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Jake Tapper's High School Penis Cartoon Prank Almost Kept Him from Graduating
03:19 — CNN's Jake Tapper chats about why he refuses to cozy up to presidents and how an inappropriate ad published in his yearbook almost cost him his high s (more…)
Jake Tapper Doesn't Think Donald Trump Fully Understands DACA Policy
05:19 — CNN's Jake Tapper discusses the dangerous threat Donald Trump's move to end DACA poses and how Sean Hannity's plan to turn viewers against him backfir (more…)
Did SNL's Kellyanne Conway, Jake Tapper Sketch Go Too Far? the View Co-hosts Weigh in
02:50 — Is SNL having too much fun with the current administration?
Jake Tapper
03:49 — Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) tries to win back Jake Tapper's (Beck Bennett) trust.
The View Hot Topic: Jake Tapper Calls Out Kellyanne Conway
04:34 — Jake Tapper calls out Kellyanne Conway for Trump lies.
Donald Trump's Twitter Attack On John Lewis, 67% of Millennials Use Netflix
03:09 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, January 16.
Trump, John Lewis and Russian Hacking: A Closer Look
08:37 — Seth takes a closer look at a series of attacks Donald Trump directed at a civil rights icon.
Jake Tapper Responds to Donald Trump's Attempt to Delegitimize CNN
06:08 — CNN's Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper discusses the controversy surrounding CNN breaking a story about the Russian government's compromisin (more…)
McDonalds' Fan Mindy Kaling Is Upset BJ Novak Nabbed a Role in the Founder
03:52 — BJ Novak chats with Seth Meyers about working on The Founder with a "distracted" Michael Keaton and calls out three things talk show hosts say to gues (more…)
Steve Jones Took Quaaludes First Time He Played With the Sex Pistols
02:51 — Steve Jones discusses his sobriety and his radio show Jonesy's Jukebox.
BJ Novak Is an International Model
03:04 — BJ Novak explains how he randomly ends up on real products all over the world - from razors to Uruguayan face paint - thanks to someone ripping his im (more…)
Bad Sponsors: First Cousin Engagement Rings, Dog Chocolate
03:10 — Sometimes Late Night takes on some ill-advised sponsors, like Turtlehead Sweaters.
Steve Jones On His Hair Evolution and Love of Journey
02:51 — Steve Jones talks to Seth about the Sex Pistols' style and names some of the unexpected bands they enjoyed but couldn't publicly support because of th (more…)
Only One Winner Is Allowed in Jake Tapper's Office
01:36 — CNN's Jake Tapper chats with Seth about starting his first newspaper, JT's If You Please, at age six and explains why his office is decorated with pos (more…)
The Lead With Jake Tapper Cold Open
03:49 — Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) speaks with Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) and future head of the DEA, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), about President-ele (more…)
Seth Explains Teen Slang, D.C. Edition: Lincoln Memorial, Trump Loom
04:41 — Seth decodes all the hot new political slang the kids are using this election season, including "swing state."
VP Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump's Lewd Language and Behavior an Abuse of Power
02:26 — Vice President Joe Biden gets serious calling out Donald Trump's recent leaked-tape comments and past behavior as the textbook definition of sexual as (more…)
Don't Call Dr. Jill Biden Second Lady
02:54 — Dr. Jill Biden reveals the unofficial title she prefers to "Second Lady" and grades President Obama's basketball coaching skills.
Will Donald Trump Opponents During Republican Debate On CNN?
04:53 — "The View" co-hosts hope to learn more about the Republican Presidential candidates during tonight's Republic Debate on CNN with moderator Jake Tapper (more…)
Steve Buscemi Responds to the "Buscemi Eyes" Meme
04:19 — Hear what he thinks of the Internet putting his eyes on Disney princesses.
Steve Buscemi On the End of Boardwalk Empire
03:14 — He thinks it's probably time to wrap things up.
CNN Election Center Cold Open
06:54 — Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) covers the outcome of Super Tuesday, including Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and Hillary Clinton's (Kate McKinnon) big win (more…)
Carson Endorsement Cold Open
06:43 — CNN's Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) interviews Dr. Ben Carson (Jay Pharoah) after his endorsement of Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and checks in with Se (more…)
Sanders: Israel's Gaza response was ...
03:47 — In a State of the Union interview with Jake Tapper, Sen. Bernie Sanders said that he believes Israel's response in the 2014 Gaza war was 'disproportio (more…)
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