J.D. Roth

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  • Birth Place: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: TV-series host, Executive producer, Actor
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Sun Apr 22 3:00am
Bar RescueCorking the Hole(Season 3, Episode 17) PAR

An establishment near North Carolina's Fort Bragg needs help fixing its bad reputation.

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Sun Apr 22 12:00pm
Bar RescueTaffer's Top 10: Angriest Moments PAR

Jon's most enraged encounters from the first three seasons are counted down.

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Sun Apr 22 12:36pm
Bar RescueBro's Got to Geaux(Season 3, Episode 3) PAR

Jon schools the owner of a beat-up college bar with a reputation for serving underage drinkers.

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Sun Apr 22 1:48pm
Bar RescueDon't Judge a Booze by its Bottle(Season 3, Episode 12) PAR

A North Carolina nightclub with a bad name and poor decor is found to be serving low-grade liquor out of premium bottles.

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Sun Apr 22 3:00pm
Bar RescueSour Lemons and Bitter Business(Season 4, Episode 35) PAR

A failing Ohio burger bar and its bitter owners get a visit from Taffer.

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Sun Apr 22 4:00pm
Bar RescueIrish Eyes Aren't Smiling(Season 4, Episode 10) PAR

A bar owner is discovered by Taffer to be withholding employee paychecks.

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Sun Apr 22 5:00pm
Bar RescueCrappy Cantina(Season 3, Episode 20) PAR

Jon helps two brothers turn around a death-metal concert bar that's drained their parents' retirement fund.

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Sun Apr 22 6:00pm
Bar RescueGone in a Flash(Season 4, Episode 52) PAR

Jon faces a timid owner who has been ignoring promiscuous behavior from her staff.

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Sun Apr 22 7:00pm
Bar RescueBrokedown Palace(Season 4, Episode 25) PAR

Jon is joined by actors Alexander Siddig and Iddo Goldberg as he takes on a Moroccan bar suffering from an identity crisis.

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Sun Apr 22 8:00pm
Bar RescueAntisocial Media(Season 5, Episode 4) PAR

Jon steps in to aid a bar owner who has become public enemy number one after a series of social media missteps.

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Sun Apr 22 9:00pm
Bar RescueMississippi Rears(Season 6, Episode 5) PAR

A Navy vet finds himself in over his head when relies on his unqualified friend to manage his failing Mississippi dive bar.

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Sun Apr 22 10:00pm
Bar RescuePole Without a PurposeNew(Season 5, Episode 35) PAR

This "gentleman's" club in Las Vegas is in need of some gentlemen.

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Sun Apr 22 11:01pm
Bar RescueParadise Lost(Season 4, Episode 45) PAR

Three fueding owners battle after Taffer exposes one is siphoning the profits.

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Mon Apr 23 12:00am
Bar RescueMurphy's Mess(Season 2, Episode 3) PAR

Jon takes on the task of fixing a rat-infested bar in Fells Point, Md.

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Mon Apr 23 1:00am
Bar RescuePole Without a Purpose(Season 5, Episode 35) PAR

This "gentleman's" club in Las Vegas is in need of some gentlemen.

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Mon Apr 23 3:00am
Bar RescueSwanky Troubles(Season 1, Episode 5) PAR

Jon visits a failing Philadelphia champagne bar that has layout and menu issues.

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Sat Apr 28 9:00am
Bar RescueRickety Rockin' Rhonda's(Season 5, Episode 27) PAR

It's a race against the clock as Jon Taffer tries to rescue a crumbling bar with a crumbling floor.

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Sun Apr 29 11:00am
Bar RescueMuscle Madness(Season 3, Episode 39) PAR

Two muscle-bound managers at a Houston establishment get Jon's help in mending their friendship.

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Sun Apr 29 12:00pm
Bar RescueSticky Situation(Season 4, Episode 21) PAR

A family-owned bar faces shutdown due to a son's excessive drinking and resulting bad management.

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Sun Apr 29 2:00pm
Bar RescueVulgar Vixens(Season 4, Episode 38) PAR

The foul-mouthed owner of a Michigan bar with a confusing theme is confronted by Jon.

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Sun Apr 29 3:00pm
Bar RescueShamrocks and Shenanigans(Season 4, Episode 33) PAR

A failing Irish pub with battling bartenders calls on Jon to help shape up the idle owner.

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Sun Apr 29 4:00pm
Bar RescueA Horse Walks Into a Bar(Season 3, Episode 9) PAR

Jon deals with horses in a Western bar, owners who sample too much of the product and a bank foreclosure.

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Sun Apr 29 5:00pm
Bar RescueEmergency Exit(Season 4, Episode 23) PAR

Jon takes on a turbulent partnership between an ex-pilot and his former girlfriend.

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Sun Apr 29 6:00pm
Bar RescueLagers and Liars(Season 4, Episode 17) PAR

Guest Maria Menounos joins Taffer at a Los Angeles beer bar where massive debt and disagreements have triggered a family divide.

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  • Birth Place: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: TV-series host, Executive producer, Actor