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The Top 6 Revealed!

Ryan opens the show with a warning Knowing what happened to Michael Johns last week no one is safe anymore Thanks a--hole we remember that you tortured Michael by telling him no one was kicked off last year during Idol Gives Back and then you kicked him off OK I know it wasnt you Ryan but still did you have to do it in such a douche-y wayThe Idols sing Mariah Careys hit One Sweet Day starting off with Jason Castro He gets a nice solo but I feel like hes phoning it in Kristy Lee is totally singing through her nose but man is she workin her outfit She will totally pull a Pickler and take the country world by storm The rest of the Idols do a nice job but I kind of think picking a song about shining down on me from heaven must be so hard for David Cook to sing considering his brother is so sick But hes pro and sings with all his heart Side note Is Syeshas hair getting taller with every show Is David As getting spikierWere shown high read more

The Top 7 Perform

Yeah yeah ye-ah dawgs Mariah Carey is in the house OK that was not my best Randy impersonation but its not really my fault that his Dawg Pound talk doesnt translate well to print Good evening its Erin Fox and Ill be blogging my little Idol heart out tonight It looks like the audience is pumped and ready to see Mariah in action mentoring our Top 7 The camera also pans to Minnie Driver a plug for The Riches no doubt and Teri Hatcher with her daughter Emerson Rose The Idols look super-fancy tonight Its about time they didnt look like they were getting clothes from the Forever 21 sale rack Ooh snapWere treated to a musical montage of Mariahs musical and career highlights I wonder how many times Randy will be referenced as her producer We get it Randy you work with cool people The awesome thing is Mariah is surprisingly sweet and down-to-earth Each of her meetings with the Idols seems genuinely helpful and real Im really impressed Bravo Mi read more

Top 7 Power Rankings: Jason Wins as Michael Loses

Jason Castro by Frank Micelotta/Fox

Jason seemed to be the biggest benefactor of Michael's surprising exit from the American Idol competition, boosting his status in the weekly TVGuide.com Power Rankings to a decided third place (with 16.9 percent of your votes). Syesha, meanwhile, dodged yet another bullet when Michael took one. Simon's slam may have cost Carly her long-awaited tie with Brooke, as the Celtic crooner drifted back into the No. 5 spot.As for the race to be your new Idol, David C. is holding steady at No. 1 — for a fourth time out of the past five weeks — with 38.6 percent of the vote, yet David A. is ever so slowly closing the gap. Top 7 Power Rankings38.6% David Cook 27.3% David Archuleta16.9% Jason Castro 6.8% Brooke White6.1% Carly Smithson 3.1% Kristy Lee Cook1.1% Syesha MercadoRelated:• Photo gallery: TVGuide.com Readers Rate Idol's Top 7 read more

WATCH VIDEO: Jason Castro Ukulele Tune & Paula's Twins

Last night everyone took a break from the Idol competition for some celebrity filled do-gooding, but we still wanted to highlight Jason Castro's awesome performance of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" with a ukulele, no less! Oh, and, for those of you who missed the episode, you have to get a load of the cleavage bursting from Paula's top—it's hard to look at much else while she's talking! read more

The Top Eight Perform

Hey guys its Erin Fox Are you excited to have three nights of Idol this week Ryan begins the evening by reminding America that tomorrow night is Idol Gives Back and that Thursday will be the results show Does this mean that no one will get axed like last year Im hoping they move forward and say goodbye to Kristy Lee ooh did I just say that out loud My bad Tonights theme is inspirational songs and with that announcement my eyes have already rolled back into my head Please dont sing You Light up My Life I beg of youMichael Johns Dream On The beginning of this song doesnt work for me and the electric guitar totally upstages him Its better during the Dream On part but its not his strongest performance But whoa Did you hear that ending That sounded painful Randy thought it was a pretty good song choice but had some pitch problems Randy doesnt buy him as Aerosmith and Michael starts sassing Randy about doing the song because Dreams do come read more

