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Protecting Yourself from Fake Black Friday Deals
Denver7 reporter Jaclyn Allen tells you what you should be looking out for to avoid becoming the victim of a scam.
Calls for Better Background Checks on Uber Drivers
Denver7 reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us there's been several arrests for alleged sexual assault involving Uber drivers.
Teens Jailed for Graffiti, but Not the Cop's Son
Three teenagers get jail time for graffiti in Westminster. But a police officer's son just gets probation. Jaclyn Allen reports.
State Senator Gives His Shoes to Homeless Man
A Colorado state senator heard about a homeless man whose shoes were stolen outside the capitol and gave him his own. Jaclyn Allen has more.
Is the Mosquito Increase All Hype?
Despite what it may seem, pest control experts say the number of mosquitos in Colorado hasn't increased -- yet. Jaclyn Allen has the story.
Chatfield Lake Floodwaters Have Lasting Effects
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us some of the effects that record-breaking high water has had at the Chatfield reservoir.
Hardware Stores Cashing in on Housing Recovery
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us people are looking for the biggest bang for their remodeling buck.
Adams County Deputy Accused of Sexual Assault
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us the Adams County Sheriff himself called his 'a violation of trust.'
Ryan Gosling Learns Ballet
Reason number #1354 why Ryan Gosling is perfect: He take ballet classes, for fun. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. The super sexy Ry (more…)
Jaclyn Smith: 'Charlie's Angels' Was Groundbreaking, Glamorous And Innocent
Jill Van Lokeren and Julie Simpson join HuffPost Live to reflect on Jaclyn Smith in 'Charlie's Angels'.
Theater Trial Defense Argues Jury Pool Is Biased
Defense attorneys in the theater shooting trial are making the case for moving the trial. Jaclyn Allen reports.
Boulder Pond Reeling from Goldfish Invasion
Wildlife officials say they're going to have to remove about 4,000 invasive goldfish from a Boulder pond because they are destroying the habitat for n (more…)
'I Wish My Teacher Knew' Notes Cause Flood of Donation Offers
Doull Elementary teacher Kyle Schwartz's 'I Wish My Teacher Knew' notes from her students unleashes a flood of offers for donations. Jaclyn Allen repo (more…)
New App Would Deliver Pot to Your Front Door
Snoop Dog has invested $10 million into a new app that promises to deliver pot to your location. Jaclyn Allen reports.
Arrest Made in White Powder Hoax Targeting Jews
Detectives arrest a suspect accused of sending white powder to a synagogue and Jewish Community Center in Boulder last month. Jaclyn Allen reports.
Sculptor for the Dead
For nearly 25 years, forensic artist Dan Marion, Jr. has worked with law enforcement to create 3D reconstructions of unidentified human remains. Jacly (more…)
Another 'Sober Living' House Under Investigation
The same company opening unpermitted drug and alcohol treatment houses in the Parker area is now setting up shop illegally in Denver, too, officials s (more…)
Living by the Light Rail
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen looked into urban growth by new light rail stations and tells us some high-crime neighbors are turning out to be the new h (more…)
Awaiting Verdict on Life in Prison or Death Penalty for James Holmes
7NEWS Reporter Jaclyn Allen is at the Arapahoe County courthouse as we wait to hear the verdict in the penalty phase of the Aurora Theater Shooting. W (more…)
Mother Looks for Answers After Teen's Death
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us the mother says a driver hit her son on the highway and just kept driving, leaving him to die.
Hikers Trying to Take Dangerous Selfies with Bears
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us Waterton Canyon closed over hikers trying to take selfies with wildlife.
Pope Francis Talks Immigration in Washington, D.C.
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us about a local church who makes feel immigrants feel seen and heard.
Armed Man Barricades Himself at Aurora Police Headquarters
7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us the man appeared to be suicidal and came into the station at around 6:18 p.m.
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