Sun Aug 30 5:35am
Flight of the ConchordsWhat Goes on Tour(Season 1, Episode 9) HBO

Murray finds the resources to take the band on the road before a gig in Central Park, but the trip is jeopardized by Bret and Jemaine when they meet a women's water-polo team in an airport bar.

Mon Aug 31 5:40am
Flight of the ConchordsWingmen(Season 2, Episode 9) HBO2

Bret asks for help from Jemaine and Dave with a romantic pursuit; Murray has second thoughts about making Greg a scapegoat.

Wed Sep 2 1:15pm
Flight of the ConchordsBret Gives Up the Dream(Season 1, Episode 2) HBO2

A lack of gigs forces Bret to get a job, leaving Murray to consider finding another partner for Jemaine.

Mon Sep 7 5:30am
Flight of the ConchordsNew Fans(Season 1, Episode 10) HBO

A local world-music gig nets the band two more fans, but Mel isn't convinced that they're true believers.