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Palin tours with Trump as Cruz faces criticism
02:38 — The latest presidential poll finds Donald Trump’s main rival, Ted Cruz, is gaining support in New Hampshire. Trump holds a commanding 20-point lead, b (more…)
Jeb Bush talks state of campaign, Trump and Afghanistan
05:29 — The latest national poll shows Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are still well ahead in the Republican field. Fox News survey finds them just one point (more…)
Jeb Bush, Senator Graham Join GOP Leaders Saying No to Trump
02:34 — Senator Lindsey Graham called Donald Trump a “con man” and not a “reliable Republican conservative,” as Jeb Bush announced that he “will not vote for (more…)
Analyst Mike Murphy: Bernie Sanders Can Make Hillary Clinton’s Life ‘hell’
02:22 — A former adviser to the Jeb Bush campaign, NBC News political analyst Mike Murphy says that “if the polling is right, Trump will have a good night” Tu (more…)
Republican Party Broken Beyond Repair?
06:16 — Former Senior Adviser to Jeb Bush and Former Spokesman for John Boehner, Michael Steel, talks to Richard Lui about Donald Trump’s “woman card” argumen (more…)
Jeb Bush Is Younger and Better Looking than Brother George W.
02:26 — Jeb Bush talks to Jimmy about falling in love with his wife at first sight and differentiating himself from his father and brother during his own pres (more…)
Who's to Blame for the Rise of Trump?
05:51 — The media? GOP elites? Jeb Bush? President Obama? The Buffalo Bills???? Looking at who -- or what -- gave The Donald a boost.
What if Trump Runs On a Third Party Ticket?
07:59 — Donald Trump won't rule out a third-party run for President, and a new poll today shows he would take votes from Jeb Bush in that scenario, possibly h (more…)
Fmr. Jeb Bush Spokesman On ‘Cruz-Trump Feud’
05:55 — Advisor to the “Our Principles” PAC and former communications director for the Bush campaign Tim Miller talks to Alex Witt about the anti-Trump effort (more…)
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