James Best Celebrity Watchlist

Mon May 11 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardThe Hack of Hazzard(Season 3, Episode 22) CMT

As cab drivers, Bo and Luke pick up two fugitives who stash their loot under the back seat. Bo: John Schneider. Rosco: James Best. Luke: Tom Wopat. Cooter: Ben Jones. Hogg: Sorrell Booke.

Mon May 11 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardThe Canterbury Crock(Season 3, Episode 23) CMT

An eager collector and Boss Hogg are the only ones who realize the value of a piece of crockery the Dukes bought. Tom Wopat. Beckman: Byron Webster. Bo: John Schneider. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Rosco: James Best (more…)

Mon May 11 11:50am
Dukes of HazzardThe Great Santa Claus Caper(Season 3, Episode 10) CMT

Boss Hogg reaps more than he bargained for when he hijacks the Dukes' truckload of Christmas trees---including a bumper crop of Santa Clauses. Hank: Roger Pancake. Luke: Tom Wopat. Russ: Brian Libby. Bo: John Schneider.

Tue May 12 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardMrs. Daisy Hogg(Season 4, Episode 1) CMT

Daisy falls in love with Hogg's nephew Jamie Lee. Catherine Bach, John Schneider, Sorrell Booke. Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Tue May 12 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardDouble Dukes(Season 4, Episode 2) CMT

Hogg masterminds the robbery of an armored truck, using crooks disguised as Bo and Luke. Sorrell Booke, John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Rosco: James Best.

Tue May 12 11:50am
Dukes of HazzardGood Neighbors Duke(Season 3, Episode 11) CMT

The Dukes' new neighbors are incognito Government witnesses in a kidnap case, hiding from bounty hunters who think they know the location of the missing ransom. Bo: John Schneider. Venable: John Larch. Luke: Tom Wopat. Esther: Cynthia Leake. Jesse: Denver (more…)

Wed May 13 9:30am
Dukes of Hazzard CMT

The Robin Hood-style escapades of two cousins at odds with a greedy, bombastic politician and his blundering lackey, the local sheriff. `Just good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm,' Bo and Luke Duke kept one step ahead of trouble in a souped-up car called t (more…)

Wed May 13 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardColtrane vs. Dukes(Season 4, Episode 4) CMT

A suit could force the Dukes to sell their farm---to Hogg. John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Sorrell Booke.

Wed May 13 11:50am
Dukes of HazzardState of the County(Season 3, Episode 12) CMT

Daisy is unaware that the stranger she gave a lift to is the henchman of a boss who's trying to muscle in on Boss Hogg's territory. Earl Becket: Philip Brown. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Hickman: Larry D. Mann. Bo: John Schneider. Luke: Tom Wopat.

Thu May 14 10:00am
Dukes of HazzardThe Fugitive(Season 4, Episode 5) CMT

A motorcycle race affords Hogg the opportunity of setting up a stolen-bike racket. Sorrell Booke, John Schneider. Johnny Paycheck sings "Take This Job and Shove It."

Thu May 14 11:00am
Dukes of HazzardGreat Bank Robbery(Season 4, Episode 6) CMT

Bo and Luke pull a reverse bank job to replace money stolen by Jesse's crony when Hogg fired him. John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Sorrell Booke. Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Thu May 14 12:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe Legacy(Season 3, Episode 13) CMT

An old flame of Uncle Jesse's is intent on collecting a debt from Boss Hogg and finding the legacy left by her late husband. Lucinda: Jan Clayton. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Luke: Tom Wopat. Hatcher: Gregory Walcott.

Fri May 15 10:00am
Dukes of HazzardSadie Hogg Day(Season 4, Episode 7) CMT

On Sadie Hogg Day---when the ladies run Hazzard County---Hogg tries to frame Daisy. Sorrell Booke, Catherine Bach. Miz Tisdale: Nedra Volz.

Fri May 15 11:00am
Dukes of HazzardTrouble at Cooter's(Season 4, Episode 10) CMT

A thief breaks into Cooter's garage to reach some stolen furs hidden by Boss Hogg. Cooter: Ben Jones. Mitchell: Steve Sandor. Bonnie: Colleen Camp.

Fri May 15 12:00pm
Dukes of HazzardDuke vs. Duke(Season 3, Episode 14) CMT

Every car in Hogg's race could end up in his garage, thanks to the small print on the entry form; and the Dukes race each other while Rosco drives the rigged winner. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Ma Harper: Fran Ryan. Rosco: James Best.