James Gammon



Nash Bridges' James Gammon Dies

James Gammon

James Gammon, who played Don Johnson's father in Nash Bridges, has died of cancer, The Associated Press reports. He was 70.

A character actor, Gammon got his start in the NBC series The Road West in 1966. He's well remembered for his roles in... read more

March 15, 2007: Scars and Souvenirs

When Michael Ausiello teased us that one of six possible plot twists would happen in tonight's episode, I was oh-so-hoping it wasn't going to be the "Izzie and George will hook up" option. Ugh! Not that I myself haven't done stupid things while being overly intoxicated — haven't we all? Well... if the two best friends had to end up naked in the same bed (we don't yet have actual evidence that any sexual acts occurred), I'm just glad alcohol was involved. Will either of them remember the details? We shall see. But the first thing I thought when they drunkenly gazed at each other (right before they cut quickly to the next scene) was: "Lame." First he gets to shag Meredith. Now Izzie? But hey — I love this show, so I accept silly things like Meredith recovering way too quickly from her temporary death. Best line was earlier when Callie accused Izzie of having feelings for George, and George then described Izzie to Callie: "She's blonde. She's stacked. She's a supermodel. I'm ... read more

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