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Week 5: Nut Cutters, Punch It In!
10:51 — Jealous Glenn gives Cats new boyfriend an unscheduled operation. Osama bin Laden is captured! Blake operates on Lolas non-existent brain tumor while t (more…)
Home Life of a Doctor
10:51 — Glenn returns to the Lower East Side of São Paolo, Brazil, for his family's weekly Shabbat dinner. Guest stars include Ben Feldman, Mimi Kennedy, Mich (more…)
Sophia Grace & Rosie Interview Jennette & Ariana
01:30 — #TheBritBrats' guest stars Sophia Grace and Rosie ask all the tough questions in this interview with Sam & Cat stars Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grand (more…)
Behind The Scenes: #DollSitting
02:38 — See what it took to transform Sam into Cat for Halloween in this behind the scenes look at '#DollSitting'
Time to Pop With Joey McIntyre
00:10 — We want a piece of that. NKOTB's Joey McIntyre is coming to Pop April 12 in RETURN OF THE MAC. Pop's original scripted comedy series stars boy-band (more…)
Behind the bar - Slushie Cocktails
02:10 — We visit Bushwick Country Club to taste some of their signature slushies, and learn how to make a Frozen Negroni at home.
Return of the Mac - Prepping for the Premiere
01:22 — Joey McIntyre and his sidekick (Joey Fatone) and musical director (Chris Kirkpatrick) rehearse their banter in a scene from Return of the Mac S1E8, "T (more…)
Return of the Mac - Return of the Dak?
02:03 — Joey McIntyre and his manager Alex (Adam Ray) meet with producer Dak Pounder (David Koechner) to discuss resurrecting Joey's cop-show idea. From Retur (more…)
Return of the Mac - French Connection
01:24 — Barrett's new styling client Gilles Marini offers some marital advice to Joey McIntyre. From Return of the Mac S1E7, "An Offer Joe Can't Refuse." ABO (more…)
Return of the Mac - Celebrity Tantrum
01:20 — Joey McIntyre has a very unfortunate run-in with a demanding fan (Brad Wiliams). From Return of the Mac S1E6, "Celebrity Tantrum." ABOUT RETURN OF TH (more…)
Return of the Mac - Joey's in a Funk
01:51 — Flan (Anthony Gioe) and Alex (Adam Ray) each try to cheer up Joey McIntyre after he quits the talk show. From Return of the Mac S1E6, "Celebrity Tantr (more…)
Next Up on Return of the Mac
00:20 — Depressed about the demise of his show, Joe lets himself deteriorate until the network stages an intervention. Watch it Wednesday, May 17, 8:30/7:30c- (more…)
Return of the Mac - Debating Daytime
01:33 — Paige (Katie Wee) and new producer Tiffany (Jackie Harris Greenberg) try to sell Joey McIntyre on the idea of moving his talk show to daytime. From Re (more…)
Return of the Mac - Two-Man Supergroup
01:08 — Joey McIntyre works on a theme song for his talk show with musical director (and fellow boy-bander) Chris Kirkpatrick. From Return of the Mac S1E5, "D (more…)
Return of the Mac - Getting Grounded
01:32 — Flan (Anthony Gioe) helps Joey gain some perspective on his difficulties with the Comfy Channel. From Return of the Mac S1E4, "When You Can't Stop to (more…)
Return of the Mac - The New Sponsor
01:34 — Paige (Katie Wee), Sam (Jamie Denbo) and the Comfy Channel marketing team pitch Joey McIntyre on an adult diaper for Millennials. From Return of the M (more…)
Joey McIntyre Dons a Diaper, Wednesday on Return of the Mac
00:20 — The network finds Joe a sponsor for his show: an adult diaper for Millennials. This sends him into a panic over his body image. Watch it Wednesday, Ma (more…)
Return of the Mac - Joey and Joey
03:33 — Joey McIntyre and his new sidekick Joey Fatone attempt an impromptu rehearsal for Comfy Channel execs Sam (Jamie Denbo) and Paige (Katie Wee). From Re (more…)
Return of the Mac - Bombing
01:27 — Joey McIntyre tries to build his talk-show muscles by performing standup comedy. From Return of the Mac S1E3, "The Wrong Stuff." ABOUT RETURN OF THE (more…)
Return of the Mac - Donnie Saves the Day
01:21 — Donnie Wahlberg offers some sage advice to Joey McIntyre regarding his new sidekick, Joey Fatone. From Return of the Mac S1E3, "The Wrong Stuff." ABO (more…)
Return of the Mac - Day One
03:50 — Comfy Channel execs Sam (Jamie Denbo), Paige (Katie Wee) and Malcolm (Jordan Black) prepare Joe (Joey McIntyre) for his first publicity event for the (more…)
Joey Gets a Sidekick, Wednesday on Return of the Mac
00:20 — Joey McIntyre feels threatened by his newly appointed sidekick, Joey Fatone. Watch it Wednesday, April 26, 8:30/7:30c--only on Pop. ABOUT RETURN OF T (more…)
Return of the Mac - Flan's Interview
01:42 — Barrett (Barrett McIntyre) interviews potential manny Flan (Anthony Gioe) in Return of the Mac S1E2, "The Other Joey." ABOUT RETURN OF THE MAC: Pop's (more…)
Return of the Mac Extra: The Wife and Kids
00:45 — Joey McIntyre reveals what it's like to work with his real-life family in Return of the Mac, new every Wednesday at 8:30/7:30c--only on Pop. ABOUT RE (more…)
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