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PBS Previews: Home Fires
01:02 — Get a first look at this riveting new drama that chronicles the lives of the members of Great Paxford’s Women’s Institute during their time serving in (more…)
Inside Look
02:07 — Join stars Rob Lowe and Fred Savage for a behind the scenes look at their new comedy THE GRINDER.
An Outlier from "A System on Trial"
00:48 — Dean gets stuck on one card from the focus group.
Conspiracy from "From the Ashes"
00:52 — Dean Sr. won't let Stewart represent him in court unless Dean works with him.
Back Down To Earth from "The Retooling of Dean Sanderson"
00:57 — Stewart talks to his therapist about what she should talk to Dean about.
Dean In One Word
00:40 — Rob Lowe describes his character in one word.
Dean Machine from "From the Ashes"
00:59 — Dean almost gets sucked back into THE GRINDER.
Under Oath: Worst Audition
01:10 — Do Rob Lowe and Fred Savage promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when asked about their worst audition?
A Fight For Justice from "The Retooling of Dean Sanderson"
00:59 — Dean makes Stewart's potential client uncomfortable.
On A Journey from "The Ties That Grind"
01:02 — Dean asks everyone to not mention The Grinder in front of him.
Sadly Mistaken from "From the Ashes"
01:10 — Mitch goes on a bender.
Personal Bubble from "From the Ashes"
00:48 — Stewart asks Todd about an episode of THE GRINDER.
Tuesday Night Romance Roulette: Dean
00:25 — Love is in the air FOX Tuesdays, but for which hopeless romantic? Click and see who the romance roulette wheel lands on!
Convoluted from "For The People"
00:53 — Dean continues to string along a web of lies.
The Logic Police from "Divergence"
00:59 — Stewart and Debbie question an episode of The Grinder and Dean is offended.
A Void from "Delusions of Grinder"
00:51 — The firm thinks that Stewart has been acting a bit dramatic.
Pissy from "The Ties That Grind"
01:04 — The whole family thinks Stewart is being pissy.
00:30 — Check out these super funny bloopers from FOX'S hit comedy, THE GRINDER
Learning Law from "From the Ashes"
00:31 — Todd gives Dean a pep talk before he starts school.
Get Out The Shovel from "A System on Trial"
00:38 — Ethan and Lizzie arrive home with the notes from their friends at school.
In Second Gear from "Full Circle"
00:50 — Stewart gives Dean his cue cards to help him in court.
The Right Way from "Delusions of Grinder"
00:59 — Dean announces that he is not a lawyer and that he is going to start on the ground floor as an intern.
Car Mechanic from "Genesis"
01:14 — Dean gets angry when his second line is cut from the final version of the show.
The Same Boat from "For The People"
00:47 — Stewart and Debbie both forget about their anniversary.
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