who's committing mortgage fraud. Armed with this information, the guys devise a plan to take them both down.

Fri May 8 7:00am
White CollarVital Signs(Season 1, Episode 10) USA-E

Neal uncovers a scheme to harvest human organs and brings the case to Peter. The two concoct a setup in hopes that the black-market ringleader will take the bait and reveal himself.