Bill Maher Is the Real Deal

Real Time with Bill Maher

As HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher debates the issues for one last time (Friday at 11 pm/ET) before going on hiatus — fret not, the series is expected to return in late summer — we asked host Bill Maher about his show and the state of the union.

TV Guide: You're so informed. How do you prepare for a show?
Bill Maher:
Well, I spend all week preparing. People are always surprised to hear that I work a lot harder on this show than when I had an everyday show [Politically Incorrect]. When you do an everyday show, you read more

America's Next Top Model OK, I'm...

America's Next Top ModelOK, I'm going to get all Tyra-psych and talk about what's underneath these model's mostly pretty skin, because tonight brings up a very good question: Just how self-aware are these girls? We have Furonda and her "tips for successful interaction," which seem to indicate that she's watched a whole lot of reality TV and is declaring herself the show's villain with the warning that she'll treat the others "identical to, or worse than" the way they treat her. Jade, on the other hand, thinks she's self-aware but is absolutely clueless. She thinks they cut and bleached her hair because she's too good and needs more of a challenge. She thinks she has serious problems because she didn't get hair extensions, and Wendy read more

America's Next Top Model I honestly...

Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars

America's Next Top ModelI honestly agree this must have been a tough choice for the judges. At the top of the hour, we had two very photogenic girls and one telegenic one. Despite surviving the bottom two for four times in a row, I think Bre knew she wasn't going to make it to the second half of the episode. But for a second there, it looked like Nicole was going to sabotage herself, with her whiny "the lights are blinding me, kinda" meltdown. It was pretty unfair that they were judged on unedited footage of the ads. Especially considering how many times Tyra's words are so obviously overdubbed, not to mention Jay's own embarrassing commercials two cycles ago. Still, Bre's photographs were never as good as Nik's and Nicole's. How sad was it read more


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