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Maybe it's because I'm originally...


Maybe it's because I'm originally a prairie girl from the great landlocked state of Oklahoma, but come on, sea monsters? Not that scary. Just don't go in the water. I guess that's easier said than done if you're a SoCal marine biologist (Lake Bell), a Gulf Coast fisherman (Jay R. Ferguson) or an Outer Banks beach-bum-in-training (Carter Jenkins). These three haven't met yet (see also, why pilots suck), but something tells me they're about to team up and take on the government to discover just what's lurking beneath the waves. The premiere finds our heroes in their respective corners of the U.S., each going toe-to-fin with a big, bad underwater beastie. Or, in young Miles' case, the cute little spawn of said beastie. (Seriously, kid, can we not put our fingers in the sea-goo? That can't be sanitary.) Blah blah science talk, blah blah fisherman talk, we've never seen a creature like this before, blah blah. Exposition 2, Action 0.

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