Jane Sibbett



December 11, 2006: Some Things Are Better Off Not Being Known

So, before this episode's opening credits even played, my roommate — who tends to predict story lines before they even happen — blurted out, "She's seeing Brian's father!" referring to Bridget. Huh. Interesting theory, roommate… and with her prediction history, I didn't dismiss it right away.But then we met Tracy (Jane Sibbett), his wife. So without proof of some naughty affair going on behind office doors at this point, I thought Bridget's "on-and-off" guy was someone else — or possibly didn't exist at all. Tracy and Dad seemed very compatible and happy, and I liked how Brian seemed happy to witness that.Not so happy? Adam and Heather. The shotgun couple were butting heads… and lifestyles. With Heather's late nights and Adam's regimented schedule, I'm not sure how they'll mesh from here on out. And Jimmy threw a wrench into the already-shaky relationship with his background check on the bride. "If a friend has a friend and that friend is me? Then yes, yo... read more

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