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Ex-FBI Agent On Comey Firing: Signal to Everyone Is 'Watch Your Back'
06:04 — Former FBI special agent, Clint Watts, Bloomberg Businessweek's Megan Murphy, and The Root.com's Jason Johnson talks with MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle abou (more…)
Jason Johnson Senior Highlights
05:18 — Official Highlight Tape of Renaissance Senior Jason Johnson Jr.
Support for NFL Activist Grows
02:54 — Jason Johnson talks with Alex Witt about the Seattle Seahawks' decision to stand behind Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem and the San (more…)
Can Trump Still Reach Out to Black Voters?
05:02 — TheRoot.com's Jason Johnson discusses the controversial tweet by Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns depicting Hillary Clinton in blackface, and Trump's (more…)
Confederate Flag Symbolism Sparks Debate
05:58 — Jason Johnson, professor of Political Science at Hiram College, and Joel Sawyer, former Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican party spea (more…)
Hillary Clinton Heads Back to Congress
06:57 — Hillary Clinton is expected to have another face-off with Congressional Republicans with her upcoming testimony before the House Select Committee on B (more…)
Who Will Have a Breakout Moment in 2016?
06:39 — The success of candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders took many by surprise in 2015. Robert Costa, Sabrina Siddiqui, Jason Johnson and (more…)
Who Won in NYC This Week?
03:17 — Jason Johnson, Michelle Goldberg, and political reporter for NY1 Noticias, Juan Manuel Benitez, join MSNBC’s Joy Reid to discuss how the presidential (more…)
Is Clinton's Message Breaking Through?
09:51 — It's a landmark weekend for Hillary Clinton with the 20th anniversary of her speech on women’s rights in Beijing. Kristen Welker, Jason Johnson, Lynn (more…)
Decision Time for Joe Biden?
05:43 — Vice President Joe Biden finally addressed the question that's been looming over the Democratic race. Jason Johnson, Lynn Sweet and Nan Hayworth join (more…)
Obama Racks up Presidential Firsts in Alaska
08:23 — It was a week of presidential firsts for President Obama in Alaska. Jason Johnson, Lynn Sweet and Nan Hayworth discuss the president's legacy as he fi (more…)
McConnell: No Lame Duck SCOTUS Confirmation
04:59 — Liberal and conservative groups plan to up the pressure on lawmakers in the wake of President Obama's Supreme Court nomination. SCOTUSBlog.com's Amy H (more…)
Polls: 2% of African Americans Would Vote Trump
07:09 — Donald Trump’s campaign is still facing a challenge when trying to win over African American voters. The Chairman of the Florida Black Republican Cauc (more…)
Hillary Clinton Connects in South Carolina
11:58 — Hillary Clinton is back in South Carolina – the same place that hurt her in 2008. Rev. Sharpton talks to Jimmy Williams, Jason Johnson and Edith Child (more…)
Hillary Clinton Connects in South Carolina
11:58 — Hillary Clinton is back in South Carolina – the same place that hurt her in 2008. Rev. Sharpton talks to Jimmy Williams, Jason Johnson and Edith Child (more…)
Jeb Bush Struggles Amid Colbert Dispute
05:43 — Host of Arise 360 Lola Ogunnaike, the Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet and political analyst Jason Johnson discuss Jeb Bush's bad week that was topped of (more…)
Thousands of Migrants Arrive in Germany
11:25 — More than 7,000 migrants arrived in Germany with a second wave of thousands more on the move. Sarah Crowe of UNICEF, political analyst Jason Johnson, (more…)
Obama Takes On Gun Violence in New Year
07:17 — President Obama is beginning the new year by resolving to reduce gun violence, with or without the help of Congress. NBC's Ron Allen, The Guardian's S (more…)
Biden Under Intense Pressure to Make Decision
10:46 — Vice President Joe Biden is still deflecting questions on whether he will run for the presidency. Is the 2016 window closing for him? NBC's Kristen We (more…)
#CarlyCurse Trends Following Rose Bowl Tweet
05:55 — Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina was accused of pandering to Iowa voters with her Rose Bowl tweet. Robert Costa, Sabrina Siddiqui, Jaso (more…)
Analyzing Sanders' Media Coverage
07:14 — Jason Johnson, Ruth Conniff and The New York Times' Yamiche Alcindor discuss Bernie Sanders' victory in three Democratic caucuses Saturday night and t (more…)
The Do’s and Don’ts of Debating
06:39 — We've got the rules to live by for the Republicans candidates as they take the debate stage tomorrow night. The Guardian’s Sabrina Siddiqui, Huffingt (more…)
Wide Trump Appeal Among White Working-Class
05:30 — Donald Trump’s message on trade is resonating among white working-class voters. Democratic pollster, Fred Yang, former deputy campaign manager to Carl (more…)
Trump Makes Pitch to African American Voters
07:45 — The republican nominee is going to great lengths to reach out to minority voters. What’s behind the new strategy? MSNBC Contributor Robert Traynham, P (more…)
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