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Have Yourself a Merry Little 30 Rock Christmas!

30 Rock

Nobody is getting what they want from Santa on 30 Rock's very special Christmas episode (Thursday, 9:30 pm/ET, NBC), creatively titled "Christmas Special." We caught up with returning guest star Elaine Stritch and cast member Jane Krakowski — who's also hard at work promoting the Xbox 360 game "You're in the Movies" this season — to ask about their musical contributions to the special.

Liz (Tina Fey) makes the staff participate in read more

Jane and "Just Jack!" to Play for Yankees

Jane Krakowski by Joe Kohen/WireImage.com; Sean Hayes by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com

Jane Krakowski will make her first New York planks appearance since 2003 and Sean Hayes will make his Big Apple stage debut in a production of Damn Yankees hitting the City Center this summer. Though sources tell the New York Daily News' Gatecrasher the deals have yet to be inked, Krakowski would play Lola to Hayes' Devil. (The roles were filled by Bebe Neuwirth and Jerry Lewis when I caught a staging many years ago.)Krakowski has both a Tony and an Olivier Award on her mantle, and she also originated the lead in a workshop of Xanadu(but reportedly couldn't take the role to Broadway because of her 30 Rock commitment). — MWM read more

Oh, Mama: A Great New Grey's

Diahann Carroll in Grey's Anatomy by Craig Sjodin/ABC

If you don't like tonight's first-rate episode of Grey's Anatomy, which fires on about as many cylinders as possible (humor and emotion coexisting wonderfully), then you should probably face the fact that you simply don't like Grey's anymore, if you ever did. Diahann Carroll, terrific as the departed Burke's visiting mom, hovers around Seattle Grace this week as a much-needed reality check and conscience for the various characters: including Meredith, who could always use a good dressing-down for her narcissism, and George, who's still dithering about how to do the right thing in his romantic quandary involving wife Callie and obsessive crush Izzie.But Mama Burke is really there for Cristina (the fabulous Sandra Oh), who is frozen emotionally as she surveys the wedding gifts that surround her to remind her of her broken relationship. Work is a thankful distraction (“Carnage always trumps rounds,” she tells her nameless interns), but she can only hide from Preston’s mo... read more

Jane Krakowski Is Jenna-rous with 30 Rock Preview!

30 Rock's Jane Krakowski

It literally is Jenna Maroney like you have never seen her before when NBC's freshman hit 30 Rock returns for a new season on Oct. 4. Until then, fans of the super-funny sitcom can relive last year's best moments via the DVD set now in stores, as well as cozy up to this Q&A with Jane Krakowski, who Jenna-rously shares a peek of the fresh hilarity to come. TVGuide.com: Are you still shooting the season-opener with Jerry Seinfeld in it?Jane Krakowski: We were the other day, yeah, but he's done now. He was hilarious. I'm hoping maybe they’ll "supersize" the episode because they did so much good stuff with Jerry, I feel like the rest of us won't be in it! [Laughs] TVGuide.com: He's pl read more

At the Movies: Here's (a Live-action) George Jetson!

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Grindhouse's Robert Rodriguez is in talks to helm a live-action take on The Jetsons, and has also met with Will Ferrell to discuss a big-screen Land of the Lost.... Ethan Hawke investigates a year 2017 plague which turns people into vampires in Daybreakers.... Hilary Swank is hunted by vampires in a film version of the John Marks novel Fangland, says the New York Post.... Per Variety, Stanley Tucci and Jane Krakowski have come on board Abigail Breslin's American Girl feature, while Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in talks.... Disney has grabbed rights to the life story of Triple Crown winner Secretariat's owner, Penny Chenery. read more

I enjoy your column and ...

Question: I enjoy your column and generally find myself nodding along to your answers. But not regarding Lisa M.'s letter (and your agreement) about Jane Krakowski on 30 Rock: I have actually kind of missed her, just a teeny tiny bit. I'm not saying she necessarily needs to be in every single episode, and it's true that the character works much better in small doses. I do, however, think there needs to be a Jenna on the show as the traditionally feminine foil to Liz. One of the great layers in 30 Rock is how Liz is a dork who doesn't live up to the standards of femininity that Jenna has so obviously bought into: It's like she didn't get the "How to Be a Girl" handbook. (Like that scene where she's at a singles bar and Jenna tells her, "That guy wanted to buy you a drink," and Liz responds with, "I already have a drink. Do you think he'd buy me mozzarella sticks?") Liz needs to have a "girlie" girl around, and I think Krakowski is plenty funny in the role. As for "TGS," I kind of like ... read more

Jane Krakowski has been ...

Question: Jane Krakowski has been absent for the past two 30 Rock episodes, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Hooray!" Her character does not work on that show. She's more conventional sitcom-ish, and this show is anything but conventional. Do you think Tina Fey and Co. have caught on to that and are phasing her out? I'd love to see a story line on the show in which they fire Jenna and do auditions for a new actress. Answer: Wow, it's official: You guys are meaner than I am this week. I'm a fan of Jane Krakowski, both on TV and on stage (especially on stage), but I have to admit that on 30 Rock, she is neither well used nor particularly effective. In fact, I'd like to see an entire overhaul of the "TGS" aspect of 30 Rock in the second season. It doesn't look like the sort of show you'd ever want to watch, and it would be nice to think that Liz (Fey) is actually producing something worth rooting for. I haven't a clue if Jenna is on her way out, but given that we don't reall ... read more

TV Guide Presents Five Reasons We Love 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey, 30 Rock

1. You can really taste the SNL. When we hear the gang of NBC's 30 Rock (returning with a supersized episode tonight at 8:40 pm/ET) cracking wise about everyone from Dakota Fanning to disgraced congressman Mark Foley, it does our heart good to know that former Saturday Night Live head writer Tina Fey (who created Rock and stars as comic scribe Liz Lemon) still has a little Weekend Update in her. "Those things are so ingrained in me," she admits. "[I need] to have the show exist in the actual world." Costar read more

Veronica Mars the New Olivia Newton-John?

They have to believe she is magic — I certainly do! The New York Post reports that Kristen Bell has been offered the lead in the upcoming Broadway production of roller-disco musical Xanadu (based on the awful '80s movie with the terrific ON-J/ELO soundtrack). 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski, whose involvement in the project helped rope investors, had been expected to play the mystical muse until — poof — she dropped out of the running. Maybe it isn't as easy to sing on skates as Livvie made it look. read more

November 16, 2006: "You're Such a Monica!"

There was a good idea here a TV show albeit somewhat improbably in this case a sketch series being compelled by Corporate to work in some product shills Alas I am sad to opine that NBCs 30 Rock missed the bulls-eye Sometimes in comedy I have observed big targets are the hardest to hitThere was also the fun idea of putting Jack Donaghy on TGS but that for some reason fell a bit flat for me too Interesting paradox our own Angel Cohn who admittedly is not a huge Alec Baldwin fan found him to be hilarious in this episode whereas I a longtime Baldwin backer didnt Maybe 30 Rock played the Jack-on-camera card too soon Or went in too obvious a direction with the hes actually awful angle The concept would have been saved for me if come show time hed turned out to be stellar Or if Baldwin had given the camera a wink when Jack said Ive never done a live TV broadcast just days after Baldwin hosted the real SNL and right after Jack slighted sel read more

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