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Country Singer JT Hodges Shares About His Healthy Lifestyle
03:30 — JT joins The Doctors to talk about working out on the road and what motivates him to keep eating healthy and feeling good.
Pregnancy Phobia!?
04:07 — Melinda joins The Doctors to discuss her tokophobia, or fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Even though she’s pregnant herself, the sight of a pregnant (more…)
One Woman’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey
01:45 — Earlier in the season we met Nancy and shared her incredible weight loss story. To see Nancy undergo her skin removal surgery and see the results, cli (more…)
One Woman’s Stomach Post Skin Removal Surgery
04:43 — Nancy and plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn join The Doctors to discuss Nancy’s incredible skin removal surgery and to show off her amazing results.
Comedian Kym Whitley’s Reaction to Dr. Travis’s Beard
02:33 — Actress and comedian Kym Whitley gets up close and personal with Dr. Travis Stork’s facial hair.
Kym Whitley’s Allergy Solution
01:21 — Kym Whitley shares with The Doctors the clever way she keeps her son safe from consuming the foods he’s severely allergic to.
Robot Room Service?
02:34 — The Doctors and entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis discuss a company called Savioke that makes and sells robots designed for hotel delivery services. Could y (more…)
4 Secrets to Boost Nutrition & Lose Weight!
04:19 — The Doctors reveal some secret swaps to help you boost nutrition and shed some unwanted pounds.
News in 2:00
02:08 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Kim Kardashian’s Boob Trick!
02:45 — The Doctors discuss Kim Kardashians Instagram photo revealing the secret to her perfect red carpet cleavage.
One Baby’s Unbelievable Reaction to the Hiccups!
01:28 — The Doctors discuss a video of a 9-day-old baby with the best reaction to a case of the hiccups. Learn what you can do to help your baby with their hi (more…)
Get Fit on a Fake Pony?
04:07 — “Real Housewife” Heather Dubrow joins The Doctors to discuss a new toy that may actually have some spurring health benefits.
The Wonder Breast Lift!
03:50 — After losing over 100 pounds, Arena had insecurity and embarrassment about her breasts. She met with plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and underwent a (more…)
Sisters Incredible Makeover: Roopa’s Nose
03:47 — Last season we met Kristen who adopted two girls from India that The Doctors sent for facial reconstructive surgery. Kristen, Munni, Roopa, facial pro (more…)
One Woman’s Corrective Bulging Eye Surgery
04:18 — Ever since having a baby, Maria has suffered from Graves’ disease, which has caused her eyes to bulge and swell to a point where her eyelids no longer (more…)
What Makes Icelanders So Healthy?
03:38 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon visits a farm and chats with farmer and chef Solvi Arnarsson to see what makes Icelanders so healthy. Of course, it a (more…)
Iceland’s Best Kept Health Secrets
04:29 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon travels to Iceland, one of the healthiest countries in the world, to unlock their secrets! His first stop is Blue Lag (more…)
Mother Refuses Treatment for Son with Cancer?
04:49 — Board certified oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro joins The Doctors to discuss a heartbreaking story of a mother who’s refusing treatment for her son with (more…)
Word of the Day: Mira-Skin Starter Kit
01:27 — It's Million Dollar May and The Doctors are giving away over a million dollars’ worth of prizes. To enter for your chance to win a Mira-Skin starter k (more…)
New Parents Shocked by Their Baby’s Unexpected Diagnosis
03:36 — Jeff and Elizabeth join The Doctors to discuss their son William who was diagnosed with Pierson Syndrome. The two started The Champ Foundation to help (more…)
Simple Ways to Reduce Stress Now
05:15 — Psychologist Dr. Zelana Montminy, author of “21 Days of Resilience,” joins The Doctors to share some ways to distress and overcome life’s challenges.
Molly Sims on the Importance of Being Nice
02:37 — Model and actress Molly Sims joins The Doctors to discuss her modeling career and the importance of being nice.
Drs. Rx: Who Needs More Sleep: Men or Women?
01:31 — The Doctors reveal which sex needs more sleep at night. The answer might surprise you.
Weightlifter Hurls during Deadlift
02:41 — The Doctors are joined by Brianna who successfully deadlifted 347 pounds but not without losing her lunch.
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