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Sun Feb 14 11:00am
Bar RescueTill Debt Do Us Part(Season 4, Episode 32) SPIKE

Jon faces a womanizing owner and his enraged wife at their run-down Caribbean bar.

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Sun Feb 14 12:00pm
Bar RescueScary Mary's(Season 3, Episode 38) SPIKE

The owner of a struggling Texas dive crosses the line with one of Taffer's experts.

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Sun Feb 14 1:00pm
Bar RescueShamrocks and Shenanigans(Season 4, Episode 33) SPIKE

A failing Irish pub with battling bartenders calls on Jon to help shape up the idle owner.

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Sun Feb 14 2:00pm
Bar RescueA Dash of Bitters(Season 4, Episode 7) SPIKE

A rescue turns testy when Taffer enlists the help of the bar owner's ex-wife and former manager.

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Sun Feb 14 3:00pm
Bar RescueBarely Above Water(Season 3, Episode 19) SPIKE

Jon tries to salvage both a beachfront bar in Warwick, R.I., and its owner's marriage.

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Sun Feb 14 4:00pm
Bar RescueEmergency Exit(Season 4, Episode 23) SPIKE

Jon takes on a turbulent partnership between an ex-pilot and his former girlfriend.

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Sun Feb 14 5:00pm
Bar RescueA Horse Walks Into a Bar(Season 3, Episode 9) SPIKE

Jon deals with horses in a Western bar, owners who sample too much of the product and a bank foreclosure.

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Sun Feb 14 6:00pm
Bar RescueEmpty Bottles Full Cans(Season 3, Episode 25) SPIKE

Jon takes on a Tennessee taproom with risqué bartenders and customers bringing in their own booze.

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Sun Feb 14 7:00pm
Bar RescueScoreboard to Death(Season 3, Episode 33) SPIKE

Jon visits a subpar sports bar that's failing due to ownership issues and an undertrained staff. Maria Menounos and Adam Carolla are guests.

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Sun Feb 14 8:00pm
Bar RescuePut a Cork in it(Season 4, Episode 28) SPIKE

A wine-bar owner distracted by being the life of the party gets some much-needed help from Jon.

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Sun Feb 14 9:00pm
Bar RescueWhen Life Doesn't Hand You Lemons(Season 3, Episode 36) SPIKE

Taffer seeks inside help from the staff of a bar that's struggling due to a distracted manager.

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Mon Feb 15 12:00am
Bar RescuePunch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed(Season 3, Episode 32) SPIKE

Jon tries to help a feuding, dysfunctional family.

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Mon Feb 15 1:00am
Bar RescueChumps(Season 1, Episode 7) SPIKE

Jon goes to Burbank, Cal., to help turn an ailing sports bar around.

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Mon Feb 15 2:00am
Bar RescueYo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Dumb(Season 2, Episode 1) SPIKE

Jon provides guidance to a pirate-themed bar in Silver Spring, Md., in the Season 2 premiere.

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Mon Feb 15 3:00am
Bar RescueTears for Beers(Season 3, Episode 4) SPIKE

A too-hip-for-its-own-good bar in Austin may need a hip replacement if it is to survive.

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Mon Feb 15 8:00pm
Flying Wild AlaskaReturn to Diomede(Season 3, Episode 4) DSC

A melting runway complicates a landing. Also: A pilot tries to locate two lost snow machiners.

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Tue Feb 16 9:00am
Bar RescueMurphy's Mess(Season 2, Episode 3) SPIKE

Jon takes on the task of fixing a rat-infested bar in Fells Point, Md.

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Tue Feb 16 10:00am
Bar RescueBeer and Loathing in Las Vegas(Season 3, Episode 18) SPIKE

Jon visits a struggling blue-collar joint in Las Vegas, where he deals with the strained friendship between the two classically trained chefs who own and operate it.

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Wed Feb 17 11:30pm
Roseanne's NutsThe Curse(Season 1, Episode 2) LRW

Roseanne visits a spiritual healer to put an end to her out-of-control temper, which she blames on a curse.

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Thu Feb 18 12:00am
Roseanne's NutsStar Spangled Banner(Season 1, Episode 3) LRW

Roseanne is invited to sing the national anthem at a local girl's softball game and asks her friend, singer Bonnie Bramlett, to help her rehearse.

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Thu Feb 18 12:30am
Roseanne's NutsLife's a Snore(Season 1, Episode 4) LRW

Roseanne tries a variety of methods to keep from snoring.

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Thu Feb 18 11:00pm
Roseanne's NutsMother's Day(Season 1, Episode 6) LRW

Roseanne takes surfing lessons, while Johnny and Jake clean the house to surprise her.

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Thu Feb 18 11:30pm
Roseanne's NutsThe Museum Blessing(Season 1, Episode 5) LRW

Locals believe Roseanne's historic Hawaiian museum is haunted, so she arranges for a priest to bless it.

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Fri Feb 19 12:00am
Roseanne's NutsPassover(Season 1, Episode 7) LRW

Roseanne attempts to cook a Passover meal using only vegetables from her farm, but soon realizes she needs more food and enlists the help of her celebrity guests to prepare the dinner.

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