Sanjaya Who? "Crying Girl" Is Now Sobbing for Jason

Sanjaya Malakar and Jason Castro courtesy Fox

Remember Ashley, the teenaged girl who cried a river for Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol last season? Well, she and her watery eyes have a new favorite — Jason Castro, the dreadlock-coiffed Texan who wowed audiences and Simon with his performance of "Hallelujah" a few weeks back. Access Hollywood reports that Ashley has been attending tapings again this season and the waterworks have been in full working order when Jason takes the stage. —J.R. WhalenWatch clips of American Idol in our Online Video Guide. read more

The Top Eight Revealed!

Hey guys sorry I didnt announce myself as Idol blogger last night Its me Erin Fox at your blogging service once again for the results show Ryan promises an action-packed hour and the Idols start right off with their group number 9 to 5 Not to sound completely ancient but this is such a toe-tapper how could they mess it up Oh wait theyre making them line dance in the background Thats how to ruin a great song Boo Am I just cranky tonight or did they butcher this song Now they are surrounding and pouncing on the judges Its kinda cute actually Is Simon actually smiling He must have taken some happy pills after his PMS attack last night I can say that because Im a chick No hate mail pleaseSide note Did you see creepy Dr Phils wife in the audience How about ChikezieWe get to see some highlights from last night and then its straight to the results First up is Michael Johns who is safe David Archuleta and Carly Smithson are also safe after Ry read more

The Top 8: Who's Your Idol Now?

American Idol by Frank Micelotta/Fox

The following contains spoiler information about Wednesday night's American Idol results show.No huge surprises this week. There may have been one or two others who could have been sent home, but there certainly is no arguing with America's latest decision. The Davids were of course safe, Carly's still more than solid, and you have to figure Jason can work the pretty eyes and charm for another round or two. So, after all was said and done tonight, as it boiled down to Kristy Lee, Brooke and Ramiele, it was the littlest lass who got sung off.All of which is my long-winded way of saying: Who's your pick to win Idol now? Paula's got the Davids, Michael and Carly in her "final four." But is there a dark horse who could still ride up and steal a win? Vote here, and have your say in the next Power Rankings.PS. Got questions for when Ramiele drops by TVGuide.com for her video Q&A? Share them in comments! read more

The Top 9

Tonights mentor is Dolly Parton Singer songwriter and hit-producing country star Her voice is as big as her hair You thought I was going somewhere else didnt you Hey now this is a family showThey dive right in tonight which makes me happy After reading this recap be sure to check out the news about David Cook rushing to the hospital after his performance ScaryBrooke White Jolene I think Brooke has a voice that can do almost any genre of music and country is a very nice fit for her Shes just not as obvious as Kristy Lee However this song is lacking some good drama for Brooke to sink her teeth into Randy thinks she rushed parts but it was all right Paula blabs a lot about her being who she is and she being Brooke White Thanks for that observation P Simon thinks it was lacking any emotion and goes on to diss the band as well NiceDavid Cook Little Sparrow Dolly squeals Yay Your voice is beautiful Hes stoked He launches into the high and read more

The Top 9 Are Revealed!

Hello everyone As Erin noted last night she is in LA covering the Paley Fest which leaves me Adam Bryant Hello to recap tonights episode of Idol So lets get to itRyan quickly shared us with that the performances this week earned 30 million votes the highest total so far this season The high amount of votes is no doubt a reflection of the quality of last nights performances which were with a few exceptions quite solidBut of course before we can get down to results we have to sit through a uber-cheesy group performance of Maxine Nightingales Right Back Where We Started From Ive never been a fan of these weekly numbers and dont understand why Simon who hates everything cheesy doesnt have a word with the producers about cutting them out completelyAlthough it was yet another plug for iTunes the look at each of the contestants during their weekly recording sessions was interesting Carlys little giggle at seeing herself on the iPhone cracked me upAfter read more

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