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Sesame Street To Return with a Host of Celebrity Guests, Spoofs

Sesame Street

Sesame Street's upcoming 42nd season promises a gaggle of celebrity guests who'll frolic with children and puppets — as well as some skits based on pop-culture references.

Speaking of those, Glee (in a skit called "G"), Deadliest Catch ("The Heaviest Catch"), the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark ("SpiderMonster the Musical") and cooking competitions...
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Daily Show's Jason Jones Moving to ABC Prime Time

Jason Jones

Jason Jones is going from late night for prime time: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart correspondent has landed the lead role in an ABC pilot titled How to Be a Better American, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedy focuses ...
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Daily Show Slips Into Iran, Thrives on Chaos

Jason Jones in "Iran: Behind the Veil"

Just weeks before the Iranian election, The Daily Show dispatched correspondent Jason Jones and producer Tim Greenberg to Iran to look into stereotypes Americans might hold about the country. Their reports, which will begin airing Wednesday night (Comedy Central, 11 pm ET/PT), couldn't be more timely. Iranian authorities are violently cracking down on protestors who have filled the streets to protest President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election. With new restrictions barring reporters from covering stories in the streets, many Iranians are notifying each other and the world of new developments via blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Though Jones' reports were supposed to begin airing next week, the show moved up the first to seize the moment. Or as Jones explains, "We wanted to give an Iranian feel to our piece. Which is chaos." read more

Daily Show Couple Cooks Up a CBS Pilot

Jason Jones and Samantha Bee

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has become quite the launching pad for comedy careers in Hollywood.

Following in the footsteps of former Daily Show correspondents Steve Carell, Rob Corddry and Steven Colbert, married couple Jason Jones and Samantha Bee have signed on to create and write a sitcom script for themselves at CBS, Variety reports.

Jones and Bee will also star in the untitled comedy, which follows a celebrity chef (Jones) and the two women who actually run the show (one of which Bee will play).

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CBS' Mother Tunes into Daily Show for Stella's Ex

Jason Jones by Haidee Malkin/ WireImage.com

Ex marks the spot for The Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones, who has been cast on CBS' How I Met Your Mother as Tony, Stella's onetime lover and the father of her daughter.Sources tell TVGuide.com that Stella's ex appears on her and Ted's impromptu wedding day, perhaps throwing a wrench into the works. That would effectively derail the theory that Sarah Chalke's character is the titular momma. Mother kicks off its new season Monday at 8:30 pm/ET. — Matt MitovichRelated:• Mother Gives Stella a Sister... and an Impromptu Wedding?• Video Q&As: We Hit the How I Met Your Motherlode! Josh, Neil and More! read more

Married Daily Show Duo Trades Barbs

Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

If bantering comes naturally to Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, correspondents for Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (weeknights at 11 pm/ET), it probably has to do with being happily married comedians. The couple, who welcomed daughter Piper in January, took time from filing their offbeat reports to trade quips with TV Guide about flak jackets, rival journalists and their marriage. TV Guide: Do you ever compete for stories?Jason Jones: The only competition we ever have for stories is not to do one. Samantha Bee: We try to dump them off on each other. TV Guide: Who are some of your journalistic heroes? read more

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