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Memory Perfume?
02:29 — A company in France has created a perfume that captures the scent of a loved one…specifically someone who has left this world.
Fighting Fire with Fire?
02:35 — The Doctors are joined by Los Angeles municipal fire fighter Clayton Holt to discuss a new invention in firefighting. Will it change the way we fight (more…)
Drs. Rx: Red or White Wine: Which One Increases Your Risk for Skin Cancer?
01:31 — The Doctors make it a little easier to decide between red and white.
Janice Dickinson Shares Her Experience with Cancer
01:33 — Former model Janice Dickinson joins The Doctors to discuss her experience undergoing a lumpectomy. To learn more about Janice’s specific type of breas (more…)
Child Paralyzed After Performing a Backbend
04:28 — One family’s nightmare came true when 5-year-old Eden became paralyzed after doing a backbend. Eden and her family join The Doctors to talk about Eden (more…)
Word of the Day: $250 Gift Card to Reverie
01:24 — It’s Million Dollar May and The Doctors are giving away over a million dollars’ worth of prizes. To enter for your chance to win a $250 gift card to R (more…)
Sex Toys for Kids?
05:14 — The Doctors discuss a recent article written by a mother of two girls who believes young girls should learn to pleasure themselves.
One Final Funder Games’ Contestant
03:28 — The Doctors are joined by Tera Christianson, creator of a kids clothing line featuring tattooed sleeves. To see who will win The Doctors first ever Fu (more…)
News in 2:00
02:08 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Word of the Day: It’s a 10 Hair Care Gift Package
01:40 — It's Million Dollar May and The Doctors are giving away over a million dollars worth of prizes. Enter for your chance to win!
The Biggest Loser’s Cheryl Forberg’s Guide to Losing Big
03:33 — Chef and nutritionist Cheryl Forberg from NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser” joins The Doctors to share some recipes from her new book “A Small Guide (more…)
Exclusive: Reality Star’s Horror Story!
05:11 — “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay and cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Rifkin join The Doctors to discuss Scheana’s scary accident and her road (more…)
Migraines Used to Ruin My Life: Meet the New Emilie!
02:58 — Migraine sufferer Emilie and Dr. Kenneth Reed, founder of Reed Migraine Centers, join The Doctors to discuss Emilie’s remarkable recovery.
Meet the Woman Who Lost Her Belly Button
02:37 — The Doctors are joined by Lori, a woman who woke up after surgery only to discover she no longer had a belly button. See the special surprises The Doc (more…)
Drs. Rx: The Easy Way to Tell Boiled Eggs from Raw Ones
01:14 — The Doctors reveal easy tricks to tell the difference between boiled and raw eggs.
Send Anonymous Cologne Wipes to Smelly Friends?
02:28 — The Doctors discuss a service that allows you to anonymously let your friend know that they smell. Would you ever use this?
Synthetic Marijuana Use Increasing?
04:45 — Also known as K2, synthetic marijuana is a mind-altering chemical that is smoked or vaporized. The Doctors discuss the dangers of this product, which (more…)
Are Selfies the New Password?
02:39 — MasterCard recently announced they are launching a new anti-identity theft initiative that has us snapping pics over entering passwords!
Extreme Dance Battle Gone Wrong
03:44 — “Fire Gal Flexi’s” underground dance battle competition went horribly wrong when she accidentally set herself on fire! Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann (more…)
Viral Toddler Shaming?
02:14 — The Doctors discuss the latest trend on social media – parents posting pictures of their toddlers up to no good. But could there be good news about me (more…)
Toilet Explodes While Woman Is on it
03:10 — The Doctors are joined by Angela, who was sitting on a toilet when it suddenly exploded. Check out her unbelievable story.
Woman Hides Poop for Love?
05:01 — The Doctors discuss a recent story of a woman who used the bathroom on a first date…only to find the toilet wouldn’t flush. What would you have done?
Is Your Makeup Sponge Unhealthy?
03:24 — The Doctors discuss a recent Reddit thread where people got curious about what’s lurking inside their makeup sponges. Are you properly cleaning yours?
Drs. Rx: What Surprising Thing Could Make Your Immune System Weaker?
01:26 — The Doctors reveal a common item that might be making you sick!
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