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Vice Presidential Candidate Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed by CNN
04:44 — Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer interrupt Jimmy's monologue.
Sanders: Israel's Gaza response was ...
03:47 — In a State of the Union interview with Jake Tapper, Sen. Bernie Sanders said that he believes Israel's response in the 2014 Gaza war was 'disproportio (more…)
Sen. Bernie Sanders on State of the ...
10:27 — Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke with Jake Tapper ahead of the New York primary. On Hillary Clinton, he said he had 'doubts about what kind of president she (more…)
Watch Dana Bash's full interview with Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee Gov. John Kasich. Also, will Joe Bi (more…)
Pardon the Integration: Is America Ready for a Lady Prez?
05:13 — Cool cat Mike Yard and jive honky Rory Albanese face off in a debate about Hillary Clinton's historic presidential candidacy.
Soul Daddy Joins the 21st Century
06:48 — Soul Daddy catches up on modern developments such as America's first black president, paid leave for new fathers in San Francisco and a penis ring bom (more…)
Soul Daddy Panel, Female President, Swipe Buster & Minimum Wage Hike
07:11 — Jake Tapper, Ricky Velez and Holly Walker discuss Hillary Clinton's presidential run, the anti-adultery site Swipe Buster and a minimum wage boost in (more…)
Keep It 100: Soul Daddy Edition
00:49 — Soul Daddy ponders being stranded on a desert island with either blaxploitation character Cleopatra Jones or Julie Barnes from "The Mod Squad."
Apr 8, 2016 in :60 Seconds
01:00 — Soul Daddy recalls partying with a young Donald Trump, Mike Yard and Rory Albanese argue about having a female president, and Holly Walker educates 70 (more…)
Sen. Bernie Sanders on State of the ...
08:10 — Sen. Bernie Sanders discussed his exchanges with Hillary Clinton, his strategy to win Wisconsin, and more in an interview with Jake Tapper.
RNC Chair Reince Priebus on State of ...
08:36 — RNC Chairman Reince Priebus discussed the possibility of a contested convention and if Paul Ryan might consider joining the race in an interview with (more…)
Sen. Ron Johnson on State of the Uni ...
05:46 — Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee Sen. Ron Johnson discussed the Brussels attacks, the fight against ISIS, and more in an interview with (more…)
Ron Johnson: Our infrastructure is v ...
00:47 — Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson tells CNN's Jake Tapper he is concerned the United States' critical infrastructure is vulnerab (more…)
Rubio on Trump: 'This is not going t ...
01:44 — Sen. Marco Rubio tells CNN's Jake Tapper why he doesn't think that Donald Trump can bring the Republican Party together.
Sanders says he was not behind Trump ...
01:56 — Sen. Bernie Sanders tells CNN's Jake Tapper that he is not responsible for the protests at Trump rallies.
Trump accuses Sanders supporters of ...
02:20 — Donald Trump talks to CNN's Jake Tapper about the recent violent protests at his rallies.
Kasich: Trump has created a 'toxic a ...
02:48 — CNN's Jake Tapper talks to Gov. John Kasich about the 2016 presidential race.
Carson Endorsement Cold Open
06:43 — CNN's Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) interviews Dr. Ben Carson (Jay Pharoah) after his endorsement of Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and checks in with Se (more…)
CNN Election Center Cold Open
06:54 — Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) covers the outcome of Super Tuesday, including Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and Hillary Clinton's (Kate McKinnon) big win (more…)
Sen. Ted Cruz on State of the Union: ...
04:30 — Sen. Ted Cruz discussed his Super Tuesday strategy and said 'who the heck knows' what Trump would do if elected president in an interview with Jake Ta (more…)
Trump refuses to disavow white supre ...
09:16 — On CNN's State of the Union Jake Tapper sits down with Representative Marsha Blackburn, Ben Jealous, Bakari Sellers and S.E. Cupp to discuss 2016 poli (more…)
Kasich: Trump 'probably going to win ...
01:15 — When asked about his chances on Super Tuesday, Gov. John Kasich told Jake Tapper, 'I think Trump's probably going to win probably all of them.'
Gov. John Kasich on State of the Uni ...
09:02 — Gov. John Kasich looked ahead to Super Tuesday contests and predicted Trump will win 'probably all of them' in an interview with Jake Tapper.
Hillary Clinton on State of the Unio ...
11:03 — Hillary Clinton spoke exclusively to Jake Tapper after narrowly defeating Bernie Sanders in Nevada. She explained her criticism of Sanders as a 'singl (more…)
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