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New Girl: Tinfinity Trailer
00:45 — Jess scores a touchdown.
New Girl: Quick Hardening Caulk Trailer
00:52 — Jess admits her feelings for Nick.
New Girl: Chicago Trailer
01:11 — Jess and the boys visit Chicago and meet more of Nick's family.
Big Whoop
01:34 — JJ acts like a jerk so his family won't miss him while he's away at camp.
New Girl: Table 34 Trailer
00:41 — Nick and Jess try to avoid each other after their shared kiss.
Jessica Is a Real Estate Pimp
00:41 — The Huangs realize their fancy new house isn't right for them.
Michael Bolton's Cattleman's Ranch
01:03 — Louis's new partner, Michael Bolton, is making changes at the restaurant.
New Girl: Pepperwood Trailer
01:19 — Nick is suspicious of one of Jess's night school students.
New Girl: Santa Trailer
01:04 — Jess and the gang party it up for the holidays.
New Girl: A Father's Love Trailer
00:46 — Jess tries to heal Nick's relationship with his dad.
JJ's All Buttoned up
01:30 — JJ wants to be more independent...no matter how long it takes.
JJ's Prom Revolt
00:48 — JJ bonds with other students who aren't loving prom.
Maya Gets Tasered
01:32 — Maya's attempt at finding a cool mentor for JJ completely backfires.
00:38 — After a bad breakup, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) moves in with three single guys. Along with her childhood friend Cece, the five friends come to realize t (more…)
Under Oath: Worst Audition
01:10 — Does Rob Lowe and Fred Savage promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when asked about their worst audition.
Aly Tells Winston She Found His Dad from "Five Stars for Beezus"
01:02 — Aly comes clean about finding Winston's dad when he discovers a phone number written on the back of a mugshot.
Jess Experiences Every Child's Worst Nightmare from "San Diego"
00:41 — Jess hears her dad having sex in the next room.
The Moment We've All Been Waiting For from "Five Stars for Beezus"
01:29 — Jess and Nick race to tell each other how they really feel.
Schmidt Drops A Bomb On Winston from "San Diego"
00:55 — Schmidt tells Winston he is going to start using his first name again.
Jess Chats With Schmidt And Cece from "San Diego"
01:05 — Jess' dad tries to get her out of the house but she refuses and Cece and Schmidt witness the whole ordeal.
Schmidt Has Some Huge News! from "Five Stars for Beezus"
01:00 — Schmidt tells Cece that she is pregnant!
Schmidt Throws A Fit from "San Diego"
01:00 — Schmidt finds out that he can't use the name "The Schmidt Charitable Trust" for his new foundation so Cece suggests that he use his first name.
Jess Has A Plan! from "Five Stars for Beezus"
00:45 — Jess tells Cece how she plans on telling Nick about her feelings for him.
Schmidt Gets Deep With Nick from "Five Stars for Beezus"
01:08 — Schmidt makes Nick admit that he is in love with Jess.
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