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Henstridge Helps David James Elliott Make Impact

Natasha Henstridge by Mike Marsland/ WireImage.com

Was Catherine Bell busy? Natasha Henstridge (Eli Stone) will join JAG alum David James Elliott in Impact, a two-part TV disaster movie about a dwarf star (or, to be politcally correct, "little person star") that strikes the moon and thus wreaks havoc on Earth. James Cromwell is also onboard, leading me to suspect that a talking pig may factor into the world's salvation.The $14 million miniseries began shooting last week, says Variety, and also stars Benjamin Sadler and Florentine Lahme. — MWMRelated:• JAG's David James Elliott Makes an Impact read more

Oliver Stone Casts W's Parents

James Cromwell will play President George Herbert Walker Bush and Ellen Burstyn will play Barbara Bush in W Oliver Stones biopic about the current President Bushs formative years according to Variety Cromwell and Burstyn join Josh Brolin in the title role and Elizabeth Banks as First Lady Laura BushProducers hope to fast-track the film into theaters before the November presidential elections Mickey OConnor read more

Are the producers of 24 ...

Question: Are the producers of 24 completely clueless? In a season with no surprises and very little originality, why do they continue to blow any suspense by listing "unexpected" characters in the guest credits before the program begins? In the past two weeks, the appearances of William Devane and James Cromwell, respectively, might have caused us to sit up (or even wake up) if we had not known they were coming. Who didn't figure out Jack's father was the one calling the shots in that ludicrous invasion on CTU (the most porous place on earth) once Cromwell's name appeared in the credits? 24 can't afford to miss even one opportunity to surprise its audience, yet it continues to sabotage itself. Why? Answer: At this point in the game, why ask why? Let's just tough it out like grown-ups and wait for the show to reinvent itself next season. The William Devane moment (a restraining order against Jack? Really?) was so absurd that I didn't care that they blew the reveal, but it's true that ... read more

Come on, admit it, Michael, ...

Question: Come on, admit it, Michael, didn't you half expect James Cromwell to say, "There, there, pig" when he was trying to convince Paul McCrane not to kill Jack on 24?

Answer: Send me your address. You just earned yourself an Ausiello Scoop. Nice work!

read more

Hot Topic: Meet the Bauers

Nothing brings a family together like a bunch of purloined suitcase nukes. Or so we gather from 24 this season, which apparently has split the fan base over whether it was a good idea to reveal the Big Bad from this and last season to be Jack Bauer’s own brother: the sniveling Graem—played by one of TV’s most reliable go-to villains, former ER irritant Paul McCrane. (Think maybe Jack can arrange for a helicopter to fall on this creep as well?)As usual, I’m willing to go along for the ride, trusting it won’t take us into Kim Bauer-meets-the-cougar territory. This storyline is just the latest of many risks taken by this show, which has ruthlessly killed off favorite characters (starting with the death of Jack’s wife Teri at the end of the first season) and brought Jack back from the dead, both literally and figuratively, prompting allegations of shark-jumping almost from the start. To which I say, and always have said: Phooey!I loved the way they revealed... read more

January 29, 2007: Day 6: 11 am — 12 pm

Im glad we can all finally put our cards on the table Something tells me we havent seen the half of it there Gray I must confess Im feeling a little bummed out as we approach lunchtime for Jack Bauer Seriously hes been living on rice and pain for almost two years can somebody get this guy a Fatburger Hour six went down almost entirely in favor of the bad guys Walid took a near-fatal beating from terrorist sympathizers who didnt even have any real information Karen Hayes tendered her resignation after that bastard Tom Lennox threatened to destroy her and her husbands career Nadia and CTU as a whole fell victim to Lennoxs no-holds-barred racial profiling and of course Jack and his father are mere moments from being executed at the hands of baby brother Gray Im not actually sure which ones the younger Bauer brother but after that masterful attempt at tears-in-the-face-of-pummeling my gut says Graems spent his entire life trying to fill Jacks sh read more

Six Feet Star: Mad as Hell?

Viewers aren't the only ones shocked by Six Feet Under's plot twists. Sometimes the actors are, too.

Take James Cromwell, who's not crazy about George's recent descent into madness. "They didn't tell me what was going to happen to this guy — all of a sudden, he started to fall to pieces, and I had no idea," gripes Cromwell, whose character undergoes electroshock therapy this season. "I'm not used to working this way. I like to know when I'm being led somewhere."

Cromwell thinks he's earned the right to be warned of such a sudden switcheroo. "S---, I've been doing this for 40 years," he says. "I'm not a goof. I understand if you've got a 19-year-old kid who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, but people spend their lives doing this. It doesn't add any more life to keep actors out of the loop.

"I have quibbles with writers running shows," Cromwell adds, pointedly referring to SFU creator Alan Ball. "Writers are belitt read more

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