No Happy Ending for the Savior
02:51 — When Emma tries to tell her new boyfriend, Walsh, that she has to go to Storybrooke, she finds out that she wasn't as safe in her new life as she once (more…)
Regina vs. Zelena
01:57 — Zelena tries to destroy Regina by taking her heart, but Regina left it in a safe place.
Cora Confronts Prince Jonathan
02:36 — When Cora confronts the man who proposed to her as "Prince Jonathan," she discovers he's really just a gardener and she's been duped.
Regina's Light Magic Defeats Zelena
02:46 — Regina taps into her good to keep her sister from enacting the time-travel spell.
Ariel Saves Snow White
02:13 — When the Evil Queen captures Snow White, Ariel must choose between saving her friend and finding her true love, Prince Eric. From the Once Upon a Time (more…)
Anna Sails to the Enchanted Forest
01:37 — Anna goes on a mission to find the truth about her parents.
Will Emma Freeze to Death?
02:53 — Trapped in Elsa's ice cave, Emma collapses from the cold.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Faces the Dark One
02:44 — Good and evil forces fight over a magical hat.
The Snow Queen Sets Her Plan in Motion
02:54 — The Snow Queen warns Sidney that she's coming after Storybooke. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "Breaking Glass."
An Ogre Attacks Emma
01:42 — An angry ogre comes after Emma in the Enchanted Forrest.
Emma and Elsa Uncover the Snow Queen's Plan
02:46 — Emma and Elsa are shocked to learn what the Snow Queen is really after.
Robin Kisses Regina
00:48 — Robin is tired of fighting his feelings for Regina.
The Snow Queen Gets Emma & Elsa's Powers
03:57 — Emma's reunion with her family is cut short by The Snow Queen.
Should the Savior Give up Her Magic?
01:49 — David and Mary Margaret consider what is best for Emma.
Emma Asks Rumple for Help
03:07 — A desperate Emma turns to Rumple. Can she trust his motives?
Regina Thanks Emma
01:14 — Regina thanks Emma for believing she did not cast the curse.
Regina Warns Robin About the Spell
01:30 — Regina doesn't want Robin to see the bad in her.
Emma Gives Hook a Goodbye Kiss
01:45 — As she prepares for the spell, Emma says goodbye to Killian.
Elsa and Anna Say Goodbye to Storybrooke
02:02 — Elsa and Anna return to their home in Arendelle.
Operation Cobra, Part 2
01:10 — Henry agrees to help Emma.
Prince Charming Meets Rapunzel
02:39 — While in the Enchanted Forest, Prince Charming hears cries for help that lead him to Rapunzel, locked in a tower
Regina Teaches Emma Magic
01:44 — Emma asks Regina to teach her to use magic so she can help defeat The Wicked Witch of The West. From Once Upon a Time's Season 3 episode, "The Jolly R (more…)
Henry Learns to Drive
01:09 — In order to prove he and Mary Margaret are as cool and fun as Captain Hook, David teaches Henry to drive. From Once Upon a Time's Season 3 episode, "T (more…)
Rumple Proposes to Belle
03:03 — Rumplestiltskin returns his dagger to Belle and asks her to marry him.
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