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Season 6: Doctor Who: Season 6 Trailer
01:06 — The 6-disc set combines all 13 episodes of the new season from award-winning lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock, The Adventure (more…)
'Empire' Season Finale Recap
04:08 — James takes a moment to recap his favorite moments from the 'Empire' season finale, with a special appearance from boo boo kitty.
Jerrod Carmichael Solves ALL of His Problems in the Shower
02:08 — When James asks Jerrod Carmichael about his writing process, he learns most of his accomplishments start in very long showers.
Good News If You're Going to be Hit by a Google Car
03:09 — James takes a closer look at a Google patent for adhesive that would attempt to minimize injuries for anyone hit by a car.
Ziggy Marley: Weekend's Long
04:28 — Late Late Show music guest Ziggy Marley performs "Weekend's Long."
James Corden to Donald Trump: You're the Man
02:39 — After James asks Katie Couric about her relationship with Donald Trump, he recalls a party in New York where he told Donald multiple times he was the (more…)
Donald Trump Takes on Pope Francis
02:38 — James Corden takes a closer look at Donald Trump's hot new feud, this time with Pope Francis and The Vatican.
The People v. OJ: Where's My 'Brentwood Hello'?
05:38 — James is excited to recap another episode of "The People v. OJ Simpson" and introduces a Snoop Dogg-David Schwimmer 'juice' mashup.
Miguel Didn't Always Get the Ladies
03:41 — James chats with R&B singer Miguel about going home for a special performance and his upcoming wedding.
Reggie's Question: Casey Affleck & Lucy Hale
01:53 — Reggie Watts has a few questions for Casey Affleck and Lucy Hale about Earth's future and teleporting as a pigeon.
Ray Romano Loves His British Accent
03:35 — When Ray Romano explains how the writers he worked with on "Everybody Loves Raymond" made him showcase his British accent, James and Gary Oldman put h (more…)
Fast Food War Hits New Heights
03:04 — After he discovers what heights Pizza Hut climbed for a delivery, James looks at Wendy's attempt to make fast food automated.
Prince's Passport Photo Is Everything You'd Expect
02:27 — James can't get over the aura that's captured in Prince's passport photo and digs up other notable passport photos, including Bernie Sanders, Taylor S (more…)
Khloe Kardashian On The People v. O. J. Simpson
02:42 — Khloe discusses the accuracy of American Crime Story and her memories from that time.
The Walking Dead Pranks & Exploding Crossbow Arrows w/ Norman Reedus
01:55 — James asks Norman Reedus about his chicken prank on Andrew Lincoln while filming The Walking Dead, and Reggie has a question about Daryl Dixon's famed (more…)
Vegas Mystery Room Service Leads to Love
10:34 — James heads to the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas to deliver room service, giving customers a choice between their order or a mystery experience, and his (more…)
Freida Pinto, Saffron Burrows & James: a Couch of Models
01:26 — James admires the beauty of his guests, Freida Pinto and Saffron Burrows, before showing an old chewing gum commercial featuring Freida.
Has Anyone Rescued Gov. Chris Christie?
03:05 — James Corden recaps the top stories from Super Tuesday and can't help but wonder if Gov. Chris Christie is regretting his decision to endorse Donald T (more…)
Gerard Butler Nearly Lost His Aunt at a Premiere
05:07 — After talking to Will Forte and Gerard Butler about pranks on their sets, Gerard recalls the time he thought his aunt died at a premiere (she didn't).
Elle King on the Grammys & Her Engagement
03:27 — Elle King recalls a wardrobe malfunction while attending the Grammys and tells James about her engagement under the Golden Gate Bridge.
Celebrity Sightings w/ Katie Couric, Gillian Jacobs & Anders Holm
02:59 — James asks his guests about celebrity sightings in Los Angeles, and Katie Couric has a few big ones.
You'll Need All of Facebook's New Emojis for Trump
04:58 — After looking at the launch of Facebook's new emoji options, James looks at Donald Trump's continued rise in popularity.
Reggie's Picks: The Academy Awards
02:54 — James asks band leader Reggie Watts for his picks on some of the upcoming Oscars, including how many times Chris Rock will drop an F-bomb.
What Was So "Super" About Tuesday?
04:10 — James Corden looks Donald Trump's big performance on Super Tuesday, despite some hiccups that would ordinarily leave a political candidate in hot wate (more…)
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