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The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three - Trailer
00:22 — Exciting thriller about a trainful of New York City passengers taken hostage by hijackers demanding a million dollars.
Dog Day Afternoon - Official Trailer
01:32 — Al Pacino and John Cazale play two hapless bank robbers who are in over their heads when it all goes wrong.
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three - Official Trailer
02:27 — Exciting thriller about a trainful of New York City passengers taken hostage by hijackers demanding a million dollars.
Alice's Restaurant - Official Trailer
03:40 — A cinematic adaption of Arlo Guthrie's classic song story.
(Movie Clip) Group W
Part two of the draft board adventure as Arlo (Guthrie) is sent to Group W, where M. Emmet Walsh is the officer in charge, from Arthur Penn's Alice's (more…)
(Movie Clip)
Senior pathologist Pearson (Fredric March, George Segal his aide) wowing the new nurses, his rival-in-waiting Coleman (Ben Gazzara) and nurse Cathy (I (more…)
(Movie Clip) Attica!
Bank robber Sonny (Al Pacino), now holding hostages, rallies the Brooklyn crowd, citing the infamous 1971 prison riot, after an obscene in-person conf (more…)
(Movie Clip) Fiorello LaGuardia
Warren the deputy mayor (Tony Roberts) takes charge as Al the mayor (Lee Wallace) and his wife (Doris Roberts) consider whether to pay ransom in Josep (more…)
(Movie Clip) Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger is visiting hospitalized Woody Guthrie (played by Joseph Noble) this time, performing Pastures of Plenty and The Car Song, when son Arlo d (more…)
(Movie Clip) He Can't Make It
Following credits establishing Brooklyn, NY, August 22, 1972, Sonny (Al Pacino), Sal (John Cazale) and hesitant Stevie (Gary Springer) begin their ban (more…)
(Movie Clip) Listen Trainmaster
Jaded New York transit cop Garber (Walter Matthau) loses face with Japanese guests, hijacker Blue (Robert Shaw) contacts trainmaster Frank (Kenneth Mc (more…)
(Movie Clip) Reenie
Arlo (Guthrie), back in New York on a gig, meets teenage groupie Reenie (Shelley Plimpton) who takes him home, but he doesn't want to catch her cold, (more…)
(Movie Clip) Nerve Center
Transit cop Zach Garber (Walter Matthau) introduces Lt. Patrone (Jerry Stiller) as he shows Tokyo subway officials the inner-workings of the New York (more…)
(Movie Clip) Songs To Aging Children
A bundled Joni Mitchell performs Songs to Aging Children at the snowy funeral for Shelly, with Alice (Pat Quinn), Ray (James Broderick) and friends at (more…)
(Movie Clip) Taking Your Train
Mr. Blue (Robert Shaw), Green (Martin Balsam), Grey (Hector Elizondo) and Brown (Earl Hindman) take the train in the dramatic opening of director Jose (more…)
(Movie Clip) Woody
Arlo Guthrie (playing himself) visits his dying folksinger father Woody (played by Joseph Boley) and mother Marjorie (Sylvia Davis) in a New York hosp (more…)
(Movie Clip) Deconsecration
Ray (James Broderick) and Alice (Pat Quinn) wait as the church they've bought is deconsecrated, and pal Arlo (Guthrie) arrives, in Arthur Penn's Alice (more…)
(Movie Clip) Excepting Alice...
Arlo (Guthrie) pulls out, Ray (James Broderick) says goodbye, and Alice (Pat Quinn) in her wedding dress is seen in Arthur Penn's famous closing shot (more…)
Dog Day Afternoon - (Original Trailer)
The newsy original trailer for Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon, 1975.
(Movie Clip) Draft Board
Arlo (Guthrie) visits Whitehall Street and the draft board, in director Arthur Penn's comic expression of the scenes from the famous song, from Alice' (more…)
(Movie Clip) Girdles Feel Funny
Arlo (Guthrie) gets money for Ray (James Broderick) and Shelly (Matthew McClanathan) from club owner Ruth (Eulalie Noble), who then solicits Arlo, who (more…)
(Movie Clip) These Promises I Make Freely
Nifty opening, microbes and graphics, the friendly voice offering pieces of the Hippocratic Oath is Ronald Reagan, some kid named Hal Ashby gets an ed (more…)
(Movie Clip) It's For You
Having bungled trying to burn the traveler's check register, bank robber Sonny (Al Pacino) and partner Sal (John Cazale) learn from the manager (Sully (more…)
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