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D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: "How the Other Half Lives"

Friday Night Lights, "How the Other Half Lives"

In this Friday's episode of Friday Night Lights (9 pm/ET, NBC), the heat turns up on the coach. Everybody in town seems to want to start young Joe McCoy at quarterback ... except Coach. It doesn't help that this week is the big game with Arnett Mead, one of Dillon's arch rivals.

Katie McCoy, the bubbly and irrepressible wife of Joe McCoy Sr. (yours truly) is introduced in this episode and she gets right into the game. Oh, did I mention that she is played by the bubbly and incomparable Janine Turner? No? OK then, I just did. Mrs. McCoy, you'll find, dives right into life ... read more

Mega Buzz on Daisies, Numbers, Whisperer and More!

Anna Friel by Kate Turning/ABC; Rob Morrow by Cliff Lipson/CBS; Jennifer Love Hewitt by Robert Voets/CBS

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey OConnor answer your questions E-mail us your own spoilery needsMake a pie-eater happy Give me some juicy Pushing Daisies scoop CeciliaMickey Remember how Ned inadvertently killed Chucks dad when he was a kid Well lets just say that Chuck and her dead dad are going to have more in common than blue eyes or a love of cheeseI am a longtime NumNut and cant wait until Oct 3 for the new season of Numbers Will Charlie get his clearance back and if so how long will hewe have to wait LesleyMatt Two people stand in the way Keith Carradine guest-starring this season as a veteran fed who holds Charlies future in his hands and Charlie himself Yeah it seems Mr Epps has a big decision to make about exactly how badly he wants to be reinstated By the way the NumNut name Very unsettlingI am forced to watch 90210 online Do you know when the network plans to make each episode available SarahMickey read more

Tackling Friday Night Lights

Hello TVGuide.com-ers! Long time no blog but thought I'd come over here and talk to you about a little show called Friday Night Lights. Heard of it? Yeah. I thought so.
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Exclusive: Friday Night Lights Up with a New Family

Janine Turner by Jim Spellman/WireImage.com; D.W. Moffett courtesy The CW

Friday Night Lights not only has a new first-broadcast home (on DirecTV's Channel 101), it also will feature a few new faces when it returns in the fall. Janine Turner (of Northern Exposure and strategically placed beauty mark fame) and D.W. Moffett (Life Is Wild, Hidden Palms) have been cast in the recurring roles of Katie and Joe McCoy.The affluent McCoys move to Dillon from Dallas, with their (as-yet-uncast) teen son in tow. The kid, you see, is a high school freshman with mad football skills who will be fancied by many as the new Jason Street. That, as you can imagine, will put just a wee bit more pressure on one Matt Saracen.Katie and Joe will be introduced in the first two episodes of the third season, which premieres Oct. 1 on DirecTV. NBC unspools the new episodes starting in late February/early March 2009.Someone pinch me — Janine Turner?! And TVGuide.com celebrity blogger D.W. Moffett? — Matt MitovichRelated:• Ask Matt: "Will Season 2's loose ends be tied u... read more


Well I hope you enjoyed tonight's episode folks because unless this writers' strike ends soon that's the last new one you are going to get for awhile.I think we are all in agreement that this has been the lamest season in SVU history. The biggest problem has been with the writing, Not only has the dialogue been unrealistic at times, but in several cases it wasn't true to the characters. We've seen both Benson and Stabler do things that totally contradict actions from earlier episodes. Also we miss John Munch. I'm not sure how much of this new direction is Executive Producer's Neal Baer's fault or if the blame goes to the top of the NBC food chain with boss Ben Silverman. If Ben is tinkering with a winning formula because of possible ageism you guys are going to have to make a stink. Or you can kiss Richard Belzer goodbye for good.As if further proof is needed that the show has fallen on hard times tonight's Boston Legal also featured a storyline about a theft from sperm bank. ... read more

Janine Turner Takes a Turn on SVU

Janine Turner by Gary Gershoff/ WireImage.com

Janine Turner wants people to know she's back. The fondly remembered Northern Exposure star (and long-ago fiancée of Alec Baldwin) who's been living on a Texas ranch raising her daughter and writing a book about single motherhood, has moved to New York and won a role in Law & Order: SVU. (Luckily for her, the episode — in which she plays an activist in a story about stolen embryos — is filming this week, just under the writers'-strike wire.) Turner, whose last TV work was the Lifetime medical series Strong Medicine, also has a woman-in-jeopardy movie coming up for the same cabler called Primal Doubt opposite Saw IV's Costas Mandylor, whom we prefer to remember from Picket Fences. — Reporting by Ileane Rudolph read more

Is there a snowball's chance ...

Question: Is there a snowball's chance we'd ever be graced with a Janine Turner guest shot on Numbers? I'd love a nod to Rob Morrow's Northern Exposure past, and it'd be great to see them on screen together again.

Answer: Let's ask exec producer Cheryl Heuton: "We've already had several actors on Numbers who have appeared in other series with Rob, including Scott Cohen and Michelle Nolden, both from Street Time. While there are no immediate plans for Janine Turner to appear, there's every possibility that the right role will come up and that she will be available to play it."

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I've heard that there were ...

Question: I've heard that there were plans to create a Walker, Texas Ranger reunion special. If so, when will it be on, and who will appear?
Answer: It's not so much a reunion special as a TV-movie sequel to the series. CBS hasn't announced an airdate, but it is scheduled to air in the next season. Chuck Norris, naturally, will reprise the title role, and former cast members Sheree J. Wilson, Judson Mills and Clarence Gilyard are also back. Northern Exposure's Janine Turner is the special guest, playing a forensics expert ... read more

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