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An Outlier from "A System on Trial"
00:48 — Dean gets stuck on one card from the focus group.
Conspiracy from "From the Ashes"
00:52 — Dean Sr. won't let Stewart represent him in court unless Dean works with him.
Taco Night from "Exodus"
00:43 — Dean becomes frustrated when he realizes he is missing taco night.
Back Up from "The Olyphant in the Room"
00:39 — Dean finds someone in his parking space.
Back Down To Earth from "The Retooling of Dean Sanderson"
00:57 — Stewart talks to his therapist about what she should talk to Dean about.
What Is Happening? from "Grinder V Grinder"
01:07 — Timothy Olyphant interrupts a firm meeting.
Dean In One Word
00:40 — Rob Lowe describes his character in one word.
Dean Machine from "From the Ashes"
00:59 — Dean almost gets sucked back into THE GRINDER.
That's Crazy! from "Blood Is Thicker Than Justice"
00:45 — Debbie asks Stewart if he misses having Dean around.
Under Oath: Worst Audition
01:10 — Do Rob Lowe and Fred Savage promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when asked about their worst audition?
A Fight For Justice from "The Retooling of Dean Sanderson"
00:59 — Dean makes Stewart's potential client uncomfortable.
On A Journey from "The Ties That Grind"
01:02 — Dean asks everyone to not mention The Grinder in front of him.
Sadly Mistaken from "From the Ashes"
01:10 — Mitch goes on a bender.
Personal Bubble from "From the Ashes"
00:48 — Stewart asks Todd about an episode of THE GRINDER.
Tuesday Night Romance Roulette: Dean
00:25 — Love is in the air FOX Tuesdays, but for which hopeless romantic? Click and see who the romance roulette wheel lands on!
Frame Of Reference from "The Olyphant in the Room"
01:54 — Stewart is surprised by Mitch's abilities in a episode of THE GRINDER.
Getting In The Way from "Exodus"
00:47 — Andre tells Debbie that he doesn't want to overstay his welcome.
Man Enough from "Blood Is Thicker Than Justice"
01:07 — Stewart comes close to texting Dean but decides against it.
Convoluted from "For The People"
00:53 — Dean continues to string along a web of lies.
Shifting Focus from "The Olyphant in the Room"
00:32 — Stewart gets worried when the story being written about him shifts towards Dean.
I'll See You In Court from "Blood Is Thicker Than Justice"
00:57 — Stewart visits Dean at his new office
The Logic Police from "Divergence"
00:59 — Stewart and Debbie question an episode of The Grinder and Dean is offended.
A Void from "Delusions of Grinder"
00:51 — The firm thinks that Stewart has been acting a bit dramatic.
A Great Opportunity from "Grinder V Grinder"
00:36 — Stewart thinks it would be a good idea to bring Timothy to the office more and Claire agrees.
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