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Jubilee Feels Attacked On the Women Tell All
02:51 — Jami and Amber address a sensitive issue with Jubilee.
Week 3 Eliminations
02:31 — "I'm going to start adopting cats now." After Lace quits and Ben hands out roses to this week's lucky bachelorettes, the Bachelor says goodbye to Shus (more…)
The Bachelor 2016: Meet Jami
01:17 — Kaitlyn Bristowe has the perfect girl for Ben.
Keeping Up with the Steins - Trailer
A boys parents go a little meshuggah as they plan the ultimate bar mitzvah for him in order to outdo their neighbors in this comedy starring Jeremy Pi (more…)
Teen Allegedly Inspired by Horror Movie to Kill Sister, Mother
17-year-old Jake Evans is on trial for killing his teen sister Mallory and his mother Jami in October 2012. He reportedly watched the 2007 remake of ' (more…)
Equality Act Would Expand LGBT Protections
03:40 — In their first television interview, Jami and Krista Contreras talk to José Díaz-Balart about a pediatrician who denied medical access for their daugh (more…)
Jeff's Interview with Jami Gertz
20:21 — Jami Gertz was only 16 when she auditioned for the television show 'Square Pegs.' In this lively and fun interview with Jeff, she talks about her adju (more…)
Shaping Dominique Strauss-Kahn's courtroom image
03:08 — Criminal defense attorney Jami Floyd spoke with Rebecca Jarvis on how former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn will benefit from being released from ja (more…)
Baby Gorilla Finds Her Feet
Joanne is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's latest gorilla addition and she's learning to walk. The five-month-old is much livelier and she's sampling (more…)
Why Is It Such a Pain to Make Your Kids' Lunch?
With stronger restrictions on foods to bring into school and the push to give kids something healthy that they'll actually eat, preparing a school lun (more…)
Family Ties, Season 6
The sixth season of Family Ties begins with Alex finding a new romance with Lauren, played by Jami Gertz, a pretty psychology student. Their relations (more…)
Family Ties, Season 6
The sixth season of Family Ties begins with Alex finding a new romance with Lauren, played by Jami Gertz, a pretty psychology student. Their relations (more…)
Black Nativity Movie Review
06:14 — Leah, Jami, and Rachael discuss the holiday-themed musical, Black Nativity.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie Review
06:12 — Scott, Jami, and Sasha discuss the highly anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire.
Sabotage Movie Review
05:58 — Sean, Zorianna, and Jami discuss the dirty cop thriller, Sabotage.
Walking With Dinosaurs Movie Review
06:05 — Jami, Brenna, and Salim discuss the pre-historic cinematic adventure, Walking with Dinosaurs.
Tribute to Paul Walker
01:28 — Guest reviewer Jami Philbrick offers a touching and fitting tribute to actor Paul Walker.
Oscar Preview: Best Director Nominees for 2013
05:54 — Zorianna, Salim, and Jami discuss their picks for Best Director at the Oscars who should win and who WILL win! Starring Zorianna Kit, Salim Lemelle, (more…)
The Raid 2 Movie Review
05:45 — Jami, Aaron, and Salim discuss, The Raid 2, the sequel to the underrated action flick.
Attorney General meets with Baltimore leaders
Al Jazeera legal contributor Jami Floyd says Loretta Lynch's visit shows solidarity for all parties during the unrest
TooFab or TooDrab?! See The Best And Worst In Celebrity Street Style
toofab's Candice Brock and Anna Kachikyan chat with celebrity stylist Jami Block about their picks for the Best and Worst dressed 'street style' stars (more…)
Petraeus to plead guilty in leaking scandal
Al Jazeera America's legal analyst Jami Floyd discusses the charges and the sentencing of the former CIA director
(Movie Clip) That's Julio Iglesias
Rising gangster Johnny (Vincent Spano) has been making the rounds of the East Village, Manhattan neighborhood for which the movie is named, now introd (more…)
'Neighbors' Preview: Invading Alien Surburbia
TheInsider.com goes behind the scenes of one of the most creative new TV shows to debut this fall -- ABC's comedy The Neighbors. The show follows a fa (more…)
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