I Married an Angel
With a lilting "Tira Lira La," a bevy of Budapest beauties show up for the birthday celebration of the town's most eligible bachelor, Count Palaffi (N (more…)
Sexy Sculpt, Pt. 1
07:20 — This total body scuplting section will help you get the ultimate sexy body from head to toe! These exercises will target your quads, glutes , abs, obl (more…)
Blast the Belly Fat: Circuit #3
18:22 — Circuit #3 is 19 minutes of belly fat burning cardio and abdefining core exercises that Jeanette carefully selected to help you blast away unwanted be (more…)
Sexy Warm-up and Stretch
06:12 — This section was designed to prepare you for the Sexy Arms, Abs & Legs workout. This is a fun dance inspired warm-up. Get ready to rock your hips and (more…)
08:39 — This heart pumping warmup is designed to prepare your total body for Blast the Belly Fat Series.
07:15 — This Stretch episode will help you release tension in your muscles and joints , relive muscle pain and decrease stress.
Booty Blaster
01:38 — Lift, sculpt and tone your booty with this fun and challenging section. This section is only 2 minutes and requires no equipment!
Blast the Belly Fat: Mat Work
08:24 — Blast the Belly Fat Mat Workout is a 9 minute, ab defining, no excuses workout. Jeanette combines a challenging series of mat exercises that will len (more…)
Blast the Belly Fat: Circuit #2
18:22 — Circuit # 2 is 17 minutes of heart pumping, calorie burning and belly blasting workout combinations designed to sculpt and define your abs, arms, legs (more…)
Yoga Sculpt Combo
06:44 — This segment will improve your muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. Jeanette guides you through a sequence that will give you a lon (more…)
Sexy Arms, Abs and Legs Floor Work
18:51 — Jeanette guides you through a Pilates inspired floor work segment that can be done bare foot or with sneakers. The exercises in the segment will tone (more…)
Blast the Belly Fat: Circuit #1
12:28 — This time saving, super fun, calorie blasting workout will flatten your stomach, shrink your waistline and Blast the Belly Fat.
American Crime: Promo
00:30 — American Crime stars Felicity Huffman as Jeanette Hesby, Regina King as Kimara Walters, Timothy Hutton as Nicholas Coates, Lili Taylor as Clair Coates (more…)
Sexy Sculpt, Pt. 2
05:45 — Strengthen & tone your entire body with some of Jeanette's favorite exercises. This section includes cardio and strength training to help you sculpt a (more…)
Sexy Dancer Legs
13:24 — Get long, lean, toned and flexible dancer legs with these exercises and combos. This section will target your quads, hamstrings, inner thighs and calv (more…)
Broadway Serenade
Jeanette MacDonald, having just been named "Queen of the Movies" by 22 million filmgoers in a 1939 New York Daily News opinion survey, stars in this e (more…)
TRUE JACKSON's Keke & team have fun on set.
03:16 — Younghollywood.com's Jill Wilderman interviews True Jackson, VP's Keke Palmer and special guest Jeanette McCurdy.|Keke Palmer|Ashley Argota|Matt Shive (more…)
Is Now a Good Time to Get a Gym Membership?
03:29 — Now that holiday shopping has mostly wrapped up, many stores are offering big discounts. But is everything as big as a deal as it appears? Savings exp (more…)
Wait to Purchase Power Tools, But Buy Bedding Now
04:03 — Coupons.com savings expert Jeanette Pavini chats about what to buy now and what’s worth waiting until later to purchase. She quizzes the ladies on whi (more…)
It’s ‘Trumpkin!’ See Donald Trump As a 347 Lb Pumpkin
00:20 — Ohio artist Jeanette Paras painted a 347 pound pumpkin into an image of Donald Trump’s head, complete with side-swept hair.
Director Adriana Trigiani: ‘Big Stone Gap’ Is Film ‘we Dreamed of’
04:42 — Coupons.com savings expert Jeanette Pavini chats about what to buy now and what’s worth waiting until later to purchase. She quizzes the ladies on whi (more…)
Marco Rubio's Wife Jeanette Visits Orlando Campaign Office
00:29 — Jeanette Rubio visited workers and volunteers at her husband Marco Rubio's campaign office in Orlando, Florida, three days before the state's Republic (more…)
April Is a Great Time to Buy These Items
02:58 — April is a good time to buy certain items, but there are others, you should wait to pick up. Jeanette Pavini, from coupons.com joins TODAY and she's g (more…)
Firefighters Offer Sweetest Surprise to Widow On 100th Birthday
00:51 — When Jeanette Bear Carty turned 100 years old, she got an extra special surprise.
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