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NYPD Releases Video of James Blake Arrest
06:27 — Chris Hayes talks to NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams about the disturbing video of tennis star James Blake's false arrest by the NYPD.
Natalie Portman Bares Baby Bump in Lingerie During James Blake's New Music Video
01:08 — The 35-year-old actress stars in Blake's latest video, 'My Willing Heart.'
James Blake Allegedly Tackled by NYPD in Mistaken Bust
01:51 — In a case of mistaken identity, U.S. tennis star James Blake was tackled, handcuffed and detained by the NYPD.
Mistaken Identity: Tennis Star James Blake Slammed to Ground by NYPD
00:39 — The former tennis star was standing outside a hotel in New York when undercover police officers mistook him for a suspect.
James Blake Says NYPD Cop Who Mistakenly Arrested Him Shouldn't Get Badge Back
01:57 — For former Tennis star James Blake, watching the video of his arrest is difficult and he says of the officer who arrested him, “there are some NFL guy (more…)
Video Shows NYPD Cop Tackle Former Tennis Star James Blake
01:39 — New York police released a surveillance video Friday that shows one of its undercover officers tackling and handcuffing former tennis star James Blake (more…)
James Blake On Mistaken Arrest: Cop Shouldn't Get Badge Back
01:56 — Former tennis pro James Blake, who was shoved to the ground and arrested in a case of mistaken identity, said he was embarrassed by the incident and t (more…)
New York Mayor Apologizes to James Blake for False Arrest
02:26 — New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s Police Commissioner have both issued apologies to former tennis star James Blake for a false arrest in (more…)
Misblaken Identity: NYPD Tackles James Blake
04:43 — Seth has some things to say about the NYPD's treatment of former tennis star James Blake.
Seth's Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump Jr's Tweet, Lochte's New Endorsement Deal
01:20 — Seth's favorite jokes from the week of September 19.
Blake Of Scotland Yard - Official Trailer
02:16 — Sir James Blake, former Scotland Yard Inspector, has financed and perfected a death ray. The Scorpion, whose right hand closely resembles a lobster's (more…)
Blake's take on tennis' match fixing scandal
01:56 — The tennis match fixing controversy isn't getting major headlines in the U.S. James Blake joins Doug Gottlieb to discuss why the scandal isn't just bi (more…)
James Blake talks match fixing controversy
05:00 — Former professional tennis player James Blake joins Doug Gottlieb to discuss the match fixing controversy.
James Blake talks tackling aftermath
04:36 — Former professional tennis player James Blake joins Doug Gottlieb to discuss how his life has changed after being tackled by police in a case of mista (more…)
Fallback Position - James Blake
James Blake overcomes Stephen's total lack of athletic ability to transform him into a tennis champion.
Exclusive - Tennis Lesson With James Blake
Stephen learns that tennis is an anything goes free-for-all where deuce is good and love is bad.
Sign Off - Thanks to the Guests
Stephen thanks Shashi Tharoor, James Blake and Sanjay Gupta for being his guests.
Tennis stars square off at the Powershares Series tournament.
Mercury Prize Winner James Blake: "I'm Numb with Excitement"
Songwriter and singer James Blake collected the 2013 Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize on Wednesday for his album 'Overgrown'. Mercury winners can be h (more…)
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