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Wed Aug 31 1:00pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesTool Duel(Season 1, Episode 4) NIK

Crusher swipes Gabby's tools, so she asks Blaze to help her recover them.

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Wed Aug 31 1:30pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesTreasure Track(Season 2, Episode 12) NIK

Blaze goes on a treasure hunt with AJ, Gabby and Pegwheel the Pirate-Truck.

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Wed Aug 31 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Ava surprises Paul with a request; Diana counsels Alexis; Finn comes to Hayden's defense.

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Thu Sep 1 1:00pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesThe Mystery Bandit(Season 1, Episode 12) NIK

A metallic trophy is swiped from Blaze, so he searches for the bandit who took it.

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Thu Sep 1 1:30pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesThe Jungle Horn(Season 1, Episode 8) NIK

Crusher snatches Stripes' beloved jungle horn, which is used to gather all of the jungle animals.

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Thu Sep 1 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Jordan makes an arrest; Sabrina has an honest conversation with Michael; Carly is determined to help out Nelle.

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Fri Sep 2 1:00pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesDinosaur Parade(Season 2, Episode 14) NIK

A parade full of dinosaurs march through the city, but they get dispersed when Crusher intrudes on their procession.

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Fri Sep 2 1:30pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesFive Alarm Blaze(Season 2, Episode 10) NIK

A fire breaks out on the bridge and the fire chief needs Blaze's assistance to put it out.

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Fri Sep 2 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Sabrina impresses Monica; Nina's emotions get the best of her; Naomi issues a warning to Franco.

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Sun Sep 4 1:30pm
JessieG.I. Jessie(Season 2, Episode 26) DISNEY

The second season ends with Jessie returning home to Texas and excited to introduce the Ross kids to her military dad. But she is shocked to learn that her father is engaged to her high-school rival's mother.

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Mon Sep 5 8:30am
Blaze and the Monster MachinesRace to the Top of the World NIK

Blaze and his pals compete in an ambitious race to the top of the world, but Crusher sets them off course. Nevertheless, they carry on, encountering pirates and sphinx along the way.

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Mon Sep 5 2:00pm
General Hospital ABC

The classic Gloria Monty soap charting the trials of Port Charles' medical center. Even daytime naysayers tuned in to see the celebrated nuptials of supercouple Luke and Laura, who scored covers of both Time and Newsweek during the same month. Over time, t (more…)

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Tue Sep 6 8:30am
Blaze and the Monster MachinesRace to Eagle Rock(Season 2, Episode 16) NIK

A car race gets underway in VelocityVille, where Blaze is joined by his monster truck pals. However, Crusher tries to manipulate the outcome by setting traps along the racecourse.

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Tue Sep 6 1:30pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesDarington to the Moon!(Season 2, Episode 8) NIK

Darington needs energy for his rocket in order to accomplish his trek to the moon, so Blaze helps him recharge his rocket's battery.

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Tue Sep 6 2:00pm
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Wed Sep 7 8:30am
Blaze and the Monster MachinesRocket Ski Rescue(Season 2, Episode 13) NIK

Crusher's grandma visits to see him in a race at the Monster Dome. However, Crusher blasts off the racetrack when his plan to cheat goes awry.

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Wed Sep 7 1:30pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesFired Up!(Season 2, Episode 1) NIK

In the second-season opener, Blaze smells smoke and gets his pals to safety, prompting a fire chief to encourage Blaze to become a firefighter.

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Wed Sep 7 2:00pm
Thu Sep 8 7:00am
It's Complicated USA

A divorced couple rediscover their passion for one another after their son's college graduation and must deal with the complications posed by their current love interests.

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Thu Sep 8 8:30am
Blaze and the Monster MachinesCattle Drive(Season 1, Episode 18) NIK

A herd of cattle must be corralled and taken to Starla's barn.

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Thu Sep 8 1:30pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesAxle City Grand Prix(Season 2, Episode 11) NIK

Gabby helps Blaze prep for a race with a remote control, but Crusher swipes the gadget and uses it to slow down Blaze.

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Thu Sep 8 2:00pm
Fri Sep 9 8:30am
Blaze and the Monster MachinesDino Dash(Season 2, Episode 2) NIK

Zeg lands in a mud pit located far away, so Blaze and AJ try to rescue him by using a new engineering design inspired by their dinosaur-truck pals.

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Fri Sep 9 1:30pm
Blaze and the Monster MachinesSneezing Cold(Season 1, Episode 20) NIK

Gabby, Blaze and AJ race back from the wilderness when they learn Blaze's friends have come down with a odd sickness and need medicine.

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