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NBC Revamps Last Comic Standing with a New Host and Judges

Last Comic Standing will return for an eighth season with a new host and set of judges.

The stand-up comic competition will premiere Thursday, May 22 at 9/8c on NBC, with...read more

Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor to Reunite with Will Arnett on The Millers

Will Arnett is wasting no time getting back together with his Arrested Development cast members.

Jeffrey Tambor will guest-star on an upcoming episode of ...read more

Inside the Kanye West HBO Comedy That Almost Was

Kanye West, HBO sitcom star? It almost happened. Long before the notorious moment he grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards or celebrated the birth of his daughter with reality-TV scion Kim Kardashian the hip-hop icon headlined a comedy pilot from Curb Your Enthusiasm executive producer Larry Charles.

The sitcom was shot in 2007 but quickly fell by the wayside after an executive shuffle at HBO. Later that year, West's mother, Donda, died, and the superstar departed on a global concert tour, leaving the TV project behind. It was all a distant memory until this summer, when clips from the pilot started popping up — first on YouTube, and then at a comedy show in Brooklyn, where a bootleg copy of the entire episode was screened.

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What's the word with wacky, TIL DEATH neighbor, J.B. Smoove?
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The Millers: Reunited And It Feels So
Larry David's Stacks of Money

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2014 JB Smoove TV Show Series, Host
2014 Jay Leno TV Show Series, Appearing
2013 The Millers TV Show Series, Actor - Ray
2013 Real Husbands of Hollywood TV Show Series, Actor
2012 The CLIOS TV Show Series, Host

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Is Reality TV Real? TV Gets A Dose of Shows That Are Proudly Fake

When fired Storage Wars star Dave Hester ("Yuuup!") filed suit in December against A&E and Original Productions, accusing them of rigging the show by planting valuable items in some storage units, he reignited an old debate questioning how "real" reality TV actually is. Other series, like TLC's Breaking Amish, have weathered criticism that participants' backgrounds were embellished. And it's now widely accepted that docusoaps like MTV's The Hills were heavily scripted.

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The League Producers On Season 4's Offensive Players

Talk about special teams! Literally hours after the birth of their daughter this summer, The League's creators and executive producers Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer began filming the cult-fave fantasy football comedy's fourth season (premiering Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on FX). "You had to see our doctor's face," laughs Marcus Schaffer of the delivery-room race to keep the shoot on schedule. "We were trying to explain to him that we had [all] of these professional football players lined up for the next day!" Now that the proud parents can relax a little, they're ready to talk about their other (and far raunchier) labor of love.

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"The Bat Mitzvah"

Mazel tov! I've been to my share of crappy b'nei mitzvot (there was a time, just over a decade ago, when I could have filled my entire closet with shirts that said, "I Had a Blast at [X]'s Bar Mitzvah!"), but even I am not sure where on the awkward scale that party fell. Between Larry's vigorous defense — which started out with "There's a guest here spreading a vicious, nasty, scurrilous rumor about me and a gerbil," and unfortunately ended with "I do have a tickle in my anus…" — his admission to wearing "No Fly Zone" underwear, and apparently ending up with Loretta (if it wasn't just a St. Elsewhere dream), well, it might just belong on a scale all its own.Oh, Larry. Where do we even start? It seems pretty clear that he wasn't crushed by the loss of Cheryl, per se, it was more just that he was worried he'd never find someone else willing to put up with him. His flirting technique indicated that he was right to worry ("Let me ask you a question: Did you ever go out wi... read more

"The Therapist"

Let’s get this recap going before I forget what happened. Now, there’s misanthropy and there’s being a flat-out bad person, and tonight, LD seriously towed that line. Between faking Alzheimer's and getting his therapist thrown in jail, I’m not sure where this so-called new Larry David is. If there’s anything different about him, it’s the fact that he’s now ruining people’s lives on purpose as opposed to just incidentally.OK, Doctor Bright (Steve Coogan) was probably the world’s worst therapist, considering he told Larry to give Cheryl an ultimatum on moving back in with him ("You have until Monday"). And sure, he might be ridiculously stupid, because he went along with Larry’s fake mugging plan, that even Loretta and Auntie Rae wanted to put a stop to. But did he really deserve to go to jail? He obviously hadn’t spent enough time counseling Larry, or he would have known that his client wouldn’t be helping him get out of his... read more

"The N Word"

I never knew being bald was such a burden. Look at our good friend Jeff: With a full head of hair, he's getting extra food and high-profile clients. As a baldie, well, he's just a fatter version of Larry, though, it must be said, without years of bitterness about his condition. Fortunately for him, his hair will, as he pointed out after cursing Larry, grow back. Larry's bald forever.Larry's not just bald, though. Larry's bald and single. And the single part is what prompted one-half of tonight's debacle (though the baldness didn't help). Why did Auntie Rae have to hug for longer than five minutes? He never would have mentioned his groin problems to Doctor Flomm (played by braless wonder Sue Ellen Mischke's alter ego, Brenda Strong), he wouldn't have been "massaging" himself in the car. With but one strike to go against the Blacks, he just had to be caught saying the N word. One can only thank god that Jeff's doctor shaved his head instead of fixing his snoring problem ("that motherf... read more


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