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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: House Mouses Trailer
00:27 — When Jake insults Hitchcock and Scully's work ethic in the precinct, they force their way into one of his cases in attempt to prove themselves.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Cruise Trailer
00:51 — Jake comes face-to-face with his old nemesis Doug Judy as he and Amy go on a cruise. Meanwhile, Holt's sister comes to town for a visit, and Diaz and (more…)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Karen Peralta Trailer
00:27 — On Jake's birthday, his Mom tells him she is back together with his hated father. Meanwhile, Charles has an embarrassing moment with a body cam, and H (more…)
The Marine 5: Battleground - Trailer
00:32 — The Miz returns as Jake Carter, an ex-Marine who served in the Middle East and is now saving civilian lives stateside as an EMT. After responding to a (more…)
Dawgs247 discusses extended look at UGA practice
01:58 — Rusty Mansell and Jake Rowe of Dawgs247 talk standout players and plays from the extended look at UGA's practice
College Student Nabs Internship For Jimmy Fallon with Creative Rap Video
01:41 — A college student impressed TV show host Jimmy Fallon with what may be the most creative job application ever. Jake Sirianni, a communications major a (more…)
Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Admit Their Friendship is More Than Just a Bromance: 'This Is a Bro-Down'
02:15 — Reynolds and Gyllenhaal star in the new sci-fi thriller, 'Life' and have clearly taken their outer space shenanigans to new heights.
Our BFF Andrew Freund Chats With Stars at the 'Life' Junket!
03:22 — Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal sure do give us LIFE!
Jake Gyllenhaal Is Incredibly Competitive About Show Choir
02:28 — Jake Gyllenhaal talks to Seth about his love for singing and how seriously he takes Christmas Carols.
Jake Gyllenhaal Had His Heart Chakra Opened by Mandy Patinkin
02:18 — Jake Gyllenhaal chats with Seth about his heart chakra and Mandy Patinkin's thoughts on his Broadway performance.
Hollywood's Hottest Bromances
01:28 — Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are the latest hunky duo we can't get enough of--but do they have anything on Adam Levine and Blake Shelton?
Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Admit Their Friendship Is More Than Just a Bromance: 'This Is a Bro-Down'
02:15 — Reynolds and Gyllenhaal star in the new sci-fi thriller, 'Life' and have clearly taken their outer space shenanigans to new heights.
Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds FaceTime On Late Night
04:06 — Jake Gyllenhaal FaceTimes with his buddy Ryan Reynolds while Seth is backstage.
Seth Meyers Doubts That Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Are Really Friends
01:55 — Jake Gyllenhaal tried to prove his close friendship with “Life” co-star Ryan Reynolds on Thursday night’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” by (more…)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Coral Palms, Part 2 Trailer
00:44 — Jake and Holt plan their attack on Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis, only to end up on the other side of the interrogation table.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Cheddar Trailer
00:53 — While Holt is en route to visit Kevin in Paris, Jake and Amy inadvertently lose his dog. Meanwhile, Charles has laser eye surgery, and the sexual tens (more…)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Season 9
After moving to Bayview, Dan and his new friend Jake travel to Bakugan Interspace and meet up with Marucho and the mysterious Ren. Dan ends up brawlin (more…)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Season 11
While helping the people of Neathia patrol for Gundalian attack ships, Dan and Jake discover a mysterious child named Robin who claims to have been ki (more…)
Jimmy Fallon to Student Who Rapped to Get Internship: You’re Hired!
01:12 — Hoping to snag an internship on “The Tonight Show,” college student Jake Sirianni made a rap video to get the attention of Jimmy Fallon, superimposing (more…)
American Honey - Trailer
02:20 — Star (Sasha Lane), a teenage girl from a troubled home runs away with a travelling sales crew that drives across the American mid-west selling Magazin (more…)
Sean Pierson vs. Jake Ellenberger
07:56 — Sean Pierson made his debut at UFC 124 in Montreal in 2010 and was able to score a victory. Now as the UFC returns to Canada, Pierson looks to secure (more…)
Holiday for Shoestrings
07:22 — Jake needs help at for his shoe repair store. One night as he sleeps, little Fudd-like elves visit him to construct shoes. An Indian snake-charmer elf (more…)
During Commercial Break: Jake Gyllenhaal (NBD)
02:56 — While filming local promos, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy analyze Jimmy's "NBD" character and the thumbs up movie rating system.
Jake Gyllenhaal Hilariously Revealed He and 'Life' Co-Star Ryan Reynolds Got in Trouble on Set!
02:05 — The 36-year-old actor shared the funny story with Jimmy Fallon on Monday's 'Tonight Show.'
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