J.D. Roth

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  • Birth Place: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: TV-series host, Executive producer, Actor
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Wed Jul 26 9:00am
Bar RescueMystique or Murder?(Season 2, Episode 4) SPK

Jon attempts to turn around the fortunes of a bar in West Palm Beach, Fla.

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Wed Jul 26 10:00am
Bar RescueTaffer's Top 10: Toughest Rescues SPK

A look at challenging rescues from the first three seasons.

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Sun Jul 30 11:00am
Bar RescueHow to Train the Dragon(Season 4, Episode 48) SPK

The owner of a British pub begins drinking away his profits and gambling away his income following the death of his mother, forcing Jon to intervene.

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Sun Jul 30 12:00pm
Bar RescueMandala Down(Season 4, Episode 20) SPK

A self-proclaimed nightlife expert burdened by mounting debt butts heads with Jon as he offers his help.

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Sun Jul 30 1:00pm
Bar RescueSchmuck Dynasty(Season 4, Episode 3) SPK

Jon helps a Staten Island, N.Y., bar that's being overrun by its customers.

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Sun Jul 30 2:00pm
Bar RescueWheels of Misfortune(Season 5, Episode 2) SPK

Jon tackles a landmark bar operating out of a roller rink.

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Sun Jul 30 3:00pm
Roseanne's NutsStar Spangled Banner(Season 1, Episode 3) LRW

Roseanne is invited to sing the national anthem at a local girl's softball game and asks her friend, singer Bonnie Bramlett, to help her rehearse.

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Sun Jul 30 3:00pm
Bar RescueSwinging From the Rafters(Season 4, Episode 8) SPK

A lakeside bar's owner displays a lack of management that causes Taffer to step away until the owner can face reality.

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Sun Jul 30 3:30pm
Roseanne's NutsLife's a Snore(Season 1, Episode 4) LRW

Roseanne tries a variety of methods to keep from snoring.

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Sun Jul 30 4:00pm
Bar RescueLoose Lips Loose Tips(Season 4, Episode 18) SPK

Four bickering Irish sisters and their San Francisco bar get some assistance from Jon.

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Sun Jul 30 5:00pm
Bar RescueBack to the Bar: Meathead-to-Head SPK

Jon revisits the Dirty Rooster and moderates a dispute between two rival bar owners in Houston.

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Sun Jul 30 6:00pm
Bar RescueBeach Rats(Season 4, Episode 13) SPK

Jon visits a failing beachfront bar with a rodent problem and is brought to tears upon discovering what the owners have endured.

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Sun Jul 30 7:00pm
Bar RescueMuscle Madness(Season 3, Episode 39) SPK

Two muscle-bound managers at a Houston establishment get Jon's help in mending their friendship.

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Sun Jul 30 8:00pm
Bar RescueEmpty Pockets(Season 3, Episode 5) SPK

A Denver pool hall owned by a proud immigrant gets help.

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Sun Jul 30 9:00pm
Bar Rescue(Season 5, Episode 6) SPK

Jon deals with physical violence, an out-of-control staff and an owner's freeloading friends to revamp a sports bar.

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Sun Jul 30 10:00pm
Bar RescueBack to the Bar: Flying Fists and Bar BrawlsNew(Season 6, Episode 4) SPK

Jon Taffer revisits the bars with the biggest fights. Included: the most dangerous brawl in Bar Rescue history.

Mon Jul 31 12:00am
Bar RescueThe Perks of Being a Wallpaper(Season 5, Episode 1) SPK

In the Season 5 premiere, Jon tackles a Las Vegas dive bar on the verge of closing due to an owner accused of being too nice.

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Mon Jul 31 1:00am
Bar RescueScary Mary's(Season 3, Episode 38) SPK

The owner of a struggling Texas dive crosses the line with one of Taffer's experts.

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Mon Jul 31 2:00am
Bar RescueShamrocks and Shenanigans(Season 4, Episode 33) SPK

A failing Irish pub with battling bartenders calls on Jon to help shape up the idle owner.

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Mon Jul 31 3:00am
Bar RescueGone in a Flash(Season 4, Episode 52) SPK

Jon faces a timid owner who has been ignoring promiscuous behavior from her staff.

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Sun Aug 6 11:00am
Bar RescueBlowing Royal Smoke(Season 4, Episode 34) SPK

A historic bar and BBQ joint in Youngstown, Ohio, needs help addressing its feuding ownership.

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Sun Aug 6 12:00pm
Bar RescueTaxed Out in Texas(Season 3, Episode 35) SPK

Jon visits a struggling biker bar owned by a former tax accountant.

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Sun Aug 6 1:00pm
Bar RescueEl Moronte!!(Season 4, Episode 4) SPK

A debt-ridden bar's owner gets some help from Jon in addressing his outbursts toward his staff.

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Sun Aug 6 2:00pm
Bar RescueHow to Train Your Goldfish(Season 5, Episode 5) SPK

Jon battles a staff crisis in a sports pub that threatens the establishment's future.

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  • Birth Place: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: TV-series host, Executive producer, Actor