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Sun Jun 5 2:30pm
Storage Wars: Barry's Best BuysBarry's StoryNew A&E

Barry's journey on "Storage Wars" is spotlighted.

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Sun Jun 5 3:30pm
Storage WarsFrom Dust 'Til Dawn(Season 9, Episode 1) A&E

The buyers visit Mojave, Ca. and face a rough auction. Also: Dave battles through his dislike of the area to hit the action; Mary struggles with a locker; Rene fights for treasure; and Ivy searches for off-road finds.

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Sun Jun 5 4:00pm
Storage WarsThe One with Mary and Allee(Season 9, Episode 12) A&E

The buyers visit North Hollywood where Jarrod and Brandi fight to resist the lure of showbiz items; Mary and a new friend get targeted; and Rene goes solo.

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Sun Jun 5 4:30pm
Storage WarsSundown Showdown(Season 9, Episode 13) A&E

The buyers visit a night auction in Huntington Beach, Cal. where Ivy and Mary compete with each other; Darrell and Brandon look to score big on home turf; and Dave searches for either a score or a sucker.

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Sun Jun 5 5:00pm
Storage WarsFather Bids Best(Season 9, Episode 14) A&E

The buyers return to Montebello, Cal. where Darrell and Brandon cause chaos; Rene brings along with father; Dave eyes a big score; and Ivy battles injury to hit the auctions hard.

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Sun Jun 5 5:30pm
Storage WarsThe Fat Lady is Warming Up(Season 9, Episode 15) A&E

The buyers head to Van Nuys, Cal. where Jarrod and Brandi endure a marathon auction; Darrell goes solo; Ivy looks for a big buy; and Mary tries to prove she's a serious buyer.

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Tue Jun 7 10:00am
Storage WarsFlight of the Gambler(Season 5, Episode 1) A&E

Montebello, Cal., is visited in the Season 5 premiere.

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Tue Jun 7 10:30am
Storage WarsThe Hills Have Buys(Season 5, Episode 2) A&E

Darrell discovers an interesting locker.

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Tue Jun 7 11:00am
Storage WarsNerds of the Round Tablez(Season 5, Episode 3) A&E

Darrell and Rene play mind games with each other.

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Tue Jun 7 11:30am
Storage WarsOperation: Intimidation(Season 5, Episode 4) A&E

Ivy tries to intimidate other buyers.

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Tue Jun 7 12:00pm
Storage WarsThe Return of the King of Montebello(Season 5, Episode 5) A&E

Ivy hires a new employee to run his shop.

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Tue Jun 7 12:30pm
Storage WarsFor a Good Time Call...Ivy(Season 5, Episode 6) A&E

Ivy pranks the competition.

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Tue Jun 7 1:00pm
Storage WarsLBC U LTR(Season 5, Episode 7) A&E

Rene outspends everyone.

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Tue Jun 7 1:30pm
Storage WarsNuthin' But a G Thang, Rene(Season 5, Episode 8) A&E

Gossip surrounds Jarrod and Brandi.

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Tue Jun 7 2:00pm
Storage WarsBoom Goes the Dynamite?(Season 5, Episode 9) A&E

The buyers visit Rene's territory.

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Tue Jun 7 2:30pm
Storage WarsZen Masters of the Universe(Season 5, Episode 10) A&E

Ivy learns a valuable lesson.

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Sun Jun 12 2:00pm
Storage WarsPadian: P.I.(Season 7, Episode 1) A&E

Season 7 begins with Ivy looking to score items he needs in Fontana, Cal., while Jarrod and Brandi decide they'll have to employ a sharp strategy in order to land a good locker.

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Sun Jun 12 2:30pm
Storage WarsToo Many Cooks in the Locker(Season 7, Episode 9) A&E

The buyers head to Ivy's home turf of Lancaster, Cal., where Mary tries to strike a deal with a surprising ally. Also: Jarrod and Brandi turn up the heat on the competition—and each other; and Rene goes well outside of his territory to prove his dominanc (more…)

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Sun Jun 12 3:00pm
Storage WarsLeader of the Packed(Season 6, Episode 18) A&E

Bellflower, Cal., is visited.

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Sun Jun 12 3:30pm
Storage WarsLocker Mountain High(Season 6, Episode 15) A&E

Upland, Cal., is toured.

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Sun Jun 12 4:00pm
Storage WarsPacked, Stacked and All...Trash?(Season 7, Episode 6) A&E

Storage units in Costa Mesa, Cal., bring out the best and worst in the buyers as they try to score some valuables.

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Sun Jun 12 4:30pm
Storage WarsFor a Good Time Call...Ivy(Season 5, Episode 6) A&E

Ivy pranks the competition.

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Sun Jun 12 5:00pm
Storage WarsBid Strong and Prosper(Season 5, Episode 28) A&E

The return of Dan Dotson in Costa Mesa, Cal., where the buyers have their sights set on Dave Hester in his home turf. Also: Darrell and Brandon take things over the top; and Jarrod and Brandi go to a place where no bidder has gone before.

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Sun Jun 12 5:30pm
Storage WarsLocktoberfest!(Season 6, Episode 4) A&E

A special locker is found by Jarrod and Brandi.

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