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What's coming up for Danny and Lindsay for the end of this season of CSI: NY? — Christina
ADAM: I know what executive producer Pam Veasey told me: "The season finale will involve a big, big event for Danny and Lindsay. I'll just leave it at that." Hmm, well, since Shane Casey is most likely involved, should fans of the couple be worried about them? "Yes," Veasey says. "It's something that will make them go, 'Oh my goodness!' That will be their response."

Express yourself about the Madonna episode of Glee. — Shamus
MICKEY: Would you believe it's about, like, virgins? At least three main characters will... read more

Battlestar Galactica Alum Joins Eureka

James Callis

Battlestar Galactica star James Callis is sticking with Syfy.

The actor has been cast as a new regular in the network's most popular original series, Eureka.

Battlestar Galactica's James Callis joins FlashForward

In the dramedy, the 38-year-old Callis will play ... read more

Battlestar Galactica's James Callis Joins FlashForward

James Callis

James Callis, best known as Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica, has been cast in a recurring role on FlashForward, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

Although few details are available about Callis' character, the actor, 38, will appear in a big role in several of the season's last episodes... read more

Battlestar Vet Goes Very, Very Bad for Numbers Finale

James Callis with Rob Morrow

Guest star James Callis (Battlestar Galactica's Dr. Gaius Baltar) plus a straggly wig and a dash of Charles Manson adds up to a very chilling episode of CBS' Numbers, as the hit CBS drama winds down its fifth season. The British actor offered a look inside the creation of the charismatic sociopath who dared to abduct Charlie's sweetheart, Amita.

TVGuide.com: Rob Morrow had told me you were virtually unrecognizable in this role, and I have to wholeheartedly agree.
James Callis: How great is that? 

TVGuide.com: Have you ever been this hirsute?
Callis: I think I have been hairier, possibly, in a few other gigs. But half of that was mine and half was borrowed. I bet you could tell which half was which! [The producers and I] were of the same mindset that ... read more

Shocking Preview: Battlestar Galactica's Cylons Go to Extremes

Tricia Helfer and James Callis, Battlestar Galactica

Acting on Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica (Fridays at 9 pm/ET) can be torture. Case in point: Fan favorite James Callis is lying in a beautiful, zen-like chamber on the show's soundstage in Vancouver, but the visual serenity of the locale is repeatedly shattered by his head-splitting screams. This week's episode finds Callis' character, Gaius Baltar, held prisoner by the Cylons, who suspect he has information about a virus that could kill them. When a full-body electroshock — administered by the ruthless Cylon ringleader D'Anna (Lucy Lawless) — doesn't elicit the desired confession, she chooses a wicked-looking item that pierces the eardrum. His screaming begins anew. After three-plus hours of this sadism, lunch is called, read more

What Makes Baltar Tick on Galactica?

James Callis

Some sci-fi fans may go ga-ga for the long-limbed beauties who populate fictional otherworlds, but it is a dark-haired Brit of short stature who manages to elicit the biggest roars from Battlestar Galactica enthusiasts. James Callis, who plays shifty scientist and Colonial Vice President Gaius Baltar, has won over viewers with his witty line-readings and steamy couplings with the sultry Cylon Number Six. (Battlestar colleagues say Callis is the on-set comic, as well.) TVGuide.com chatted with the amiable actor on the Sci Fi Channel series' Vancouver set. TVGuide.com: Baltar is getting more Cylon and less human every day. How is he is changing this season?James Callis: A backlog of uncharted guilt starts to plug up the system. It's like a boomerang that has come back; the thing has been thrown out, and it's final read more

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