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Harrison Ford Finally Got Them to Kill Han Solo
04:30 — Harrison talks about his long quest to get Han Solo killed off and talks about people keeping the character's death a secret for a while after "Star W (more…)
Elizabeth Olsen Sang for Her New Movie
01:46 — Elizabeth talks about having to sing badly on purpose for her role in the movie "I Saw the Light."
Cam: Mayday
03:39 — Cam Performs "Mayday"
First Look: IPhone SE
02:52 — Apple just unveiled a number of new products, including a new iPhone. It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between these new iPhones.
Guillermo Takes the #40Pounds Challenge
01:22 — Guillermo spreads the word about an important initiative to get clean drinking water for those who need it most.
Harrison Ford Hung Out With MC Hammer
02:39 — Harrison recalls spending time with rapper MC Hammer at 2:45 AM.
Cam: Burning House
03:48 — Cam Performs "Burning House"
The Ten Most Important Celebrity Tweets of All Time
01:23 — In honor of Twitter's tenth anniversary, Jimmy reveals the ten greatest celebrity tweets of all-time.
Elizabeth Olsen Is a Huge Harrison Ford Fan
01:39 — Elizabeth talks about freezing up while meeting Harrison Ford backstage at our show.
Jimmy Kimmel Predicts the Dancing With the Stars Winner
03:13 — Jimmy announces who he's betting a thousand dollars on to win the 22nd season of "Dancing With The Stars" and then speaks with that dancing star via t (more…)
Our First Annual Baby Animal Parade!
01:49 — To welcome spring the way it should be welcomed, we held our first annual baby animal parade.
Harrison Ford Is Excited to Play Indiana Jones Again
03:17 — Harrison talks about playing Indiana Jones again and shares a story about J.J. Abrams talking to him about a deleted scene from "Star Wars: The Force (more…)
Elizabeth Olsen Got Snow Blindness
01:32 — Elizabeth recalls her eye getting sunburnt while filming.
Jake Bugg: Gimme The Love
Jake Bugg gets surreal and dark in a massive, empty room in his video for 'Gimme the Love.'
Fans Gather for Budapest's Island of Freedom for 23rd Sziget Festival
The 23rd Sziget Festival kicked off on Sunday in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Since its birth in 1993 it has become one of the most popular multic (more…)
Jake Bugg - Live at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel Presented By Taco Bell
Nineteen-year-old British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg is a man of few words, that is until he begins his strumming.
Tonight Show Mixtape: Imagine Dragons
01:37 — Imagine Dragons share their favorite songs they're listening to right now: ELEL '40 Watt,' BRONCHO 'Class Historian,' Jake Bugg 'Taste It' and Metric (more…)
Jake Bugg - Trouble Town
03:09 — Jake Bugg performs at The Living Room in NYC
Jake Bugg - Country Song
02:23 — Jake Bugg performs at The Living Room in NYC
Jake Bugg - Lightning Bolt
02:43 — Jake Bugg performs at The Living Room in NYC for last.fm See the rest of the performance here: http://originals.last.fm/sessions/lightning-strikes-as (more…)
Jake Bugg performs “Slumville Sunrise�
02:58 — One of the hottest imports from the UK, Jake Bugg performs “Slumville Sunriseâ€? on Saturday Session.
Jake Bugg - Slide
03:23 — Jake Bugg performs at The Living Room in NYC
Jake Bugg - Two Fingers
03:49 — Jake Bugg performs at The Living Room in NYC
Jake Bugg performs “Me and You� on Saturday Session
03:36 — With a number one album on the British charts, 19-year-old Jake Bugg is one of the most talked about artists on the music scene today. Bugg stopped by (more…)
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