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A look at the coming Supreme Court battles
02:37 — President Donald Trump has the chance to shape the direction of the Supreme Court for decades to come. He's expected to nominate a justice to the cour (more…)
Dignitaries arrive for President-elect Trump's inauguration
01:34 — From former President George W. Bush to President-elect Donald Trump's children and advisers, a steady stream of guests are arriving at the Capitol. J (more…)
Rock band fights to copyright name that feds say is a racial slur
01:57 — An Asian-American rock band called The Slants argued in front of the Supreme Court Wednesday hoping to trademark its name. The government has denied t (more…)
America's proud history of political satire targeting presidents
05:01 — "Saturday Night Live" offered its comedic take on Donald Trump's first press conference since the election. The president-elect fired back Sunday on T (more…)
President Obama's "common sense steps" to curb gun violence
03:56 — In an emotional appeal, President Obama called his executive actions "common sense steps" that respect the 2nd Amendment. The new plans focus largely (more…)
Backpage.com accused of enabling sex trafficking
03:22 — One of the world's largest classified ad websites is being accused of knowingly facilitating prostitution and child sex-trafficking. Backpage.com shut (more…)
Jared Kushner's senior adviser role tests anti-nepotism law
02:45 — President-elect Donald Trump is naming his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to be a senior White House adviser. The job does not require Senate confirmation (more…)
Trump to appoint son-in-law as senior advisor
02:17 — Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was one of Trump's most trusted confidants. His planned appointment of Kushner to a W (more…)
Healthcare.gov often lists wrong price information
02:49 — A new feature on healthcare.gov allows consumers to "See plans now," but they often come with the wrong price tags. The Obama administration says it i (more…)
Herman Cain holds off reporters' questions
02:49 — A third anonymous woman has come forward to accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment -- just as he surged ahead in th (more…)
Trump picks former Indiana Sen. Coats to head national intelligence
02:29 — Donald Trump chose former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats as his director of national intelligence Thursday even as he continues to publicly criticize the U.S. (more…)
President-elect Trump considers intelligence agencies overhaul
03:03 — Sources tell CBS News President-elect Donald Trump is considering downsizing the office of the Director of National Intelligence. It oversees all fede (more…)
Obamacare: Health insurance exchanges open
02:54 — The first phase of President Obama's health care law goes in to effect. Jan Crawford reports on the roll-out, its challenges, and the timeline people (more…)
Trump's tweets continue to dominate the news cycle
02:13 — President-elect Donald Trump's recent Twitter activity has left foreign capitals, corporate boardrooms and American politicians on their toes. Jan Cra (more…)
Susan G. Komen Foundation cancels 14 charity races
02:37 — The Susan G. Komen Foundation has canceled charity walking events all across the country. CBS News' Jan Crawford reports on the financial challenges c (more…)
President-elect Trump casts fresh doubt on Russia cyberattack
02:32 — President-elect Donald Trump is expressing more doubt that Russian hackers interfered with the U.S. election. As the Obama administration's sanctions (more…)
New GOP-controlled Congress aims to dismantle ACA
01:45 — One of the first orders of business for the new president and congressional Republicans will be to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. President Obama (more…)
Putin holds off retaliation over ouster of Russian diplomats
02:18 — Within hours of Vladimir Putin's announcement that U.S. diplomats would not be expelled from Russia, a convoy of Russians from one of the compounds cl (more…)
Trump touts plan to bring 8,000 jobs to U.S.
02:38 — President-elect Donald Trump announced a plan Wednesday to bring 8,000 jobs to the United States. CBS News National Correspondent Jan Crawford has the (more…)
Full correspondents panel: December 25
22:17 — CBS News foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan, chief White House correspondent Major Garrett, homeland security and justice department corre (more…)
What to expect in 2017
09:09 — CBS News foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan, chief White House correspondent Major Garrett, homeland security and justice department corre (more…)
Health care law at Supreme Court: All or nothing?
02:43 — After three days of historic debate at the Supreme Court, supporters and opponents of President Obama's health care law can only sit and wait. CBS New (more…)
Bedford Boys: Remembering a Virginia town's loss on D-Day
04:23 — 35 young men from Bedford, Virginia, were among first soldiers to storm Normandy beaches, and many of them never came home. Jan Crawford reports.
Romney peaking at right time in Iowa?
04:02 — Mitt Romney has seen a late surge in polls in Iowa, a state he never expected to win, which is holding caucuses next week. Jan Crawford reports.
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