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Elementary School ‘Kill’ List?
03:38 — The Doctors are joined by two parents of a child from Lake Mathews Elementary School in Riverside, CA, where another student is accused of bringing a (more…)
A Sex Toy with Breakup Insurance?
03:40 — The Doctors discuss a sex toy that comes with an insurance policy that allows you return it for a new toy in the event of a breakup with your partner.
Is Town’s Pink Water Safe?
03:42 — Following the news of a Canadian town’s water turning pink – from potassium permanganate – The Doctors welcome the Water Quality Association’s Executi (more…)
Wedding Surprises for Engaged Couple Including a Message from Country Duo Dan + Shay
04:31 — After sharing their amazing engagement story with The Doctors, Jamacio and Kayla are treated to a slew of amazing gifts to help with their upcoming we (more…)
Drs. Rx: The Diet That Could Cut Breast Cancer Risk
01:40 — The Doctors discuss the research that found The Mediterranean Diet – lean meats, plant-based proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables – ca (more…)
Woman Who Never Lost Her Baby Teeth
02:06 — Tyrica has been bullied and teased because she never lost her baby teeth. After her friend Pat contacted The Doctors, she bravely comes forward and op (more…)
Man Proposes to Girlfriend after Surviving Horrific Car Accident
03:47 — Jamacio was involved in a terrible accident, but his trip to the emergency room did not stop him from asking Kayla to marry him. The happy couple join (more…)
Lipstick for Your Lady Parts?
02:37 — The Doctors weigh in on a lipstick for down there. Are there any concerns about this type of product?
Drs. Rx: Can Pink Noise While Sleeping Help Your Memory?
01:25 — You have heard of white noise, but find out the reported benefits of pink noise.
Strep Throat Causes Loss of Limbs?
05:08 — The Doctors welcome Kevin and his wife Julie. Kevin is only 1 of 2 cases in men where strep from a throat infection traveled to the stomach, which in (more…)
Grow Your Own Medicine Cabinet
02:42 — The Doctors are joined by Biodynamic Farmer Alice Bamford, author of “One Gun Ranch, Malibu: Biodynamic Recipes for Vibrant Living,” to share how the (more…)
Loose Skin Removal Makeover Reveal!
04:04 — Amanda joins The Doctors to show off the amazing results of skin removal surgery by plastic surgeons Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Ritu Chopra.
Mind-Blowing Makeovers; Unbelievable Keloid Removal; Extreme Excess Skin Surgery
00:30 — It’s a makeover spectacular! A woman loses six feet of excess skin! A man tormented by large keloids that ballooned across his face undergoes a medica (more…)
Rosie Mercado’s Big Changes Since Starting Dr. Travis’ ‘The Lose Your Belly Diet’
01:48 — Find out the progress Rosie has made on Dr. Travis’ “The Lose Your Belly Diet” and more about her fitness and weight loss goals.
Travis Barker; Drs Exclusive: Doug The Pug’s Health Scare; The Drs Investigate: Processed Meat
00:30 — Blink 182 Drummer Travis Barker opens up about his rock star life and the serious health issues that came with fame! In a Doctors Exclusive, Instagram (more…)
Drs’ Exclusive: Hero Who Took Bullet for a Stranger; America’s Most Amazing Nurse; What’s The Real Deal: Omega 3 Supplements
00:30 — In an exclusive interview, The Doctors sit down with the hero who attempted to stop the gunman in the Kansas Bar Shooting. What lead him to take a bul (more…)
Hope for Woman with Extreme Needle Phobia?
03:32 — Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow guides Amy through exposure therapy in hopes of conquering her fear of needles.
Drs. Update: Did Lauren Beat Her Bulimia Struggle?
04:11 — Lauren returns to The Doctors to share an update on her eating disorder battle.
Wendy 'The Snapple Lady' Reveals Food Addiction
02:51 — Wendy “The Snapple Lady” comes to The Doctors to reveal her food addiction. She is hoping a life change can help with her slew of medical issues, whic (more…)
A Massage from a Snake?!
03:38 — The Doctors and veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward weigh in on a salon’s unusual massage – it involves a ball python snake wrapped around the neck!
Exclusive: Groundbreaking Face Transplant
04:29 — The Doctors welcome Plastic Surgeon Dr. Samir Mardini, the Surgical Director for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery at the Mayo Clinic, to discuss Andy (more…)
Woman Survives Being Nearly Beaten to Death by Ex-Husband
04:21 — The Doctors meet Brandi, who suffered a horrible attack by her now ex-husband, which could have easily killed her. The brave survivor and daughter Tay (more…)
Surprise for Woman Who Survived Being Nearly Beaten to Death by Ex-Husband
01:49 — In an effort to help Brandi with her mounting medical bills, spine surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed surprises Brandi with a generous gift that is sure to he (more…)
The Plan to Restore Brandi’s Vision after Brutal Attack
04:23 — Eye surgeons Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler and Dr. Kenneth Wright gift Brandi with a pair of special glasses which will allow her to see until she undergoes (more…)
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