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Web Exclusive: LensCrafters Take a Break
01:36 — While covering a LensCrafters employee's shift for the afternoon, James Corden meets a customer shopping for sunglasses, which turns into tips for how (more…)
Awkward Hugs with Chris Pine
01:47 — After James calls Chris Pine out on his unusual hugging posture, the two work on their form.
Honest Headlines
01:59 — James Corden presents actual news headlines and follows them up with what the article was really trying to say.
Sen. Ted Cruz Overshadows Gov. Mike Pence at RNC
04:42 — James looks at the third night of the Republican National Convention, highlighted by Sen. Ted Cruz's lack of a Donald Trump endorsement overshadowing (more…)
Chris Pine Can't Stop Eating
03:33 — After James plays a clip of 'Star Trek's Zoe Saldana saying her co-star Chris Pine constantly eats, Chris makes good on his reputation and shares a sa (more…)
Aaron Sorkin Has a Super Power
01:17 — Aaron Sorkin reveals his power to influence streetlights, as they shut off when he drives under them, and James offers him some advice on how to parla (more…)
The Talk - 'The Talk' Reveals Surprise 'Carpool Karaoke' Guest 'Melania Trump!'
05:35 — First lady Michelle Obama rode with James Corden for the latest 'Carpool Karaoke' on 'The Late Late Show.' The two sang along to Stevie Wonder and Bey (more…)
How Long Will Cheryl Hines' Emu Live?
02:06 — James asks Cheryl Hines about her collection of pets, including an emu that likely won't be going away for a while.
Take a Break: LensCrafters
09:31 — James Corden heads to a local LensCrafters to give an employee a break, and immediately pivots to outfitting customers with glasses and administering (more…)
Michelle Obama Crushes It On "Carpool Karaoke"
01:40 — Check out the 5 things you may have missed from the First Lady's awesome ride with James Corden. Was the Secret Service on their tail? Watch!
Audience Q&A: The Medium
06:22 — James Corden takes a few moments to field a few questions from the audience before a spiritual medium connects James with a late aunt.
First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke
14:37 — James Corden's White House tour takes an unthinkable turn when First Lady Michelle Obama joins him for a drive around the grounds singing Stevie Wonde (more…)
Shoplifting Stories w/ Zoe Saldana & Julia Stiles
02:05 — James asks Zoe Saldana and Julia Stiles about growing up in New York City, and how it ultimately led to both of them having shoplifting incidents as c (more…)
Lewis Del Mar: Loud(y)
04:19 — Late Late Show music guest Lewis Del Mar performs "Loud(y)."
Save the Last Dance for Paul Feig
03:03 — After asking Zoe Saldana and Julia Stiles to compare acting and dancing, James asks Paul Feig to recreate his dance sequence from "Ski Patrol."
Recapping the Opening Night of the Republican National Convention
02:02 — James Corden recaps the opening night of the Republican National Convention that featured Donald Trump's dramatic entrance.
Watch Michelle Obama Dance To Beyonce In Carpool Karaoke
00:35 — James Corden found a way to get political and have fun by inviting first lady Michelle Obama to do beloved sketch "Carpool Karaoke" during the week of (more…)
Taking a Page Out of Melania Trump's Playbook
03:36 — James Corden looks at Melania Trump's possible excuses for plagiarism charges stemming from her RNC speech in the only way he knows how: a Top 10 coun (more…)
James Corden Enters the Kanye-Kim-Taylor Drama
03:16 — After explaining the drama behind Kim Kardashian leaking a tape of Kanye West and Taylor Swift talking about "Famous" - James reveals he and Kanye had (more…)
SWMRS: Figuring It Out
03:48 — Late Late Show music guest SWMRS performs "Figuring It Out."
What Band Would Juliette Lewis Join?
01:03 — Reggie Watts asks Juliette Lewis to pick a band she would join - anything after 1982 isn't in play.
Emoji News
06:37 — James quizzes his audience on current events by only showing headlines in emoji form and makes them guess the story's details.
Zachary Quinto's Epic Chico's Selfie Story
01:28 — James asks Zachary Quinto about his recent travels that ended with him taking a selfie in a Chico's store that was noticed by top brass.
Welcoming Gov. Mike Pence & Scott Baio to the GOP Spotlight
03:04 — After looking into Donald Trump's vice presidential pick, James can't help but wonder how Scott Baio's Republican National Convention speech will go o (more…)
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