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Mega Minute: Comic-Commentary on Chuck, Dollhouse & More

Zachary Levi, Chuck

In this week's Mitovich Mega Minute, I take some bits of Comic-Con news and add a scoopy little something "extra." 

For example: It was announced this weekend that Dollhouse will set the stage for a reunion between Angel alumni Amy Acker and incoming guest star Alexis Denisof. But have you heard that a Battlestar Galactica meet-up is also in the cards, when Jamie Bamber shares scenes in the Season 2 premiere with Tahmoh Penikett? That's how this will work.

So, in this Mega Minute:

• As confirmed at Comic-Con, Chuck's kung fu will be glitchy at best. But do you know what his next mad new skill will be? I do.

• When Angel alum Charisma Carpenter guest-stars on Legend of the Seeker, what will be on her Mord'Sith's agenda beyond fighting? I've got the answer.

• Also, what secret message did Dominic Monaghan flash to fans at Lost's Comic-Con panel? And get my take on one of the big Smallville reveals.

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Battle-stud! Jamie Bamber Gets Nekkid for PETA

Jamie Bamber

PETA has released a promotional piece featuring Battlestar Galactica hottie Jamie Bamber — nekkid from the obliques up — to shed light on the cruelty of black-bear hunting.

The ad simply reads, "Bare Skin, Not Bearskin."

Bamber's print PSA is part of PETA's campaign to persuade Queen Elizabeth to end the use of Canadian black bear fur for headwear worn by Buckingham Palace guards. The Battlestar hunk is a native of London and films the space-based show in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Now doesn't this picture make you mad that Bamber's been stuck in a full-body flight suit for much of his four years on BSG? Oh, the injustice!

Begin your drooling, er, discussion after the jump.

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Jamie Bamber Promises Answers on Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber's run as the handsome fighter pilot, and now vice president, on Battlestar Galactica (Friday, 10 pm/ET, Sci Fi) will be coming to an end in a few months as the show draws to a conclusion.TVGuide.com spoke to the sexy Brit, now back in the UK filming Law & Order: London, about the questions that will be answered throughout the last season of BSG, how he reacted to the final script and why he stole his flight suit from set.

TVGuide.com: With Battlestar coming to a close, what's been the response of fans to you on the streets of London? Are they begging you for information on who the last Cylon is?
Jamie Bamber: Yeah, they are. And they're normally quite surprised that I'm English and walking around the streets of London. I haven't done anything in this country [in TV and film] for ages. Anything that they've seen of me on the screen here of mine has been Battlestar. And most of them came to me fresh from that and never seen me in anything before, so they're like, "What are you doing here? Oh, you talk like I do!" They're all shocked. I [also] get feedback from [fans] from all over the world and London's no exception.

TVGuide.com: What do you think people are craving to see at the end of Battlestar?
Bamber: I think sci-fi fans in particular are almost legal in their obsession with story points. They want to know the reveal of the final Cylon, they want to know how the final five relate to the rest of the Cylons... read more

Jamie Bamber Dishes on Apollo and Starbuck's Fate!

Battlestar fans rejoice! In the long hiatus between Season 4 and Season 4.5, TVGuide.com's Erin Fox had a chance to speak with Battlestar hottie Jamie Bamber about what keeps Starbuck and Apollo coming back for more, what will happen now that Earth has been destroyed, and why fans will be satisfied with the series ending. But what we really want to know is, who is the last frakkin' cylon!? read more

Cat Deeley, Jamie Bamber Launch BritWeek

Cat Deeley by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

The Britweek Launch, held Thursday night at the home of the Consul General, was a little like a ball: Nearly everyone, including the five American Idol contestants had a curfew. So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley only had a few hours in LA before she was due back on the set in Las Vegas and Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber also flew in just for the weekend and has to report back to work in Vancouver Monday morning. There was even a prince charming of sorts, British Bachelor Matt Grant, who offered a ring to one lucky contestant whose identity is yet to be revealed.Cat Deeley was even more rushed, saying, "We have literally just flown in from Vegas for the night. We've come here to the party and then we fly back out. Wheels are up at 9:30! So, I'm off like Cinderella. It's a bit like a pumpkin, but a jet instead of a pumpkin!" Deeley promises the show, which debuts after Idol's finale, is going to be "bigger and better" this season. "We're just hoping that we still get the... read more

