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Survivor "Redneck" Sounds Off

Ulong lost immunity again on last week's Survivor: Palau, spelling the end for yet another tribe member. This time it was mumbling James Miller, the 33-year-old Alabaman who insisted they'd win the rope-knotting challenge thanks to his Navy background. When TVGuide.com met him in New York City to ask what went wrong, we got quite a bit more than we bargained for. Despite weather in the mid-30s, James arrived wearing only ripped jeans and a T-shirt. The self-proclaimed "redneck" also brought along a charming accessory — his tough-talking stripper wife, Brandi, whose skimpy attire was also seasonally inappropriate and who sat in his lap during the entire interview.

TVGuide.com: You seem underprepared for today's frosty temperature.
James Miller:
I know it. I'm a redneck and we come out of 61 degrees [back home], and I'm thinking we'll be all right. Uh-uh. I froze my ass off.

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Are Survivor's Kim and Jeff in Love?

Forget The Apprentice. The real test of book smarts vs. street smarts played out on last week's Survivor: Palau, where the Ulong tribe's never-ending losing streak forced the remaining members to choose between the well-educated Kim Mullen and James Miller, an often unintelligible steel worker. The tribe opted to off Kim — a 25-year-old grad student from Ohio — because of her tendency to rest on her duff while others busted their butts. Here, she rings up TVGuide.com to defend her lazy ways and set the record straight about canoodling with fellow reject Jeff Wilson. TVGuide.com: Where did you go wrong?Kim Mullen: Let's see... Where did it go right? It started off good and then just went downhill. If I had done my part and won my match in thread more


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2006 The Santa Clause 3 Movie, Exec. Producer
2005 Survivor TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
2004 Union Square Movie, Actor
2002 The Santa Clause 2 Movie, Exec. Producer
1994 The Santa Clause Movie, Exec. Producer

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