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Wed Dec 7 11:30pm
Roseanne's NutsThe Curse(Season 1, Episode 2) LRW

Roseanne visits a spiritual healer to put an end to her out-of-control temper, which she blames on a curse.

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Thu Dec 8 12:00am
Roseanne's NutsStar Spangled Banner(Season 1, Episode 3) LRW

Roseanne is invited to sing the national anthem at a local girl's softball game and asks her friend, singer Bonnie Bramlett, to help her rehearse.

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Thu Dec 8 12:30am
Roseanne's NutsLife's a Snore(Season 1, Episode 4) LRW

Roseanne tries a variety of methods to keep from snoring.

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Thu Dec 8 11:00pm
Roseanne's NutsMother's Day(Season 1, Episode 6) LRW

Roseanne takes surfing lessons, while Johnny and Jake clean the house to surprise her.

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Thu Dec 8 11:30pm
Roseanne's NutsThe Museum Blessing(Season 1, Episode 5) LRW

Locals believe Roseanne's historic Hawaiian museum is haunted, so she arranges for a priest to bless it.

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Fri Dec 9 12:00am
Roseanne's NutsPassover(Season 1, Episode 7) LRW

Roseanne attempts to cook a Passover meal using only vegetables from her farm, but soon realizes she needs more food and enlists the help of her celebrity guests to prepare the dinner.

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Fri Dec 9 12:30am
Roseanne's NutsGrrrl Power(Season 1, Episode 11) LRW

Roseanne hopes to inspire when she gives a speech to a group of girls at a local high school, but she clashes with Johnny while writing the speech; and Archie tries to make Jake a little tougher so he can adjust to farm life.

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Fri Dec 9 11:00pm
Roseanne's NutsGrannies Night Out(Season 1, Episode 8) LRW

Phyllis Diller and Sandra Bernhard visit Roseanne and the three friends enjoy a night out, but Roseanne awakens the next morning with a horrible hangover and desperately searches for a cure.

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Fri Dec 9 11:30pm
Roseanne's NutsWeed Is Wack(Season 1, Episode 10) LRW

Roseanne tries to get a medicinal marijuana license to deal with stress in her life.

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Sat Dec 10 12:00am
Roseanne's NutsFood Truck(Season 1, Episode 9) LRW

Roseanne buys a truck so she can haul surplus food from her farm and give it to the needy, but she has a difficult time finding those in need.

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Sat Dec 10 12:30am
Roseanne's NutsHomecoming Parade(Season 1, Episode 13) LRW

Roseanne serves as grand marshal of the 2011 Utah Pride Festival in Salt Lake City, where she grew up. While there, she visits her childhood home with her mom and brother.

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Tue Dec 13 12:00pm
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Tue Dec 13 1:00pm
My Cat From HellOn the War Path(Season 2, Episode 3) ANIMAL

A cat's aggressive style comes between an engaged couple; a veteran and his girlfriend have a cat that threatens their small dog.

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Tue Dec 13 2:00pm
My Cat From HellPissed Off!(Season 2, Episode 4) ANIMAL

A woman's cat chases her and her boyfriend, scratching everything in its path; a couple reconsider having a baby because of their cat's mean streak.

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Tue Dec 13 3:00pm
My Cat From HellCat Fight!(Season 2, Episode 5) ANIMAL

A woman's cat attacks her roommate every chance it gets; newlyweds move into a new house, but their cats no longer get along.

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Tue Dec 13 4:00pm
My Cat From HellSpitting Mad(Season 2, Episode 6) ANIMAL

A cat's habit of vomiting and attacking when it's angry has a couple fearing for their 2-year-old son; two sphynx cats fight for control of their owners' house.

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Wed Dec 14 12:00am
My Cat From HellKitty Jail(Season 3, Episode 4) ANIMAL

A cat's constant crying wakes its owners up at 4am, and a guest bathroom may be a solution to their situation; a cat that chews on everything has a couple baffled.

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Wed Dec 14 1:00am
My Cat From HellRoscoe the Menace(Season 3, Episode 5) ANIMAL

A couple's cat ruins furniture, knocks things off shelves and climbs window screens in an effort to escape; a cat's frightening behavior could sabotage its owners' wedding plans.

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Wed Dec 14 2:00am
My Cat From HellCat Escape!(Season 3, Episode 6) ANIMAL

A couple's family won't visit because of a cat's temper; a woman's cat doesn't like her boyfriend.

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Wed Dec 14 3:00am
My Cat From HellMy Cat Eats Everything!(Season 3, Episode 7) ANIMAL

A couple's cat eats everything, forcing them to employ childproofing tactics in their home; a woman's cat doesn't take kindly to her male suitors.

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Wed Dec 14 4:00am
My Cat From HellMy Cat Is a Bully(Season 3, Episode 8) ANIMAL

A cat attacks its owners in addition to their visitors; a cat is aggressive toward a mother, her daughter and their pet dogs.

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Wed Dec 14 5:00am
My Cat From HellBitten(Season 3, Episode 10) ANIMAL

A couple can't figure out how to get their cats to stop fighting; a cat doesn't take kindly to its owner's new roommate.

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