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Simon Sounds Off on the Finals, Idol Fixes, Boring Themes & More

Simon Cowell by Michael Becker/Fox

Meeting the press to promote the new season of NBC's America's Got Talent (premiering June 17 at 9 pm/ET), Simon Cowell inevitably was swarmed with Idol-related queries. Here is what the outspoken Brit had to say about:It All Coming Down to David vs. David"It's what I genuinely believe will happen. I think you're going to have a real scrap on the night. Without either of them being a red-hot favorite, [the winner] will be [determined by] what happens on the night, and that's what the show is all about."The Davids' Weaknesses"I don't think they've got too many. I think David Cook has got the best voice and David Archuleta's got the teen and the gran[dma] appeal. [They're] very equal."Jason's Surprising Longevity"He's got a great face. If he looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, he still wouldn't be there, would he? But that's the music business. He's had some very good weeks, to be fair. He just struggled with Andrew Lloyd Webber and, in particular, Neil Diamond. It almost felt a... read more

Top 4 Power Rankings, Finals Forecast and More!

With your next American Idol just weeks away from being crowned, David C. is maintaining a strong lead in the TVGuide.com Power Rankings, commanding 62.4 percent of the reader vote. Check it out:Top 4 Idol Power Rankings62.4% David Cook22.8% David Archuleta9.9% Jason Castro4.8% Syesha MercadoContrary to the above, however, Jason is likely the next to get sent home, says 49 percent of you in a separate survey. Syesha is far from safe, though, drawing 44 percent of that dubious vote.This week we also asked you to forecast who will face off in the finals, and based on that poll there's a 71 percent chance it will, in fact, be dueling Davids. Somewhat surprisingly, the next-likeliest outcome is Cookie vs. Jason (voted 18 percent of you). Me, I still say there's an eensy-weensy chance it will be David C. against Syesha, if only because Idol does like a XX-XY finale.Lastly, purely out of curiosity, we asked who from this season's Top 10 you most wish was still in the mix. Michael Johns is... read more

Idol Boss: Paula Abdul's Job Is Safe

Paula Abdul courtesy Fox

Will Paula Abdul's on-air flub this week on American Idol result in her ouster from the show?Not a chance, says FremantleMedia North America CEO Cecile Frot-Coutaz.Frot-Coutaz told the Associated Press, "Why would we get rid of Paula?...It was so unexpected. It was something that took up 2 seconds of airtime. You'd think there was no other news on television."Abdul caused a stir when she critiqued two of contestant Jason Castro's songs when he had sung only one. It was later revealed that she had mistankenly read from notes taken during the show's dress rehearsal, at which Castro sang both of his songs for that evening's show. — J.R. Whalen read more

The Top Five Perform

American Idol by Michael Becker/Fox

Hey guys So its Neil Diamond night and Ive had Sweet Caroline in my head all freakin day Thanks a lot Neil PS my husband says were related to Mr Diamond Yeah Ill believe that when I get front row seats to his concertRyan introduces the top five Syesha looks amazing Brooke looks like someones mom from the Jersey Shore out for a night of gambling at the Taj Majal and everyone else looks decent Why does Brooke insist on dressing like either an old lady or a fairy princess Please explain Tonight the Idols will be singing two Diamond songs so buckle up and enjoy the ride The contestants gather around the piano and Neil tells them not to be nervous that the songs are meant to be enjoyed Thats cool Ryan tells us that the contestants will be judged after their second song Thats kinda annoying Well see how it worksJason Castro Forever in Blue Jeans OK I know a lot of you love Jason and I used to dig him but how is he still here Really he should read more

The Idols Reveal Their Most Desired Superpower

American Idol by Michael Becker/Fox

You'd figure that the fierceness of the competition has been wearing down on these guys for quite some time now — but that doesn't stop the elite few Idols from showing their goofy side in a behind-the-scenes video. And the question posed to the Top 7 (this was filmed before Carly and Kristy Lee got the boot) — what superpower would you want to possess?Watch the video now! read more

Top 5 Power Rankings: Will Anyone Challenge the Davids?

