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Louis & Gene's Polite Fight
01:11 — Louis's brother Gene (guest star Ken Jeong) comes to town.
The Huangs Are Going to Taiwan
00:56 — Louis has to make things right with his brother Gene (Ken Jeong).
New Girl: Micro Trailer
00:57 — Jess goes on a date with a less-than-perfect guy to prove that women aren't shallow. Elsewhere, Winston and Cece prank Schmidt and Coach by convincing (more…)
New Girl: No Girl Trailer
01:03 — The guys discuss Schmidt's bachelor party.
New Girl: Laxmas Trailer
00:52 — The gang can use a little help from Santa as they prepare to scatter for the holidays but get stuck at the airport.
Season 2: New Girl: Season 2 Trailer
00:20 — Season 2 is sure to draw serious laughter as one of the roomies attempts to move out, and on with his life with his new girl.
New Girl: Coach Trailer
00:23 — Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) returns to the loft and expects things to be exactly the same as they were when he moved out. Elsewhere, Jess and Cece meet a (more…)
Emery's Graduation Speech
01:05 — Emery speaks from the heart.
Eddie's Girlfriend Isn't Chinese
01:06 — Jessica is fine with that, as long as she acts Chinese!
Handling It from "Landing Gear"
00:30 — Schmidt tells Nick his plan to bring Cece's mom to the wedding.
The Iron Curtain from "Wedding Eve"
00:28 — Coach arrives early for Schmidt and Cece's wedding.
So Nervous from "Landing Gear"
00:52 — Nick rehearses his lie with Jess.
Acknowledgment from "Wedding Eve"
00:31 — Winston says something he immediately regrets.
In What World? from "Landing Gear"
00:37 — Nicks hunts for Schmidt who appears to be missing.
Walkie Talkie Win from "Wedding Eve"
00:31 — Nick shows how prepared he is for the wedding.
Reagan Is Here! from "Landing Gear"
00:38 — Reagan arrives for the wedding.
The Greatest Writer from "Wedding Eve"
01:02 — Nick volunteers himself to write Schmidt's vows after he loses his.
The Night Before from "Wedding Eve"
00:56 — The gang makes Schmidt and Cece sleep in separate beds the night before their wedding.
Speaking Of from "Wedding Eve"
00:52 — Schmidt reminds Nick how bad he is at talking to women.
True American: First lady Edition from "Wedding Eve"
01:14 — The gang partake in a game of True American.
OMG from "Wedding Eve"
00:39 — Jess finds a ring in Sam's jacket.
Perfection from "Landing Gear"
01:13 — Schmidt and Cece finally tie the knot.
Cherries from "Landing Gear"
00:32 — Nick asks Jess, in code, if she has seen Schmidt.
Delighted from "Landing Gear"
00:54 — Cece's mom tells her what Schmidt has been doing for the past year.
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