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Are Trump's Poll Numbers Leveling Off?
04:54 — Jonathan Capehart, Mercedes Schlapp and Sabrina Siddiqui join Steve Kornacki to discuss Donald Trump's latest poll numbers as Trump and Jeb Bush hold (more…)
Bush: There Are Literally Scores of Things You Need to Focus On
06:35 — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on the phone as his state preparing for Hurricane Irma.
Jeb Bush: People Must Prepare for a Devastating Storm
03:32 — Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush joins Morning Joe to discuss the impact Hurricane Irma will likely have on the state, including Florida's most economically (more…)
Fmr. House Republican: Unclear if Trump's Even Leader of the GOP
01:48 — After Trump's 2016 GOP competitor Jeb Bush called the first 200 days of the Trump administration 'exhausting,' former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) says it' (more…)
Jeb Bush Has No Regrets Losing the White House to Donald Trump
00:58 — Jeb Bush says he has no regrets after losing his White House bid to Donald Trump ... because Miami living with no media attention is all he needs to b (more…)
Trump's Travel Excuses, Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush Buy Miami Marlins
06:16 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Wednesday, April 26.
Bush: 'I Know How to Fix Things'
01:43 — GOP candidate Jeb Bush attends a tailgate party for a Charlotte vs. Port Charlotte high school football game in Punta Gorda, FL.
Bush Goes After Trump at NH Town Hall
02:30 — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush shares his thoughts on rival candidate Donald Trump at a town hall in New Hampshire.
Lindsey Graham to Endorse Jeb Bush
04:19 — Tim Miller, communications director for the Jeb Bush campaign, talks about the endorsement and explains why a leader with a detailed plan to deal with (more…)
Jeb Bush: 'People Are Struggling'
01:40 — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush holds a town hall in Concord, New Hampshire and explains what he thinks America needs, urging the audience (more…)
Fmr. SC Gov.: Haley's Endorsement Will Reverberate
04:07 — Former Gov. David Beasley, R-S.C., says Gov. Nikki Haley's endorsement of Marco Rubio will have a "tremendous" impact on the 2016 GOP SC primary race. (more…)
Jeb Bush Out: Big Money Doesn't Equal the White House
02:29 — Jeb Bush has officially suspended his campaign for President after another poor showing in South Carolina. Even with his deep donor pockets, find out (more…)
Busy Weekend Ahead for GOP Candidates
04:32 — Luke Russert checks in with NBC News Campaign Embeds to review the weekend’s line-up of campaign events for Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump.
Jeb Bush Takes Jabs at Marco Rubio
01:25 — Jeb Bush takes a jab at Marco Rubio, calling the Senate work week a "French work week," while Rubio replies by saying he isn't "running against anyone (more…)
Jeb Bush: 'The Free World Needs to Act'
01:43 — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush criticizes President Obama's strategy against ISIS, saying "we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism."
Trump, Jeb Battle Continues On the Trail
04:19 — Back on the trail the day after the GOP debate and the candidates are hitting their favorite rivals. NBC's Ali Vitali chronicles Trump's barbs against (more…)
Can Jeb Bush Make an Impact in NH?
03:15 — MSNBC's Michael Steele discusses whether or not Jeb Bush can “kickstart” his campaign in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.
How a 15-year-old Reframed the "Anchor Baby" Narrative
01:36 — After Jeb Bush talked about Asian "anchor babies," a lot of Asian Americans weren't amused. Meet the hashtag creator, 15-year-old Jason Fong, and hear (more…)
Graham: I Don't Think I'm an Undercard Candidate
07:09 — Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., recaps Wednesday night's debate in Boulder, saying he doesn't see himself as an undercard candidate. Sen. Graham also off (more…)
Jeb Bush Needs New Hampshire Win
01:51 — Jeb Bush needs to compete with Donald Trump, but even morse Marco Rubio.
Jeb Bush: I Am Suspending My Campaign
07:59 — Following the results of the South Carolina Republican primary, which had him fourth at eight percent, Jeb Bush announces he is suspending his campaig (more…)
Trump, Bush Exchange Turns Nasty
03:11 — Jeb Bush, asked to explain why he is more qualified than Donald Trump to deal with Vladimir Putin, mocks Donald Trump and incurs a barrage of insults (more…)
Bush: Donald Trump a 'chaos Candidate'
02:29 — Early in the main stage GOP debate on Tuesday evening, Jeb Bush said Donald Trump's Muslim ban proposal was "not a serious proposal." Trump retorted b (more…)
Jeb Bush Returns to Campaign Trail in South Florida
01:01 — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush returned to the campaign trail with a breakfast event in Hialeah and a speaking event at the Palm Beach Cou (more…)
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