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I can't seem to make up my ...

Question: I can't seem to make up my mind between two "randy" TV gentlemen. Specifically, My Name Is Earl's not-too-bright brother Randy or Captain Stottlemeyer's not-too-bright lieutenant, Randy Disher, on Monk. Ethan Suplee gives Randy a child's innocence and enthusiasm complete with a wonderful twinkle in his eye. Plus the way he carries a not-too-subtle torch for Catalina gives an uncharacteristically warm and gentle subplot in contrast to Joy's white-trash screeching at poor Crab Man. On the other hand, Jason Gray-Stanford's Disher is a top utility character who consistently improves a scene while running the gamut of emotions. He can go from cocky to insecure in a heartbeat and be equally convincing, not to mention his great comic delivery. He's a nerdish underdog and I love his underplayed crushes on Monk's assistants. I'd also love to see both men receive more attention as second bananas, but if you had to choose, which Randy would you single out for a possible Emmy nomination? read more

Monk Hey, hey fellow Monkies,...

MonkHey, hey fellow Monkies, did you miss me? I for one missed Monk, although I didn’t realize how much until I saw tonight's episode, which was hilarious and, at times, heartbreaking. Monk seemed more vulnerable than ever when he spoke in front of Julie's class on career day. And while it was funny to watch the kids taunt him with those laser pointers, Monk's embarrassment was palpable. He's a man with a disease, not an amusing quirk, and he’s really working hard to overcome it. His macho competition with the murderer, astronaut Steve Wagner (how come astronauts never have names like Lipschitz?) did wonders for Monk's meek disposition. Even though he declared himself a "muss" (half man, half wuss), Monk found the cajones to stand in the path of a plane to catch th read more

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