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American Idol Yes, the teases...

American IdolYes, the teases before the breaks had me hooked, and just like Tuesday night, the biggest shock was saved for the end of the show. Sporting high heels, Barbie eyebrows and a highly muddled sense of gender, Zachary bravely took on Whitney Houston's "Queen of the Night." Didn't Simon Cowell just tell a contestant the other night to shave his face and become a female impersonator? And haven't we already been treated to a plethora of guys in wigs? What is it with Idol and the RuPaul wannabes? I found it amusing that Zachary called America "racist." Somewhere long-suffering "beautiful person" Sarah W. from The Bachelor is nodding her head in sympathy. Huge props to Idol producers for the best use of music fread more

What's your opinion on ...

Question: What's your opinion on spoilers? How old does a movie have to be before you can discuss it without being accused of being a "spoiler"? In my opinion, once a movie is released on DVD, all bets are off; if a person is a true movie lover, by the time a movie is on DVD they've seen it already. And if they haven't, too bad.

Answer: What do I think of spoilers? Rosebud is a sled, there is no Keyser Soze, everyone did it, Norman's mother is dead, there is no Tyler Durden, Bruce Willis is dead, they're still on Earth but it's the future, the mother and her light-allergic children are ghosts, it was all a dream and Jaye Davidson is a man, baby. Boy, did that feel good! Oh, and the horse is full of Greeks; it never even occurred to me that this constituted a spoiler, but I found out otherwise. I have mixed feelings about spoilers. Or rather, I have my feelings about spoilers but am aware that not everyonread more


The Crying Game
Stargate 15Th Anniversary Edition (Sta
The Crying Game Collectors Edition DVD

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1996 Catwalk Movie, Actor
1994 Stargate Movie, Actor - Ra
1992 The Crying Game Movie, Actor - Dil

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