Mon Apr 20 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsBad Heir Day(Season 7, Episode 7) NIK

Crocker looks for an heir, and Poof winds up in his care.

Mon Apr 20 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsFairly OddPet(Season 9, Episode 1) NIK

The ninth-season opener finds Timmy desperate for a pet, so he gets a fairy dog and soon realizes he's in over his head.

Mon Apr 20 5:00pm
ClarenceAverage Jeff; Straight Illin TOON

Jeff has an identity crisis after taking a standardized test; Clarence eats 500 hard-boiled eggs, grossing out the other kids.

Tue Apr 21 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsAdd-A-Dad; Squirrely Puffs NIK

Timmy wishes for some extra fathers because his dad is too busy to spend time with him; the Squirrely Scouts and the Cream Puffs compete in a race to the top of Mount Doom.

Tue Apr 21 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsLove at First Bark; Desperate Without Housewives NIK

Sparky seeks a romance with the Dinkleberg's new dog, but Dad opposes it; Timmy wishes for all females to vanish in an effort to put an end to his mother's nagging.

Tue Apr 21 5:00pm
ClarenceToo Gross For Comfort; Turtle Hats TOON

Clarence invites a girl into the tree fort and Sumo tries to get her to leave; Ms. Baker gives a confusing assignment, and the guys must improvise.

Wed Apr 22 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsLights Out; Dad Overboard NIK

Wanda and Cosmo become terrifying creatures when Timmy wishes for total darkness; the Turners get shipwrecked on an island scheduled to explode.

Wed Apr 22 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsDouble Oh Schnozmo; Planet Poof NIK

Wanda learns that Cosmo's brother is a con man, not a spy, and she tries shield Cosmo from the news; Poof runs away to another planet because he feels ignored, so Timmy goes after him and asks him to return home.

Wed Apr 22 5:00pm
ClarencePilot Expansion; Goose Chase TOON

Clarence, Sumo and Jeff are unclear on how they first met; Clarence feeds geese at the park.

Thu Apr 23 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsChicken Poofs; Stupid Cupid NIK

Poof transforms people into chickens after coming down with chicken poofs; Timmy wants Trixie to fall in love with him, so he snatches Cupid's arrows.

Thu Apr 23 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsFood Fight; Please Don't Feed the Turners NIK

Timmy's mom opens a crowd-pleasing restaurant after his wish gives her improved cooking skills; Timmy and his family think they've won a contest, but they've really fallen into a trap set by Dark Laser.

Thu Apr 23 5:00pm
ClarenceDust Buddies; Straight IllinNew(Season 2, Episode 10) TOON

Belson's mom makes him clean the house; Clarence eats 500 hard-boiled eggs, grossing out the other kids.

Fri Apr 24 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsVicky Gets Fired; CHINdred Spirits NIK

The Crimson Chin is lonely, so Timmy wishes up a girlfriend for him, then regrets his actions; Vicky gets fired from being Timmy's babysitter and gets a new job as a power-hungry mayor.

Fri Apr 24 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsBirthday Bashed!; Momnipresent NIK

As Timmy celebrates his birthday, he realizes he's inching closer to losing his godparents; Timmy's mother wants to spend time with him, so he takes her to the star-studded SepTIMberfest.

Fri Apr 24 5:00pm
ClarenceRough Riders Elementary; Chimney TOON

Clarence fights back against a corporate takeover; the boys befriend a wild dog, who is their only hope after becoming trapped in a well.

Sat Apr 25 12:00am
Boy Meets WorldModel Family(Season 1, Episode 15) ABCFAM

Eric takes a fall after a woman butters him up to think that he can quit his job and become a model. Alexis: Kathy Ireland. Jason: Jason Marsden. Tracy: Kelly Packard.

Sat Apr 25 1:00am
Boy Meets WorldIt's a Wonderful Night(Season 1, Episode 18) ABCFAM

Cory and Shawn find their plans thwarted when Mr. Feeny subs for their baby sitter. Tracy: Kelly Packard. Erin: Stephanie Dicker. Jason: Jason Marsden.

Sat Apr 25 7:00am
The Fairly OddParentsThe Odd Squad; For Emergencies Only NIK

Timmy wishes for a talking car and gets "Carsmo," who takes Timmy on a tour of Fairy World, where they learn Mama Cosma is missing. Later, Timmy gets a magic wand with 10 wishes for emergencies, but Timmy uses the wand recklessly and puts himself in danger (more…)

Sat Apr 25 7:30am
The Fairly OddParentsOpen Wide and Say 'Ahhh!'; Oddpirates NIK

Timmy needs a tonsillectomy and Vicky is his nurse, determined to make his stay as painful as possible. Next, Timmy wishes to see his favorite ball team, the Pirates, but Poof sends him to a real pirate ship.

Sat Apr 25 8:00am
The Fairly OddParentsKing Chang; The End of the Universe-ity NIK

Mandie captures Mark and plans to marry him so Timmy devises a rescue scheme that relies on Vicky's help. Timmy receives a scholarship to Dark Laser's university and his parents accept it on his behalf.

Sat Apr 25 10:30am
ClarenceDust Buddies; Turtle Hats TOON

Belson's mom makes him clean the house; Ms. Baker gives a confusing assignment, and the guys must improvise.

Sat Apr 25 11:00am
ClarenceZoo; Slumber Party TOON

Clarence and Belson are paired up during a field trip to the zoo; Clarence attends an all-girls slumber party.

Sat Apr 25 1:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsChannel Chasers NIK

Timmy's wish for a remote control that will allow him to travel through TV has unexpected results when a grown-up version of Timmy (voice of Alec Baldwin) arrives from the future to warn him of the consequences of the device.

Sat Apr 25 2:30pm
ClarenceDollar Hunt; Man of the House TOON

Clarence misplaces money for his Mom's book club meeting; Clarence spends the night alone for the first time and it quickly spirals out of control.

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