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Gorsuch faces follow-up questions in SCOTUS confirmation hearing
02:47 — Judge Neil Gorsuch faced 11 hours of questions Tuesday during a Senate confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court justice nominee. Democrats repeatedl (more…)
Senators question SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch on second day of hearing
03:53 — When asked about the president's "so-called judge" comments, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch said the tweets were "disheartening." CBS News chief l (more…)
Neil Gorsuch faces Supreme Court confirmation hearing
02:57 — Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will take questions from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for three days before a vote takes place. The he (more…)
Confirmation hearings begin for SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch
01:34 — Senate confirmation hearings begin Monday for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. The judge who will appear before the Senate (more…)
Judge Gorsuch faces Senate in SCOTUS confirmation hearing
01:30 — A Senate committee will begin questioning President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court. Judge Neil Gorsuch gave a 16-minute opening statement Monday. (more…)
Gorsuch stays cool in the face of Democratic grilling
02:02 — During the second day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Neil Gorsuch was pressed heavily by Democratic senators on key issues like abortion, (more…)
Judge Neil Gorsuch gives emotional opening statement
01:44 — President Trump's Supreme Court nominee gave an emotional opening statement Monday. CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford gives a 60 second (more…)
Gorsuch speaks at confirmation hearing while Dems focus on Garland
02:05 — Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch began the first of four days scheduled for his confirmation hearing. As the proceedings played out, Democratic sena (more…)
President Trump's Supreme Court nominee delivers opening statement
02:34 — More than one year after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the Senate opened confirmation hearings for his successor. Judge Neil Gorsuch gave his o (more…)
Marines photo scandal victim speaks out
03:13 — When Erika Butner learned that some of her fellow Marines were making crude comments on a picture of her circulating online, she was disgusted. Congre (more…)
Trump's travel ban blocked again - now what?
04:28 — President Trump's second travel ban was blocked by a federal court in Hawaii hours before it was to go into effect. A federal judge in Maryland also r (more…)
Trump attacks federal judge's decision to block revised travel ban
02:49 — President Trump is firing back after a federal court struck down the new version of his controversial travel ban. Hawaii federal judge Derrick Watson (more…)
Nude photos scandal probe includes all military branches
02:11 — The nude photos scandal that's rocking the Marine Corps is far bigger than previously known. The Defense Department is investigating multiple online s (more…)
The story behind the One-Cent Magenta stamp worth $9.5M
06:46 — The Smithsonian is now home to the world's rarest stamp worth $9.5 million. The One-Cent Magenta has been hidden from view for a significant part of i (more…)
Hillary Clinton reemerges on national stage after 2016 race
03:55 — While Hillary Clinton has remained largely out-of-sight after the election, she is scheduled to mark International Women's Day with a speech tonight i (more…)
Planned Parenthood turns down White House proposal
02:50 — The White House offered to continue federal funding for Planned Parenthood if the group stops providing abortions. But the organization says it's not (more…)
Hillary Clinton turns in private server to investigators
02:17 — With the FBI reviewing the security of her email system, Hillary Clinton agreed to turn over her personal email server to the Justice Department. CBS (more…)
African American museum's first exhibit displayed on building exterior
03:55 — The National Museum of African American History and Culture plans to open its doors on the National Mall in Washington next year, but the museum's str (more…)
Motive still unclear, but terrorism suspected in San Bernardino shooting
02:01 — Although the FBI isn't calling Wednesday's shooting a terrorist act yet, the case has some hallmarks of terrorism. Jan Crawford has more.
Obama goes around Congress to tighten gun laws
02:37 — President Obama lays out his executive action plan in a speech at the White House Tuesday. Several Republican presidential candidates are already deno (more…)
Hank Williams Jr. talks near-death encounters
02:06 — In a conversation with CBS News' Jan Crawford, the country legend shares candidly about how he turned his life around after attempting suicide.
Impact of Scalia's death on pending Supreme Court cases
01:47 — Jan Crawford, who has covered the Supreme Court for more than 20 years, joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss the impact of Justice Anto (more…)
2016 candidates turn up rhetoric over replacing Justice Scalia
02:49 — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is blasting Senate Republicans who say the next president should appoint the successor to Supreme Court Just (more…)
Justice Scalia to lie in repose at Supreme Court
01:31 — Official ceremonies to honor Justice Antonin Scalia begin Friday morning in Washington. Scalia's casket will be taken to the Supreme Court to lie in r (more…)
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