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Exclusive: Ally McBeal Star Climbs 30 Rock

Ah, just one more reason I worship the ground Tina Fey walks on: The ex-SNL scribe/anchor/star has tapped the inimitable Jane Krakowski to join the cast of 30 Rock for at least 10 of the first 13 episodes, sources say. This marks a most welcome return to full-time series TV for the former Ally McBeal sidekick, who, since the show's death in 2002, has kept busy with numerous MOWs as well as a Tony-winning gig in the Broadway revival of Nine. I'm still trying to nail down the specifics of Krakowski's role, but given the announcement on Monday that costar Rachel Dratch would no longer be playing one of the stars of Rock's sketch-show-within-a-show, "The Girlie Show," it's possible she's being brought in to fill that void. UPDATE: My insider confirms that Krakowski's character will, in fact, be headlining "The Girlie Show." Mystery solved! read more


The latest pilot-casting news finds ER's John Leguizamo top-lining CBS' Edison, as an undercover cop; Ally McBeal's Jane Krakowski in Sex, Power, Love & Politics, CBS' comedy about Capitol Hill staffers; 2 Fast 2 Furious' Cole Hauser landing a lead in Fox's legal drama, Damages; Fred Willard as a toy-company owner in the CBS laffer Play Nice; Matthew Lillard in Fox's treasure-hunting thriller 13 Graves; and Ocean's Eleven's Scott Caan playing best bud to Danny Comden in an untitled ABC comedy. read more

Ally McBeal Vamp Paws Jude Law

As Elaine Vassal, the sex-crazed secretary on Ally McBeal, Jane Krakowski found herself in spicy situations on a weekly basis. Next up, the 36-year-old actress enjoys a steamy backseat dalliance with Jude Law in Alfie (in theaters Friday). In fact, their lurid limousine ride opens the film. "I read the first scene," smirks Krakowski, "and thought, 'That's great.' What girl wouldn't want to do that?" Still, it's never easy stripping down to nearly nothing on one's very first day on set. "I showed up [at] 7 am," she recalls, "met the Jude Law. And [we're like,] 'All right, now what are we going to do?' — knowing what was ahead of us. "There have been a lot of sex scenes in limos before," Krakowski continues. "[Director Charles Shyer] didn't want it to look like all of the others. He wanted to get in the car with the camera and see bodies and everything you need to see. We spent an hour discussing things we'd alw read more

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