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The Final Battle Begins
42:18 — The cast and producers recap the past six seasons.
Emma Burns the Story Book
01:37 — Fiona convinces Emma to burn Henry's story book.
Hook, Charming, and the Beanstalk
01:51 — Hook is desperate to get back to Emma.
The Last Page of Henry's Book
01:37 — The last page is finally written, but it's not the end!
Happily Ever After
04:28 — After the Final Battle, everyone gets their happiest ending.
A New Story Begins
01:19 — It's the beginning of Henry's new story.
Rumple Faces the Ultimate Temptation
01:49 — Will Rumple's old self persuade him to do the wrong thing?
The Black Fairy's Fate Is Revealed
04:18 — Gold faces off with his villainous mother.
Hook & Emma's Fairytale Wedding
03:13 — Emma and Hook exchange their wedding vows.
Hook Sings "Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine"
02:50 — In the musical episode, Hook sings about his plans for revenge.
The Charmings vs. the Evil Queen
02:36 — Snow and Charming try to take on the Evil Queen with a song.
Zelena Sings "Wicked Always Wins"
03:01 — Zelena is delighted when Rumple questions choosing the Evil Queen over her.
A Happy Beginning for Emma and Hook
03:14 — Emma tells Hook it's not their happy ending, it's a happy beginning.
Emma's Song Makes Her Strong
03:17 — The Black Fairy learns Emma is not as easy to defeat as she expected.
The Evil Queen's Song: "The Queen Sings/Love Doesn't Stand a Chance"
03:28 — A spell forces the Evil Queen to sing in the musical episode.
Snow White & Prince Charming Sing 'Powerful Magic'
03:04 — Snow and Charming believe their song can defeat the Evil Queen.
The Evil Queen's Song
03:35 — A preview of the Evil Queen's song from the Once Upon a Time musical event.
Hook's Song
03:19 — Get a preview of Hook's song from the musical episode of Once Upon a Time.
The Dark One Joins the Black Fairy
01:25 — Is Rumple is secretly betraying everyone to protect his family’s future?
Hook's Mission for Henry
01:06 — Hook asks for Henry’s help with Operation Best Man.
It's Time to Get Your Heart Back!
01:25 — Rumple wants his son to be free of the Black Fairy.
The Dream Realm
02:04 — Gold does whatever he has to to save his son, including kidnapping Emma.
Zelena Destroys Her Magic
01:40 — Zelena makes a sacrifice to help stop the Black Fairy.
The Black Fairy Wants Zelena's Help
01:46 — The Black Fairy visits Zelena with an offer of friendship.
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