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The Top Models Get Extreme Makeovers

Episode Recap: "The Girl Who Goes Bald"— This week's recap by Ben KatnerWow, my first time subbing as TVGuide.com's America's Next Top Model recapper, and I get makeover week. Scary. Be gentle with me, people.The episode starts out with Victoria saying for the umpteenth time that it didn't occur to her until recently that modeling might be a kick in the smarty-pants, and I'm not buying it. I mean, if she'd ever even considered trying out for this show, she'd have known that the wannabes, not to mention Miss Tyra, have major hate-ons for girls who don't sob openly about how walking down a runway in clothes you'd never see anyone wear on the street has been their dream since they were in utero.Meanwhile, Saleisha — clearly forgetting that once you say you won't you most certainly will — announces that she's not ever going to be in the bottom two. But in her favor, she does sob openly about her aspiration to pose for pretty pictures for the rest of her life. More on that... read more

Dueling Divas and a Photo Shoot on the Rocks

Episode Recap: "The Girls Go Rock Climbing"Upon reviewing the comments on last week's ANTM blog, it seems we were all in agreement that the judges made the right choice in sending Mila home first. Most people also confirmed my suspicion that Bianca is this season's resident witch with a capital B. This week, Bianca continued on her mean streak and Miss J taught the models how to strut. The episode started out with the girls critiquing each other's walks while Saleisha gave Heather a makeover and a big boost of confidence. Some of the other girls helped out in a nice attempt to make Heather feel more like part of the gang. Before the girls could feel too at ease, however, the postman delivered Tyra Mail and the first mission was underway. The models met up with Miss J at the "Fashion Madhouse" where he showed them how to work the catwalk while modeling some unconventional attire. While most of the girls kept quiet and took in Miss J's advice, Bianca seized the opportunity to size up... read more

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