Katee Sackhoff Ponders Galactica's Future

Katee Sackhoff by Justin Stephens/Sci Fi Channel Photo

What does Katee Sackhoff really think of the canceled (though not yet officially) Bionic Woman? After all, many thought she was the only reason to watch. The former Sarah Corvis didn't mince words when she answered TV Guide's question during a Friday conference call: "The main problem with Bionic Woman is that if you get too many hands in the pot, no one can agree with what they're trying to make so you get a stew that's made of s--t." That said, Sackhoff says she "would follow [Bionic/Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick] to the ends of the earth" — which means that maybe Eick will consider her for his upcoming TV take on Children of Men. Not that Sackhoff is necessarily dying to do another kick-butt action project. No, she claims that what she really wants to do "is a romantic comedy with James McAvoy."Turning to Galactica, which returns April 4... what's her wish for Starbuck's end? "Peace — whether that comes with death or transcendence." Sackhoff also answered our... read more

Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber Previews Razor

Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica: Razor

With his lilting British accent and what can only be described as a gentlemanly demeanor, Jamie Bamber isn't much like his troubled character Lee "Apollo" Adama. The sexy actor shared his insights about the new Battlestar Galactica: Razor (Saturday, Nov. 24 at 9 pm/ET, Sci Fi), the two-hour special chronicles the first days of Apollo's command over the starship Pegasus — and, in flashbacks, the experience of its former commander, Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes), as she and her crew contend with the Cylon attack on the colonies. "Every one of us in the Galactica family has always nurtured a not-so-secret passion to try and make a movie out of the show," says Bamber. "It was great to tell a huge arc and to have a bit more money to throw at it." New to the cast in Razor is the character of Kendra Shaw ( read more

Starbucks to Go: Inside Galactica's Season 4 Preview Bash!

Battlestar Galactica's Lucy Lawless, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff and Edward James Olmos

Admiral Adama, President Roslin, Apollo and Kara finally made it to Earth. Well, at least to the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, California, where on Wednesday night stars and producers of Battlestar Galactica met with roughly 1,000 fans of the critically acclaimed Sci Fi Channel series. Rather than focus on the recently announced sad news that the show's upcoming fourth season, which begins in January, will also be its final one, cast, producers and devotees of the show spent hours praising the space opera's past — and contemplating its immediate future. Attendees erupted into applause upon seeing a trailer for Battlestar Galactica: Razor, a two-hour TV-movie that tells the stor read more

February 23, 2007: Bed, Bath and Voodoo

A heartfelt thank you for doing such a great job filling in for me last week. I had to play "catch up" all week, and prepare for Oscar weekend, so I just didn't have time to return. Once it was Friday, I thought... "well sheesh, by now, it's old news and... they all covered last week's episode so well... maaaan, they don't even need me!" Thank you also for wishing me well, because it definitely worked and I am feeling 100 percent again. Now then, let's get into the new episode. I really hope last week's promos didn't literally scare off too many of you, because this was one of my favorite episodes ever. At first, I was prepared to be annoyed that this was going to become a poor attempt to cash in on a popular horror franchise [zombies], or that it was about to become another "crime drama" mystery in an attempt to compete with Medium. Thankfully, this episode became one of the most creative and well written of the season, and I really had fun watching it.Judging from last week's comm... read more

Galactica's Jamie Bamber Visits a Heavenly Ghost

Jamie Bamber with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer

Normally he's seen as the rugged and commanding Lee "Apollo" Adama on Battlestar Galactica, but Jamie Bamber is taking a brief break from the skies for a guest-starring role on tonight's new Ghost Whisperer (8 pm/ET on CBS). TVGuide.com was even more excited to discover that the intergalactic star, who speaks with a dreamy British accent in real life, would be playing not one but two roles on the Jennifer Love Hewitt series. The sweet Bamber was excited to talk about his special appearance, as well as give a little look at the rest of the season of Battlestar. TVGuide.com: How did this role on Ghost Whisperer come about? Bamber: I just moved down to L read more

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