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Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom On Possible Candidates in the 2016 Election
01:22 — Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom talks to Larry King about the current crop of 2016 presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, (more…)
Trump's Conflicting Stories On FL Casino Deal
05:17 — In his latest deep dive on Donald Trump, Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald takes a look at the question of whether Trump attempted to ease the way for a new (more…)
Emmy Open: Boners and Boo Boos
02:15 — We made a video that aired at the start of the Emmys involving actors from a number of nominated shows and also former Republican Presidential candida (more…)
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale Of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits - Official Trailer
02:42 — When Donald Trump says, "This election is rigged"—he should know. His buddies are rigging it. Rolling Stone investigative reporter Greg Palast (more…)
Charlie Crist: I Admire Jeb Bush But Would Support Hillary Clinton
00:43 — Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist tells Larry King on Politicking that he still admires Jeb Bush but would support Hillary Clinton in a President (more…)
Priebus: Donald Trump's Immigration Plan Is Not Like Jeb Bush's
05:02 — In a Meet the Press interview, RNC chairman Reince Priebus refutes the idea that Trump's new stance on immigration is similar to Jeb Bush's policy, sa (more…)
Could There Be Another Bush in the White House?
02:28 — There has been a Bush 41, a Bush 43 and now Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, consistently ranks among Republican presidential frontrunners.
2016 Presidential Hopefuls May Be Getting Early Start
02:18 — All eyes are on Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.
2016 Polls: Jeb Bush Has Work to Do With GOP Voters
02:29 — Chuck Todd debuts exclusive NBC/WSJ numbers
Jeb Bush Faces Firestorm Over Iraq War Comments
02:04 — Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush is trying again to get out of a hole he dug for himself with his comments this week about the Iraq War.
Karl Rove On Jeb Bush: ‘He’s Had a Bad Week’
04:24 — The ex-deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush talks to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about probable presidential candidate Jeb Bush and his stru (more…)
Jeb Bush Makes Presidential Case in Iowa
02:42 — Jeb Bush has yet to officially announce a presidential candidacy, but he was in full campaign mode in Iowa.
The Sinking Fortunes of Jeb Bush
16:16 — A GOP cattle call in Florida convenes as the onetime front-runner slips, and "Run Warren Run" finally gives up.
2016 Shakeup! Jeb Bush Isn't the Frontrunner
08:32 — Two new polls show Jeb Bush is no longer the frontrunner in the GOP 2016 race. With two months to go before the first of the debates, Lawrence talks w (more…)
Primary Calendar Poses Problems for Jeb Bush
04:45 — Steve Kornacki outlines why Marco Rubio’s candidacy and the Republican primary calendar in 2016 could both present major challenges for Jeb Bush to ge (more…)
Jeb Bush Sets Announcement Date
00:29 — Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush is set to make an announcement on his 2016 plans on June 15, according to new reports.
Republicans Look to Score Foreign Policy Points
11:24 — NBC’s Carrie Dann and Mark Murray join to take a close look at Jeb Bush’s travels to Europe, how John Kasich’s candidacy could impact Bush’s spot in t (more…)
Jeb Bush to Launch Campaign, Unveils New Logo
07:46 — Jeb Bush is expected to announce his bid for president in speech in Miami Monday. American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan, former Jindal campaign ma (more…)
Trump Makes More Offensive Statements About Mexican Immigrants and Jeb Bush's Wife
03:28 — The co-hosts disagree with Donald Trump's offensive blanket statements about Mexican immigrants. They also feel it was a low blow for Trump to attack (more…)
Hewitt: People See Success Story in Ben Carson
09:13 — Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt joins Morning Joe to discuss the 2016 election, including Ben Carson's Iowa numbers, Donald Trump, the state of Je (more…)
Social Justice Issues of 2016
07:28 — Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will both be in Miami on Friday addressing the National Urban League conference. Rev. Sharpton is there already and talke (more…)
Bush Presidential Library Releases New Docs
03:23 — The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser joins José Díaz-Balart to talk about a new batch of documents released by the George W. Bush Presidential Library, which (more…)
Trump, Bush Social Media Feud Heats up
03:53 — Top Talkers: The social media war between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump continues to heat up this week with the two going back and forth on Twitter and In (more…)
Bush Goes One-On-One With Lester Holt On Race, Politics and Rivals
04:05 — NBC’s Lester Holt sat down with Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush to talk about race, his state’s ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ and Donald Trump.
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