American Idol's final five by Frank Micelotta/Fox

With Carly removed from the running, Brooke inarguably on borrowed time (and/or the benefactor/involuntary puppet of a, ahem, questionable website), and Syesha yet again mired in last place, it's pretty safe to say that your next American Idol is going to be... a guy. According to the latest TVGuide.com Power Rankings, David C. now has 56.2 percent of our readers' votes, again topping the tally. Meanwhile, at a time when wannabes want their piece of the pie to be increasing, David A. took his biggest hit in over a month, dropping 3.5 percent week-to-week. As for Jason... well, he apparently has pretty eyes.Top 5 Power Rankings55.8% David Cook20.9% David Archuleta12.7% Jason Castro6.7% Brooke White3.8% Syesha MercadoThis week we switch to double performances. Realistically, folks, do you think any surprises are left to be seen in the standings? I suppose only the next 72 hours will tell. read more

Idol Boss Talks Shocking Exits, Sliding Ratings

The Britweek Launch, held Thursday night at the home of the Consul General, was a little like a ball: Nearly everyone, including the five American Idol contestants had a curfew— but forget the Midnight curfew like Cinderella had — the AI gang had to be out by 8:30!None of the Idol contestants are allowed to talk to the press until after they leave the show, so all they could do for the press was smile politely and pose for photos. Off-camera, one journalist asked Jason Castro how long it took to get his dreadlocks. The answer: 15 hours for the initial process (for real?) and a few months to let it all develop. He said he was excited to be doing Neil Diamond songs next week and that no, he wasn't planning on singing "Memory" again any time soon.Inside the garden party, where guests dined on fish and chips, Syesha chatted with friends and was overheard to say, presumably about her fate on the show, "Whatever happens, it's all good."American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe has no... read more

The Top 5 Revealed!

Yo yo American Idol peeps You know I love you all but I need to set you all straight DO NOT BELIEVE THE RUMORS ABOUT TVGUIDECOM SPREADING INSIDER INFO One of our editors has been smeared all over the Idol forums and fan sites for supposedly saying that Jason was getting kicked off tonight We dont know who is getting kicked off NO ONE DOES If you look at our power rankings they do not mirror the show results at all they are just a fun poll we use to see who loves who So please know that your friendly editors at TVGuidecom are hard-working TV-loving souls who dont want to spoil anyones funNuf said Lets enjoy the showSo Im glad that so many of you admitted that you too enjoy musical theater I dont feel so alone now The Idols began the show this evening with a group number singing All I Ask of You from Andrew Lloyd Webbers Phantom of the Opera They sound lovely and sing some really pretty harmony during the song After its over Ryan introduces read more

The Top 6 Perform Andrew Lloyd Webber Songs

OK so I have to out myself here I Erin Fox am a Broadway musical junkie I know a lot of Broadway shows and used to gulp sing along to them in the car as a high school drama geek This explains a lot including my lack of dates in high school But I digress tonights show is about the Top 6 and their quest to conquer Andrew Lloyd Webber songs In his heyday his musicals were amazing Evita and then there was Aspects of Love no comment Also Ill do my best to keep the CATS jokes to a minimum On with the showSyesha Mercado One Rock and Roll too Many Syesha finally sounds like shes hit her niche She looks fabulous with a capital F The song is sexy and totally brings her so far lackluster personality to the forefront of this competition She might have just bought herself another week Randy said she could be a huge Broadway star Paula said she wasnt surprised at how awesome Syesha was tonight and Simon agreed with Randy and called her sexyJ read more

Top 6 Power Rankings: Is Syesha's Time Up?

Syesha Mercado by Frank Micelotta/Fox

Our second-largest turnout yet showed up to have a say in this week's American Idol Power Rankings. How did it shake out? Well, David C. is still atop the chart — this time with his largest margin of victory over David A. in three weeks. Jason, meanwhile, seems to have lost a good chunk of the "boost" he got from Michael Johns' sudden exit.Among the ladies, Carly has pulled ahead of Brooke, while Syesha languishes in last with just one percent of the vote. Top 6 Power Rankings54.6% David Cook24.4% David Archuleta9.9% Jason Castro5.2% Carly Smithson4.9% Brooke White1.0% Syesha MercadoThis marks Ms. Mercado's sixth straight week in the Power Rankings' bottom two. Has her luck run out? Or do you think someone else might get shown the door before her? read more

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